10 ideas for your kitchen

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It is really difficult to find a more versatile and more frequently visited room in a home than a kitchen. And today we offer you several ideas that may help make your kitchen the most original, attractive and comfortable place in the house..

10 ideas for your kitchen

Let’s try to list everything that we usually do in the kitchen. Well, of course, we cook, drink coffee before work, have dinner with the whole family, talk with friends, store food, experiment with new dishes, hide in silence from our household in order to calmly read a book over a cup of tea, gossip over a glass of wine with a friend, yes you never know what else! It is really difficult to find a more versatile and more frequently visited room in the house..

At the same time, creating the interior of the kitchen, we often face a number of difficulties – usually this room cannot be called the largest in the house and even quite spacious, household appliances, which simply cannot be done in the kitchen, occupy a significant part of the space, sometimes simply cluttering up and without addition to a small room. And here you need to place a lot of drawers, cupboards, arrange dishes, provide a place for storing homework and supplies, leave enough space for the dining area.

It is because of such a large number of functions that it is often very difficult to equip an attractive interior in the kitchen. We offer several ideas that may help make your kitchen the most original, attractive and comfortable place in the house..

10 ideas for your kitchenThe rather austere interior of this classic kitchen with wooden facades is distinguished by its special style, somewhat deliberately simple, rustic, but at the same time uniquely cozy

Combining with the living room

Today, the most fashionable “feature” associated with the arrangement of the kitchen is its integration into a single space with the living room. This trend is especially evident in the example of apartments in new buildings of premium and de-luxury class – here almost all kitchens are one large room that combines the functions of a dining room, kitchen and living room..

10 ideas for your kitchenA single space of the kitchen and living room is a distinctive feature of most of the elite apartments

Such a layout is often called free, since in a huge room the owners can independently divide the space into zones, choose where to place a soft sofa – an indispensable attribute of the living room, and where – a roomy table with a set of chairs. The rest of the rooms of the apartment can be isolated, closed, but the kitchen gets the role of one of the components of the common space of the main room.

However, such a ready-made kitchen-living room is the privilege of new buildings, and what remains for the inhabitants of an apartment in a typical panel house, because their kitchen is a separate room, while having an area of ​​only six, maximum nine, and in “difficult cases” even four square meters. First of all, you need to find out if the load-bearing wall separates the kitchen and the living room, if not, it is quite possible to simply remove it, move the opening, make it much wider, and so on. If yes – nothing can be done, you have to work with what you have.

10 ideas for your kitchenUsually even a kitchen connected to the living room is visually distinguished with the help of another floor covering, a false wall, a light screen, and so on.

In general, the only drawback of such a common room is often called the fact that the not always pleasant aromas that accompany cooking can freely spread throughout the apartment. However, a powerful hood can correct the situation, and the space that appears in a large room will completely transform the home..


Having figured out whether the kitchen will be a separate room or connect to a seating area, you can move on to planning the space. It is worth noting that there are only six main options for the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen:

  • Normal straight.
  • Two parallel rows.
  • Island.
  • In the form of the letter “G”.
  • C-shaped kitchen.
  • In the form of the letter “P”.

10 ideas for your kitchenThe kitchen-island is very convenient, it allows several people to sit behind the working area at once, but it requires additional space and the transfer of communications – drains, water, gas supply systems. In a small kitchen, such a layout is impossible.

10 ideas for your kitchenArranging furniture in two rows is a great option for elongated rooms. If the kitchen is also wide enough, then a dining area can also fit between the work surfaces.

10 ideas for your kitchenThe C-shaped kitchen is generally similar to the “P” -shaped layout, but does not have sharp corners. This arrangement also requires a lot of space.

10 ideas for your kitchenNormal straight line – the entire working area of ​​the room is located in one line. By the way, the working area of ​​any kitchen necessarily includes three “places of attraction” for the hostess: a sink, a stove and a place for cutting food, that is, preparing dishes. Sometimes a refrigerator fits into this line, which is also very convenient

10 ideas for your kitchenClassic – a kitchen furniture set in the shape of the letter “L” – in such a space there is definitely enough space for all the necessary items and equipment, besides, such an arrangement is almost ideal for small rooms

10 ideas for your kitchenA kitchen with the letter “P” is an option for very small rooms, when it is impossible to place everything you need in one line and even in the form of the letter “L”. The main drawback is that the dining area will not fit here in any way, so you will have to have breakfast in some other place

When planning the kitchen, of course, you should pay attention to the features of the room itself, if the room is large – why not choose the “island” layout, and if the kitchen is connected to the living room, it is quite possible to do with a straight line.

Household appliances – we hide or flaunt

Of course, the trend of recent years is built-in household appliances in the kitchen, which are hidden behind the same facades. In such a kitchen, it may not be possible to find a refrigerator the first time, especially since the freezer and refrigerator chambers can be separated and located in completely different places. Now you can hide anything from prying eyes – an exhaust hood that can enter a special niche, a microwave oven, a dishwasher … The main disadvantage of built-in kitchen appliances can be called the cost – its price is an order of magnitude higher than that of conventional models.

10 ideas for your kitchenBuilt-in household appliances can “hide” literally anywhere, without interfering with creating an interior in the same style in the kitchen

However, many still prefer to save money and purchase conventional appliances, for example, a free-standing refrigerator, because its surface now does not have to be traditionally white, but can be finished with self-adhesive to match the furniture facades. And the door decorated with all kinds of magnets and the results of children’s creativity will in itself become a highlight of the kitchen.

Another reason to choose “noticeable” household appliances is a retro-style kitchen interior. In such a room, a massive-looking, but quite modern and functional, free-standing stove, an oven in the form of a real hearth, and so on look amazing..

10 ideas for your kitchenA retro-style kitchen, a refrigerator and a stove are only “disguised” as antiquity, behind their original external parameters is a completely modern, high-quality sample of household appliances

Built-in household appliances are in increasing demand, however, traditional models also have a right to exist and can become one of the interior elements, moreover, important and noticeable.

Table top

One of the most visible and functional elements of kitchen furniture, used as a work surface. It is the countertop that unites the individual parts of the kitchen set, a sink is built into it, sometimes a mixer, often a hob. In this regard, the tabletop simply must be strong enough, reliable and at the same time attractive..

Today, most often countertops are made of laminated MDF – the most economical, but not very reliable option, chips from a knife very quickly appear on such a surface, it is impossible to put hot objects categorically – dark spots will remain, and at the joints the laminate can simply peel off, so change the tabletop will come before the rest of the furnishings.

The stone countertop is much more durable, it can be one piece with a sink, made, for example, of artificial granite, goes well with steel sinks.

10 ideas for your kitchenOne-piece stone sink looks stylish and will last a long time

10 ideas for your kitchenThe ultra-modern steel sink with storage space for dirty dishes and washing vegetables will be appropriate in almost any interior

The stone countertop is notable for its enviable resistance to damage, but stains from coffee or wine, chips from sharp objects and cracks from a hot frying pan can still remain on it, so such a surface still cannot be called ideal. In addition, the stone countertop is quite expensive..

A very relevant, attractive and not too expensive option for decorating the kitchen work surface is ordinary ceramic tiles. By the way, if the interior of the room is created in the Mediterranean style, then it is the tiles, glazed or not, that will be the most successful choice and will emphasize all the features of this design..

10 ideas for your kitchenIf the tabletop and apron are tiled with the same ceramic tiles, such an interior will become original and memorable.

Of course, the choice of countertop primarily depends on financial capabilities, however, even if granite or marble is quite affordable for the owners, tiling can turn the work surface from an ordinary plain countertop into a real masterpiece of style and an indicator of the owners’ impeccable taste..

Bar counter

Increasingly, the place of an ordinary dining table in the kitchen is occupied by a bar counter – it is smaller in size, allows you to turn the kitchen into a branch of your favorite bar, and is perfect as a place for parties.

It is very convenient to have breakfast or dinner behind a modern and stylish bar counter, with its help you can create a dining area even in a very small kitchen, and it can radically change the interior of a room. For a family with children, you can choose a not too high bar counter, as well as choose comfortable and safe chairs with backs.

10 ideas for your kitchenThe bar does not have to be straight, it can be almost any shape

10 ideas for your kitchenOften it is the bar counter that separates the kitchen area from the living room.


One lamp, even bright and stylish, is clearly not enough in the kitchen – a well-thought-out lighting system must necessarily be located above separate zones, for example, a low-lying lamp with a wide shade is appropriate above the dining table, the working area must be separately illuminated, and the illumination of the upper tier of cabinets, according to According to the designers, it can visually expand the space of a small kitchen.

10 ideas for your kitchen

10 ideas for your kitchen

10 ideas for your kitchenLED strip is a very economical and quite attractive option for illuminating the kitchen working area

Ceiling beams

Of course, real beams, that is, supporting structures on the ceiling, can only be created in the kitchen of a country house with an appropriate roofing system, however, an ordinary city kitchen can also be decorated with decorative, light beams made of wood or even wood-colored plastic.

Such decorative beams are usually used to create a Mediterranean style in the interior, to decorate the ceiling of a room in a country style, just to give the room a special “rustic” flavor and home comfort.

10 ideas for your kitchen

10 ideas for your kitchen

10 ideas for your kitchenThis kitchen, which was also decorated with decorative ceiling beams, can hardly be called rural – it is very stylish and at the same time cozy


Window decoration can be called a “sore spot” of the kitchen – lush lambrequins are simply inappropriate here, if the working or dining area is located directly under the window, then long curtains to the floor cannot be hung either. But it is still necessary to decorate the window, as well as to protect from too bright sun and prying eyes, therefore short curtains are usually used, in particular, Roman, or vertical fabric blinds.

10 ideas for your kitchenSuch a fairly dense pastel-colored Roman blind with a classic floral pattern, when assembled, serves as a window decoration, and when unfolded it perfectly serves as a reliable barrier to the sun’s rays and neighborly views.

10 ideas for your kitchenA brighter and more original version – Roman curtains with a cheerful pattern, in this case the apartment is located on a high floor and there is no urgent need for a thick curtain, therefore a light transparent fabric was chosen

Roof rails and other storage areas for kitchen utensils

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a great variety of items are always stored in the kitchen, ranging from large pots and pans, to trifles such as corkscrews and teaspoons. Providing space for storing everything you need is a real art, since you need to take into account the fact that some things are used much more often than others. For example, it is clear that spoons and forks should always be at hand, like knives, for which it is better to purchase a separate stand, but some things may be needed no more than once every few months, they can be hidden in the depths of spacious cabinets.

10 ideas for your kitchenThe unusual word “rail” means just a metal hanger for various little things, which is most often located above the kitchen apron, next to the stove and the working area. All kinds of potholders, a ladle, the most “popular” mugs and other items that are used daily are usually attached to the rail.

10 ideas for your kitchen

10 ideas for your kitchenA very spacious wardrobe thanks to a pull-out basket, opening, it shows everything that was hidden in the depths. It is very convenient to store and take out dishes

Another convenient device is the swivel shelves, the so-called carousel, have a semicircular structure, are installed inside the cabinet, allowing you to place many things that are very easy to reach with a slight rotation of the shelf..

Cute little things – magnets, coasters, vases

With all the beauty and thoughtfulness of the layout, the convenience of the location of the working area, the cost of the countertop and the presence of a bar, without all sorts of little things, sometimes useful, sometimes just pleasant to the eye, the kitchen will remain impersonal, literally an exhibition space, cold and does not reflect the individuality of its owners.

The finishing touches of the kitchen interior can be such little things as fridge magnets, unless, of course, it is built-in, hand-sewn potholders, colorful towels, textile napkins, a tablecloth with delicate embroidery or lace. It can take a long time to list all those elements that any hostess can decorate her kitchen with – it all depends on the taste and desires of the owners..

10 ideas for your kitchenKnitted potholders, napkins and other accessories will become the brightest and most unusual kitchen design items

10 ideas for your kitchenUnusually shaped bottles with such seductive and colorful contents will decorate the open shelves of any kitchen and will look appropriate in a room with any interior style.

Of course, not all the ideas proposed in the article can be implemented within the same kitchen, however, many of them can be very useful, especially if, having already started the repair, you doubted the attractiveness of the final version.

Experimenting with the interior of the kitchen is a very exciting activity, but do not forget about the functionality of this important room at home, so that in the pursuit of originality and beauty you do not lose home comfort and convenience..

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