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Heating has always been the subject of attention and care – after all, the comfort of a person at home and at work depends on heating. Heating systems have existed since antiquity.

From the 1st century BC, the Romans used hypocausts in their famous baths – thermae: channels inside the floor and walls, along which hot air rose from the basement. In the old days in England, pipes made of hollowed out oak trunks were used to conduct water. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then through all kinds of heating and water supply devices. Today, the modern market offers dozens of models of heating devices of all kinds of modifications. Teplostal specialists studied all the advantages, disadvantages and features of different types of convectors and radiators on the market, investigated the properties of various materials and structures. As a result, the company came up with its own, optimal solution to the heating problem – a series of steel convectors STALIUM, combining such qualities as unique reliability, increased efficiency and modern design.

Architects and designers, in one way or another, are faced with the issue of choosing a heating system for the premises under construction, so the experience of Teplostal should interest them. Convectors STALIUM have a special position on the market. One of the main advantages is the ability to install these devices in any type of structure – both in country cottages and in high-rise buildings. The STALIUM convector is designed for a working pressure of 20 atmospheres with a pressure test of 30 atmospheres. The special strength of STALIUM is due to the fact that the device is made of high quality steel. The collector, through which the water passes, is made of a thick-walled pipe, comparable in thickness to central heating pipes, which allows the STALIUM convector to withstand a sharp increase in pressure, temperature and hydraulic shocks of different power. The thickness of the convector pipes also protects the device against corrosion, and their large diameter ensures uninterrupted water circulation. Conventional radiators assembled from separate sections can be susceptible to water flow at the junctions of the segments. Unlike them, STALIUM is all-assembled, moreover, when assembling this convector, a special carbon dioxide welding is used instead of the commonly used electric welding, which explains the strength of the STALIUM seams.

Due to the technical design features, the device has increased power. The aesthetic side of the matter has not been forgotten either: STALIUM is characterized by an impeccable appearance, corresponding to the trends of modern design. This convector will harmoniously fit into the interior of a city apartment, country house or office. The convector body is painted with powder enamel using innovative technologies, which makes the surface of the device look perfectly smooth and is resistant to possible damage. When painting STALIUM convectors, two basic colors are used: metallic-chrome and white glossy; but according to the individual order of the client, you can choose any color according to the RAL table (when ordering from 25 devices).

Modern heating is as much a necessary part of an architectural or design project as anything else: elegant doors, furniture, windows, right down to switches and door handles. The newest interior design must be combined with the latest convector design, and the quality of life in this interior depends on the efficiency of these appliances.

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