Heat pumps

heat pumps

It turns out that there are such modern energy-saving technologies that can be successfully used for heating an individual house or cottage, and for heating water, and even for installing a warm floor. This is an invention such as a heat pump. Heat pumps of various models can be successfully used in the Russian climate not only as a heating system in winter, but also as an air conditioner in the warm season..

A heat pump is a device that generates heat using solar energy stored in the environment. As a source of heat, groundwater, land, air, lakes, rivers, seas can be used. Modern heat pumps provide a stable and easily controlled heating system that can be operated all year round. There are several types of heat pumps on the market for heating systems and climatic technology. The difference between different types of heat pumps is mainly determined by the heat source used. Based on this, there are three main types of heat pumps..

  • Using a system in which the heat source is waterjustified if groundwater occurs at an accessible depth on the site. In this case, the heat pump will use the thermal energy of groundwater, the temperature of which is constantly kept at the level of +8 – +12 degrees. Also, the collector of the heat exchanger can be placed at the bottom of reservoirs. It should be noted that water has a high heat capacity, due to which the efficiency of such a system will be at a very high level..
  • Systems, heat-utilizing earthsthere are three types: vertical, trench and horizontal. In this case, the type of system determines how the collector pipes are located in the ground. A special environmentally friendly liquid flows through pipes submerged in the ground to the required depth, taking the heat of the soil and transferring it to the evaporator of the heat pump.
  • Air can also be a source of heat. Oddly enough, but even with a frost of 20 degrees, heat pumps can provide enough heat. Of course, it should be taken into account that the performance and efficiency of a heat pump using air as heat is significantly reduced at an outdoor air temperature of -10 degrees and below. But such a heat pump has a significant advantage over other types of similar systems – its installation does not require time-consuming earthwork and drilling.

The fact that a heat pump is a reliable and worthy invention is evidenced by the fact that in Sweden about 95% of houses are heated with these systems.Heat pumps are also gaining popularity in Russia. The most common heat pumps are air type – they are able to provide up to 90% of the required heat. Even taking into account the fact that in especially cold winter periods, in addition to the heat pump, it is still necessary to use traditional heating methods: stoves, fireplaces, electric heaters – the efficiency and economic feasibility of using heat pumps remains very high.

A heat pump also uses electricity to run compressors and circulating pumps, but produces 3 to 5 times more heat. In addition, there is no combustion process in heat production, and no harmful by-products are generated: smoke, gases, ash. Finally, there is no need to worry about the delivery and supply of fuel, to take part in the process of heating the house. The heat pump can be automated and easily controlled by a remote control. Most of the heat pump models have the ability to work in reverse mode – in the summer they can be used as air conditioners.

air conditioning equipment

Among the leading heat pump manufacturers in the world, it is worth mentioning ClimateMaster(USA), ECONAR(USA), Heliotherm(Austria), IVT(Sweden), NIBE(England), Stiebel Eltron (Germany), Vaillant(Germany), Weider(Austria). Domestic heat pumps are also presented on the market, for example, a Moscow company “Korsa”or Tula pumping plant. Prices for heat pumps depend on various factors, including such as the capacity of the device, its type, brand.

Well, sooner or later we have to give up the usual things. The use of heat pumps does not exclude the possibility of using traditional.

Natalia Vilyuma

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