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The name of this main room of the house immediately speaks of its main task – the living room becomes exactly the room where guests are received, holidays and family celebrations are held. In this room stay overnight guests, often the owners themselves sleep, here in a small apartment a computer desk may appear, a library and a winter garden take their place.

Quite often, the living room is called a hall – this is a more solemn name, of course, it does not always suit a relatively small room in a typical apartment, but it speaks of the important role this room plays. In addition, if a much more private bedroom and a nursery can simply be hidden from guests behind a tightly closed door, then this option will not work from the living room – this is really the front hall of a house or apartment.

How to choose the right interior design for this room so that practicality and functionality are combined with beauty and comfort? How to come up with something really original and at the same time create several zones for all households?

10 living room interior design ideas Of course, I would like the living room to have such dimensions, it could accommodate two sofas, a home theater and a bar counter “modestly lurking” in the corner. Great place for parties and family watching a new movie. Unfortunately, typical living rooms are very far from such spaciousness, so the task of interior design is almost always complicated by the need to place at least a minimal set of furniture in a small area.

First idea – classic furnishings

A traditional set of furniture for the living room looks like this: a sofa, two armchairs with the same upholstery – the so-called set of upholstered furniture, a wall with space for a TV, a coffee table. Such classic furniture with various minor variations, which has been used in our country for several decades (remember the dream of every Soviet person – a Czech wall), is still relevant and allows you to completely furnish the living room.

10 living room interior design ideas A typical set of furniture for the living room is a sofa, armchairs and a table in the middle, which are located opposite the main center of attraction – the TV

Boring, corny, tired? And yet it is difficult to do without a sofa in the living room, almost impossible – there is simply nothing to replace it with, not to install a double bed or a couch here. In addition, a set of upholstered furniture does not have to be boring and solid..

10 living room interior design ideas The living room furnishings are quite traditional – the same sofa and armchairs, a TV set surrounded by shelves. But what an effect! Unusual upholstered furniture in a metal frame, lush, luxurious, inviting to sit comfortably in her arms, turned the room into a palace hall. A vivid example of how well-chosen furniture can make the familiar interior sparkle with new colors

Besides, today it is not at all necessary to choose traditional sets of upholstered furniture in the same style and with the same upholstery. By correctly arranging a sofa with armchairs in a completely different color scheme, you can make the living room interior more original and attractive..

10 living room interior design ideas An ordinary, solid sofa-corner with brown upholstery is unexpectedly complemented by two completely different armchairs – a bright yellow, leather and very modern, and a classic, respectable English armchair with blue fabric upholstery. It turned out very interesting and at the same time cozy

In the same way, a coffee table can play with new colors, which, due to its central location, immediately attracts the eye. By choosing an unusual table made of concrete, wicker or glass, on wheels or in the form of a soft pouf, you can seriously change the interior of the living room.

10 living room interior design ideas Contemporary side table, which implies stylization, mixing different directions, using broken lines, contrasts with a classic light sofa

The second idea is an unusual style

Most often, in almost half of the cases, the classic style with its strict lines is taken as a basis for decorating the living room, or a modern version – a mixture of minimalism, individual high-tech elements and all the same classics.

But you can make an original interior in such an unusual style that the guests who have come will not just gasp, but will be delighted to consider all the details and design features for the whole evening.

Of course, it is quite difficult to adhere to one chosen style in the interior – you need to study all its features and characteristics, choose the directions you like the most and strictly adhere to the original plan. And such an interior will require much more costs than an ordinary living room in the “we like it” style. But on the other hand, you can achieve an amazing effect and turn a room in a typical apartment into something special..

10 living room interior design ideas Living room in a Mediterranean style – ceramic unglazed tiles on the floor, decorative beams, light sideboard and table facades, these are, in fact, all the main features of this trend, which is often called Italian style. It always looks very cozy, fresh and relevant

10 living room interior design ideas An extreme design option, not suitable for all homeowners. The room has turned into a real wigwam, with tons of details that seem to have been taken straight from a history museum, with a bright carpet adorned with ethnic patterns and exotic lamps. Of course, it’s hard to imagine such a living room in a city apartment, but for a country house or summer cottage it is quite a good interior

10 living room interior design ideas The living room, with the help of the unusual shade of the walls and the abundance of fabrics and pillows, has turned into an oriental boudoir. The sofa, by the way, is the most ordinary, white leather corner; it was textiles and oriental patterns on numerous pillows that gave it a special charm. A hookah, a low table with curved legs, lush curtains and Moroccan lamps are appropriate in such a living room.

Third idea – fireplace

Nothing adorns a living room like a living hearth surrounded by an attractive portal. By installing a fireplace, you can actually turn the room into a palace hall, create another center of attraction and add another highlight to the interior..

For a city apartment today, you can pick up one of the many models of electric fireplaces, the choice is quite large, and such artificial hearths can be used in any room.

10 living room interior design ideas A real fireplace, completely clad in stone, became the main decoration of this small living room in a country mansion

10 living room interior design ideas A simple panel of an electric fireplace added charm and warmth to this classic living room with solid soft furnishings and an unusual, deliberately rough wooden table.

10 living room interior design ideas The hearth of an electric fireplace can fully simulate a real living flame and looks really amazing

The fourth idea – living room-kitchen

Combining the kitchen and living room is one of the most relevant modern trends. In many new buildings, such a layout is offered by the developer initially, so buyers have no choice but to design a single space..

In addition, many inhabitants of typical apartments in old buildings try to expand the space by demolishing the wall between the usually tiny kitchen and living room..

Decorating the interior of such a room is a rather difficult task. Not everyone succeeds in combining the comfort and softness of the relaxation area with the functionality of the kitchen in a single style, but you can distinguish these zones visually, choose completely different stylistic techniques and colors for each.

10 living room interior design ideas In this kitchen-living room, two original solutions can be distinguished – an unusual set of upholstered furniture with a stunning table of irregular shape and highlighting the kitchen area with the help of lighting, which is a clear line on the ceiling, and the bar

10 living room interior design ideas In this case, the kitchen and the living room, although located in the same room, are decorated in completely different styles – the bright modern kitchen is emphasized by glossy red facades, and the living room is designed in a calm color scheme and is an example of a classic solution.

Fifth idea – living room-study

A workplace is necessary not only for a schoolchild or student, but also for office workers. After all, it is far from always possible to leave all the worries and troubles associated with work outside the threshold of the apartment..

In addition, a computer or laptop has already become a familiar part of the interior of a modern home, and if there is no separate room where you can put it, then why not place a computer table right in the living room.?

At the same time, it is not at all necessary to divide the living room literally in half and turn one of its parts into a solid director’s office. You can try to neatly and unobtrusively fit an additional table and chair into the already created interior of the room without spoiling the impression of a single space.

10 living room interior design ideas Even in such a small living room, there was a place for a modest table on which a laptop could fit. A chair with striped upholstery was chosen for the table, which goes well with a set of upholstered furniture. It is better to leave an office chair for a study – here it is simply inappropriate

10 living room interior design ideas In this case, the desktop, on which even a stationary computer can fit, is part of a wall with shelves, a cabinet and a place for a TV

Sixth idea – sofa corner

Corner sofas are increasingly replacing their usual direct “colleagues” from living rooms. In fact, why buy an ordinary sofa and an armchair is included with it, if all this can successfully replace a spacious and roomy sofa corner?

Corner sofas are very different – in the form of an island that occupies the center of the room, with parts of the same length, in the form of the letter “P”, modular, folding – you can list all the variations and models for a very long time. The main thing is, among all this originality, to choose exactly that sofa corner that fits perfectly into the interior of the room, will become the final touch and highlight of the design.

10 living room interior design ideas

10 living room interior design ideas A small sofa corner of this size will fit even in a modest living room, such a room no longer needs any additional pieces of upholstered furniture, only a table and shelves for small things. By the way, usually a sofa corner can be chosen with a different arrangement of the long and short parts, depending on which corner it will be placed in.

Seventh idea – living room library

No, no, there is no need to turn your living room into a branch of the central city library, but the situation when there is simply nowhere to put books is far from uncommon, even in our age of high technologies, when e-books are gradually replacing solid paper volumes.

If it was the living room that was chosen as the storage place for the books, then shelves, cabinets or racks should appear here without fail. The main task is to organize storage places for books so as not to turn the room into a warehouse, but to make shelves and cabinets just another unobtrusive interior detail.

10 living room interior design ideas Quite a commonplace solution – open shelves around the TV. However, in this case, their design is borrowed from high-tech and they look ultra-modern and stylish.

10 living room interior design ideas The opposite solution in style – the shelves disappeared into cozy niches on both sides of the window, do not catch the eye and at the same time perform two functions at once – books and ceramics took their places on them, and they complemented the interior truly perfectly

Eighth idea – there is never a lot of fabric

It’s amazing what great results in the interior of the living room can be achieved only by experimenting with the fabrics of the upholstery of the sofa, armchairs and chairs. As mentioned above, only with the help of scattered multi-colored pillows and soft blankets can you turn an ordinary sofa as a whole into a corner from an oriental boudoir.

Playing with upholstery fabric and using textile design elements is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to bring a fresh touch to an already boring or outdated interior..

10 living room interior design ideas Traditional English living room – such a cozy and homely effect was achieved with the help of light striped curtains, different, but at the same time, pastel colors of the upholstery of chairs and a sofa, the presence of pillows and an elegant tablecloth on a round table in the corner

10 living room interior design ideas Tired of plain office walls, gray asphalt and cloudy weather outside the window? How about transforming your living room into such a stunningly bright and cheerful space? Someone will say that sofas in a small flower and pillows of all colors of the rainbow are already too much. And one cannot but agree with this! But how bold and unusual the interior is!

Idea 9 – a small room

If it is decided to use the smallest of all the rooms of the apartment as a living room, this is not at all a reason to abandon non-trivial design solutions. On the contrary, it is these unusual techniques that will help turn a modest, tiny living room into one of the most attractive and cozy rooms in the house..

At the same time, we must not forget about the practical side – arranging storage spaces remains one of the main tasks when decorating a living room interior. It is difficult to place all the necessary pieces of furniture in a small area, but you should definitely try.

10 living room interior design ideas This living room is quite small, besides it is a walk-through. And yet they managed to arrange a very cozy interior with an unusual coffee table, well-chosen upholstered furniture and custom-made bookshelves that had to be placed above the sofa. It may not be possible to receive a large number of guests in this room, but for family members this living room will definitely become the favorite room of the apartment.

10 living room interior design ideas Another tiny room that has taken over the functions of a living room. The space was expanded due to the snow-white walls, the only decoration of which was a bright print with the image of a flower. In addition, a unique set of furniture made of unpainted wood gave the room a coziness, and a solid, albeit very small, leather sofa was chosen to contrast with a somewhat rustic wardrobe and a rough table.

Idea ten – lighting

Light in the living room, as well as in all other rooms of the house, plays an important role. Complex plasterboard ceilings with multi-level lighting have already become a familiar decoration of living rooms.

In addition, you can choose original designer lamps for highlighting individual areas, which in themselves will become a highlight of the interior and cannot fail to attract the attention of guests. One has only to choose the right lamps themselves, since massive floor lamps in the form of sculptures will be inappropriate in a small room, and metal stands are more suitable for a high-tech living room, in a classic interior they will look too cold.

10 living room interior design ideas An unusual floor lamp on a thin wire leg gave this laconic living room a special shine.

10 living room interior design ideas A sophisticated ceiling is an interesting decoration in itself, and with LED backlighting it will look even more original

Creating a living room interior is an incredibly exciting activity, but at the same time it requires a thoughtful approach and a serious choice of design techniques and solutions. I hope that some of the ideas suggested in this article will help you choose the option for your most formal and welcoming room at home..

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