10 bedroom design ideas

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According to scientists, a person spends at least a third of his life in a dream. To feel comfortable, we need at least eight hours of sound and restful sleep. It turns out that we spend quite a lot of time in the bedroom and the quality of night rest directly depends on how cozy and comfortable this room will be..

At first glance, decorating this room is quite simple – usually a small separate room is allocated for the bedroom, most of which is traditionally occupied by a bedroom suite with a double bed. It seems that there is absolutely no room for experimentation in the bedroom and it is almost impossible to create an extraordinary and bright interior design. In addition, in small two-room apartments, the bedroom often performs several functions at once, turning into an office, library or even a living room..

How to cope with this task and turn the bedroom into an unusually cozy and original room that will delight its owners every day (and every night) and delight the guests of the house? Here are ten ideas that might give you a fresh perspective on your own bedroom..

10 bedroom design ideas Even the smallest bedroom can become the most beautiful and original room in the house, you just need to move away from traditional techniques and put a little work, funds and, of course, imagination

1. Canopy or alcove

Probably the easiest way to turn an ordinary bedroom into an oriental boudoir or a real princess’s room is a canopy or a cozy and closed alcove from prying eyes. Let’s clarify: a canopy is a canopy made of fabric on poles or a wooden frame, but an alcove is a recess or a niche in the wall.

That is, the canopy can be hung over the most ordinary bed already in the room, but you will have to work on creating a more closed alcove. There are rooms, the layout of which immediately suggests the location of the bed in a separate niche and the task of decorating such an alcove is greatly simplified – you only need fabric curtains. If initially there was nothing like this in your apartment, you can create an alcove using light drywall partitions.

10 bedroom design ideas The alcove, curtained on all sides, looks very intimate and cozy. This is actually a separate corner, hidden from everyone, a place where you can retire, an area where unauthorized entry is prohibited.

10 bedroom design ideasThe traditional arrangement of the canopy on four high supports, which become an extension of the legs of the bed. It is very easy to change the interior in such a bedroom – just change the curtains to brighter or softer, light or dense

10 bedroom design ideasThe canopy may not hide the entire bed as a whole, serving as an ordinary decoration and sitting on such a small semicircular frame under the ceiling

2. Bedroom-study

There was no better place in the whole house or apartment to organize a workplace? Then you will have to combine the bedroom with an office, although, according to the principles of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to combine recreation and work areas.

In general, the computer desk will not take up much space and will fit well even in a small bedroom, however, the main task in this case is to ensure that the working area harmoniously fits into the interior of the bedroom and does not look foreign.

A simple principle should be adhered to – if the entire bedroom is decorated in the same style, then the workplace should not get out of the general image of the room. Even a lush baroque bedroom can be fitted with a computer desk if it is custom-made and will delight the owners with gracefully curved legs and rich carvings..

10 bedroom design ideas Laconic modern bedroom with a semicircular bed. The workplace is just as simple, no frills – a mirror is located in one part of the built-in table, a computer or laptop will fit in the second

10 bedroom design ideas In this case, a small table with a soft chair is installed just in the center of the room, by the bed. Due to the fact that the set is painted in the same color as all other pieces of furniture, the workplace looks very organic in the interior

3. Bedroom with bath

For our country, this option is undoubtedly exotic. If in the West a bedroom with its own separate bathroom is the norm, then in Russia only owners of suburban elite mansions can afford such a luxury. In America and Europe, homeowners have gone even further and today the bathroom-to-bed bedroom is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, it is really very convenient – to soak up the fragrant bath and immediately “dive” into a warm bed!

Of course, it is unrealistic to carry out such a redevelopment in an ordinary city apartment, since the transfer of the central communications of the house will be required. But everyone can afford to plan a bedroom with a bathroom during the construction of a private house. Such a bedroom will look extremely unusual..

10 bedroom design ideasOriginal, isn’t it? And at the same time, it is quite cozy – a round bathroom on a separate podium has become a natural part of a bright bedroom

4. Romance

We will not go into intimate details, but every adult knows very well that they do not just sleep in the bedroom, but also spend time alone with their second half. And it is in the interior of the bedroom that you really want to bring a little romance!

Designers warn against excessive enthusiasm for various ruffles, moldings and mirrors on the ceiling. And the bedroom in pink color will become too “girly” and a man in such an interior will feel uncomfortable. How to combine the feminine and masculine and make the room romantic without frills?

The first thing that comes to mind is candles, preferably scented, placed on the nightstand by the bed, on the dressing table, by the mirror, and so on. You can change the interior with the help of bright silk bedding, a portrait or a photograph of your kiss or hug and takes its place on the wall or nightstand. And you can also add red shades to the interior, since it is this color that is rightfully considered the most passionate.

10 bedroom design ideas Even one candle in a beautiful design can turn a bedroom into a love nest.

10 bedroom design ideasA pink or red silk bedding set transforms your bed into a luxurious bed

5. Podium

In the past few years, the traditional bed has increasingly given way to a catwalk with a large mattress. This option looks really original, in addition, many drawers can be placed on the podium, which will create additional storage space in a small bedroom. In addition, the bed, raised on such a man-made pedestal, becomes the main piece of the interior, turning the room into a royal bedchamber.

10 bedroom design ideas Usually the podium is constructed of wood and becomes the main piece of furniture. In this case, it housed an ordinary bed, but in general this design completely replaces it – you just need to purchase a high-quality mattress

6. Textiles

You can do without napkins and tablecloths in a modern kitchen, you can not use blankets and cushions in the living room, but you cannot do without textiles in the bedroom. Even the most trendy bed without a bedspread and pillows will look naked and boring, curtains are also needed, which will allow you to hide from the bright sun and sleep a little longer..

Fabrics are an indispensable part of the bedroom decor, it is in this room that you can give free rein to the imagination and get carried away with bedspreads, bright pillows, capes and other soft and fluffy decor elements.

10 bedroom design ideas Soft blue curtains, a slightly brighter bedspread, a long tablecloth on the bedside table – the bedroom turned out to be unusually cozy!

10 bedroom design ideas The main decoration of this bedroom is curtains, curtains, bedspreads, a tablecloth on a round table and pillows in a single color scheme

10 bedroom design ideas Carpet, multi-layered heavy curtains, oriental roller pillows, and most importantly – a luxurious bedspread with lush ruffles that completely hides the bed – these are the main features of this elegant bedroom.

7. Lighting

As in any other room in the house, a well-thought out lighting system is indispensable in the bedroom. A single chandelier, even a very large and ceremonial one, is clearly not enough to provide comfort to all residents..

Traditionally, lamps become a decoration for bedside tables, you can hang a small sconce above the bed or put a floor lamp next to it. Such lighting will allow you to read in bed without interfering with your soul mate. If the bedroom has a dressing table with a mirror, you will need additional lighting in this area.

10 bedroom design ideas The lighting on the intricate ceiling and walls made this bedroom not only original but also very romantic. Small classic sconces are also located on the sides of the mirror.

10 bedroom design ideas Two identical lamps on the bedside tables are a real classic. The choice of model depends on the general style of room decoration – for high-tech, an original shape on a metal stand is suitable, and for a Scandinavian interior – a traditional lamp with a laconic fabric shade

8. Bedroom-living room

In general, the living room often becomes also a bedroom in which parents sleep, who gave their only separate room to their child. However, usually the role of a bed is played by a sofa that folds out for the night and during the day in this room there is nothing reminding of its additional function.

If the size of the room allows, then you should not give up a large bed and deprive yourself of a full-fledged berth.

You can divide the room into separate areas of the living room and bedroom using a light plasterboard partition, a retractable screen or even a high bar counter.

10 bedroom design ideas In this case, the sleeping area is highlighted with the help of a different design of the ceiling, the carpet that highlighted the living room, as well as a ledge on the wall that plays the role of a partition. The room is large enough, elongated, so there was enough space for both a soft sofa and a double bed

9. Experimenting with styles

Most often, it is difficult for the owners of a house or apartment to answer the question: “What style is your bedroom decorated in?” Well, in fact, just a room, quite cozy, warm, with a bed – what else is needed!

Meanwhile, already choosing a bedroom set, you should think about which style of furniture will look best in your room..

For a bedroom, you can choose any interior design – from “high-tech” high-tech to “rustic” country, from strict classics to light and bright modern. The choice in this case depends only on the tastes of the owners of the house, and even limited financial possibilities will not become an obstacle – often, to give the room the appearance of a bedroom decorated in the same style, it is enough to repaint the walls and change textiles.

10 bedroom design ideas Do you prefer minimalism? White walls, almost complete absence of decorations, plain bedspread, laconic form of furniture – a practical and restrained interior at your service

10 bedroom design ideas Are you in love with the English style? Checkered curtains, lots of pillows, a fireplace (even artificial), a warm carpet with a floral pattern will help you turn your bedroom into a sample of interior design in British style

10 bedroom design ideas Would you like to feel like a French king welcoming guests in a luxurious bedchamber? Such a set of furniture is, of course, very expensive, but in this case you cannot do without it – against the background of such rich curtains, a banal modern bed will look like a “poor relative”

10. … and with shades

The traditional colors for the bedroom are considered to be beige, light blue, pale yellow, pale green, white. That is, dim, pastel shades that will create a calm atmosphere in the room that allows you to relax and unwind from a day full of various events.

Of course, this is the right approach, in this room we are not having fun, but relaxing. But sometimes you want something unusual!

Painting all the walls bright red is too much, it will be difficult to relax in such a room. But you can make a separate colorful accent by highlighting with a brighter shade, for example, a wall at the head of the bed. Today, when more and more often, not wallpaper, but plaster for painting are used for wall decoration, changing the interior with a new color has become much easier. A can of paint, a little time and effort – and your bedroom will sparkle with new shades.

10 bedroom design ideas It is believed that people who prefer purple are romantics and dreamers. This is a fabulous shade, the color of the evening sky, which has already left the sun. And the bedroom with purple, or rather, violet walls immediately becomes more interesting and mysterious

10 bedroom design ideas The bright, “fresh” blue tint of the walls set the tone for the entire interior. If plain walls seem too boring, you can decorate them with paintings or drawings.

10 bedroom design ideas Japanese influences can be easily seen in this original red and green bedroom. It is no coincidence that a lonely tall tree stands near the red wall, and the overall brightness of the colors is softened by the snow-white ceiling and chocolate-brown furniture. Even the mattress and bedspread continue the green and red theme.

The bedroom can be a great place to experiment with design. This is the most personal room of the house, where guests do not come so often, so the owners can create an interior without looking back at other people’s opinions and guided by their desires and taste. And even if fashion trends claim that walls with large geometric patterns and stretch ceilings are relevant today, if the good old classics are closer and dearer to you, everything is in your hands. And may your bedroom always be cozy!

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