10 ideas for creating a “spring” interior

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Of course, not too warm March is still ahead of us, but the soul already requires spring! Is this not a reason to make some changes to the interior, add a little sun to the rooms and the anticipation of a warm summer. Here are ten ideas for creating a truly “spring” interior.

1. We start with cleaning

In rooms with dusty windows that have not seen detergents and rags all winter, no new decor will look. Start your update with a general cleaning, throw away the excess, make room for a new, “spring” mood!

10 ideas for creating a Let more light into your room – just clean the dusty windows during the winter. In this spacious living room, the “spring” mood is immediately felt, largely due to the large glazing area and, of course, the use of soft green textiles

2. Down with the “winter” curtains

In the article “How to Warm Your Home with Accessories. 15 original ideas ”we wrote about heavy, blackout curtains, which both visually and in fact are able to warm the room. So, now is the time to get rid of them and decorate the window with something light, transparent, airy and perfectly transmitting light from our freshly washed window..

10 ideas for creating a Yellow curtains are a great option for a dark, northern room. Funny folds, ribbons, light fabrics – this is already enough to change the interior of the room

3. Flowers are expensive

It is simply impossible to imagine spring without living greenery. Add greenery to your decor, for example, buy a pot of blooming violets or a lush ficus.

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10 ideas for creating a Flowers in the “spring” interior can be present in the form of green indoor plants, and simply as an image on the wall. In this living room, closeness to nature is further emphasized by the carpet-mat

4. “We break up” the vegetable garden

If you want not only to update the interior by adding greenery, but also to benefit, it’s time to plant at least green onions on the windowsill. You can learn how to organize a real vegetable garden in an apartment and get a rich harvest from our series of articles on hydroponics..

10 ideas for creating a Any greenery on the windowsill will be an excellent addition to the “spring” interior. And it is not at all necessary to decorate your room with decorative indoor flowers – green onions, parsley and dill will cope with this task just as well, and they will also become a source of vitamins

5. “Spring” stickers

We have already written about how quickly vinyl stickers can change the interior. Choose a drawing, for example, with a branch of blooming sakura, just a bright flower, a birdhouse or other images associated with spring. It will not take much time to decorate the wall or facades, and the interior design will receive a new bright detail.

10 ideas for creating a Such stickers in the form of a blooming tree branch will be the best wall decoration and a highlight of the “spring” design

The adorable vinyl stickers in the form of gerbera flowers cost only 299 rubles for 20 pieces. An alternative to flowers in «spring» the interior can become butterflies or birds

6. “Spring” textiles

It’s time for warm knitted blankets and fur pillow covers to go to the wash or dry cleaning, and then to the closet. Replace your pillow covers and bedspread with lighter, more colorful ones. You can use, for example, satin or silk.

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10 ideas for creating a In the “spring” interior, of course, all shades of green, white, light yellow, warm creamy and milky colors prevail. It is in this color scheme that you should choose bedspreads and pillow covers.

10 ideas for creating a All textiles in this bright living room are designed in a single color scheme, very delicate, but at the same time quite bright

7. Glass and mirrors

Glass objects, for example, vases and dishes, as well as mirrors will add space and light to the interior, because they are able to refract the sun’s rays, playing with glare. Heavy ceramic vases can be replaced with original modern ones made of transparent glass. And, of course, put a flower arrangement in such a vase.

10 ideas for creating a The interior of this room was complemented by original colored glass vases.

10 ideas for creating a A striking example of a “spring” interior. Thanks to this choice, it turned out to be lighter, not oversaturated with details.

8. Nice little things

Complete the interior with items that you associate with spring. A branch with unblown buds, a bunch of tulips, a beautiful spring landscape – with the help of such trifles, you can literally “call” spring into your home.

10 ideas for creating a There is a lot of greenery in this room, and on the sofa, pillows with real “messengers of spring” – all kinds of birds

10 ideas for creating a Remember that any interior, not only “spring”, is created by little things – vases, paintings, flowers, bright pillows, textiles. There are a lot of such details in this room, and the main emphasis is on the numerous paintings depicting birds.

9. “Spring” cuisine

In the kitchen, by the coming of spring, you can simply change the hand towels and dishes by purchasing brighter ones, for example, yellow-green. In addition, you can buy new napkins and clamps for them in the form of flowers, as well as original cup coasters. A bowl of fruit, a bunch of greens in a glass and a new set of plates, of course, of light green or green shades will not interfere..

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10 ideas for creating a These bright, green, natural details will make your kitchen interior truly “spring”. Very simple, beautiful and at the same time useful!

10 ideas for creating a A set of dishes in green tones, unusual plates in the form of leaves and a bouquet of tulips – what else is needed to bring fresh notes to the kitchen interior

10. “One peas, two peas”

Designers call “polka dots” the most relevant pattern of this spring. In their opinion, this decor option allows you to add sun to the room, because the “peas” are so similar to our star. You can choose the polka dot pattern for curtains, bedspreads and kitchen towels. And on the wall, so as not to re-glue the wallpaper, you can use large “peas” cut from a self-adhesive film.

10 ideas for creating a Simple and seemingly unpretentious “polka dots” in the interior are not going to give up their positions. Bed linen decorated with such a pattern made it possible to create such a cute bedroom.

10 ideas for creating a Without the bright “peas” on the snow-white wall, this kitchen would have remained an example of laconic modern style. By the way, circles can simply be drawn on the wall or facade using a stencil

10 ideas for creating a See how the large “peas” and the strip coexist harmoniously on this bedspread. A single color scheme allowed to combine patterns in this bedroom that are very different in shape and character

It is quite simple to create such a bright, optimistic, “spring” mood in your home – we remove everything unnecessary and reminiscent of a long cold winter, add bright colors and greenery, add small but noticeable decorative elements. And let spring come to your house first of all!

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