10 most interesting and relevant combinations of colors and shades in the interior

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In this article we will offer you ten options for combining colors and shades in the interior, which designers call the most harmonious, interesting and relevant not only this season, but also for many years..

Our site has already written about the importance of color in interior design in the article “The influence of color on mood – selection of interior colors for comfort in the house.” However, interiors designed in only one color are very rare. Most often, owners and designers prefer to experiment with colors and combine at least two or three basic shades in one room..

That is why we decided to figure out which combinations the designers call the most harmonious, relevant and capable of transforming the interior from ordinary into original and fashionable.

Selection of color combinations in the interiorModern technologies in decoration and interior design allow you to choose from a huge number of colors and shades. Such a rich palette is wonderful. But how to figure out which colors will be combined most harmoniously? We hope our ideas will allow you to better understand this issue.

1. Brown and purple

A somewhat unusual and unexpected combination – a respectable brown, which is associated with natural wood, and a bright, daring purple, which is not so often found in residential interiors..

Designers believe that purple and brown complement each other perfectly and demonstrate the desire for a calm yet modern interior. These colors are best used in rooms that are not overloaded with furniture, be it a bedroom, living room, study, hall or kitchen..

Purple and brown will fit equally well into modern interior design and modern interior with its smooth lines..

Violet brown hallwayThe brown shade of the wood looks even more respectable against the background of the somewhat playful pale purple walls. Alternatively: this effect can be used in the kitchen – the natural facades of kitchen furniture will look great against a purple background

Purple curtains on a brown wall backgroundTo prevent the purple-brown interior from looking too gloomy, it is worth diluting it with lighter tones. For example, white, milky, creamy, soft beige colors and shades

2. Light green and silver

This combination is one of the most fashionable today and, according to designers, is the best fit for high-tech interiors. Indeed, a delicate, cheerful light green color is able to smooth out the coldness of shiny metal and make the interior more homely and colorful..

The combination of light green and silver looks best in the bathroom and in the kitchen. For example, in a bathroom or a bathroom you can use tiles of these two shades, and in the kitchen you can combine light green facades with a silver apron and metal details such as table and chair legs..

If you prefer unusual combinations and a modern high-tech interior, light green and silver can be used in the living room and even in the bedroom..

Kitchen in gray-green tonesIn this kitchen, light green walls are in perfect harmony with glossy facades and numerous metal design elements.

The combination of gray and light green in the interiorThis living room with its shiny self-leveling floor would look too cold without juicy, cheerful light green walls.

3. Bordeaux and deep blue

Do you know what color the architects and designers from the British Color Institute named the hue of 2013? Deep blue. This deep, calm color, according to the designers, is perfect for decorating interiors in a variety of styles – from historical to the most modern..

Deep blue is combined with royal burgundy very harmoniously, creating a single picture of a solid and at the same time bright, dynamic interior. It should only be remembered that both of these colors belong to dark shades and they just need to be diluted using, for example, white or light gray..

Burgundy-blue interior is well suited for decorating a cozy bedroom or a respectable living room.

Living room interior in the house of Artemy TroitskyIt is with such a bright and rich combination of colors that the “English” living room in the house of music critic Artemy Troitsky is distinguished

Burgundy roman blinds against dark blue wallsThe combination of a burgundy Roman curtain and dark blue walls turns out to be almost unforgettable, but you can’t do without splashes of white – otherwise it will turn out rather gloomy

4. Orange and ash gray

This combination can be called truly unique – an unusually bright orange and calm, neutral ash gray. Interestingly, an exclusively orange interior is not acceptable to most homeowners, as something from the “pluck your eyes” area, and many would call a room in a smoky color boring and gray.

But the combination of these two shades looks harmonious – orange and ash complement each other, sharing, on the one hand, brightness and dynamism, on the other – calmness and purity of style.

The combination of orange and ash gray can also be called versatile, suitable for any room in the house. Only gray should still be a little more – in this case, the interior will turn out to be calmer and more homely..

Gray-orange bedroomThis calm ash-gray bedroom would be dull without bright orange accents.

Gray-orange kitchenIn this kitchen, the combination of gray facades and bright orange walls created a very unusual and memorable interior.

5. Bright yellow and pale gray

This option is somewhat similar to the previous one in terms of its design possibilities and features. The same calm and neutral, but paler gray color becomes the backdrop for bright, canary yellow blotches. A great option for a contemporary interior.

Designers note that the combination of sunny yellow and light gray is found not only in modern interiors, but also in classics. In addition, this option is truly versatile and can be used in almost any room..

Again, gray should be the base color to serve as a backdrop for bright yellow details..

Yellow color in the interior of the living roomTranquil living room with gray walls and a brown sofa. Only yellow chairs and striped pillows added bright colors to her

Yellow kitchen facades against the background of gray wallsThe combination of light gray and yellow looks no less interesting in the kitchen.

6. Beige and brown

This option can be confidently called the most calm, classic and respectable. In fact, beige can be called pale pale brown, so these colors are related and combine almost perfectly.

This color scheme is traditionally used in interiors with a lot of natural wood, for example, offices and kitchens. The combination of beige and brown can also be found in bathrooms, where the lighter tiles at the top of the wall are adjacent to the dark bottom..

This color scheme is suitable for those homeowners who do not want to experiment and want to create a calm and respectable interior..

Beige and brown in Japanese interiorsWho said that beige and brown are trite and boring? This living room, strictly maintained in this color scheme, turned out to be very original, with notes of Japanese style.

Beige and brown living roomA very calm, restrained and homely interior – this is the impression that a combination of brown and beige can create

Modern kitchen in a private houseWood and stone are all shades of brown in one room. The combination of brown and beige is one of the most popular today.

7. Olive and golden

Can you imagine what olives look like under the bright summer sun? Very beautiful and natural, isn’t it? It is this impression of the Italian summer that a combination of golden and olive shades can bring to the interior..

Traditionally, a more delicate and natural olive color is used as a background, and golden is included in the design in the form of separate bright details. Such elements can be, for example, textiles – pillows, curtains, bedspread.

In addition, against the background of the olive wall, golden frames of paintings or mirrors, a candlestick “under gold”, bright fringes framing an otherwise neutral curtain, and so on will look very unusual and at the same time..

The olive-golden combination is versatile and looks equally good in a luxurious classic living room and in a cozy children’s room.

Yellow bedspread on olive bed

Olive golden furniture

8. Terracotta and pale green

Two more natural, natural shades, which give a very interesting and, according to the designers, actual effect. If olive and golden in combination create the impression of an Italian summer and a sunny day, terracotta and green are lush grass on clay soil, soft colors of untouched nature, transferred to the room.

The designers compare the terracotta color in the interior with a muted, “mature” red, which, acquiring a shade of clay, becomes not so aggressive and intrusive. Such a natural color will be combined with the same natural shade, it will not tolerate anything neon, artificial, chrome plated next to it.

The combination of terracotta and green is often found in oriental style, lush, bright, saturated. In general, in such a color scheme it is quite possible to decorate a bedroom, a nursery, and a kitchen – it will be equally appropriate and beautiful in its own way..

Bedroom design in oriental styleIn this oriental bedroom, terracotta has become the dominant color. And the green upholstery of the pouf, which serves as a coffee table, harmoniously complemented the picture

Terracotta and green in a modern living roomThree shades of green (pillows, furniture slide facade and lawn carpet) only emphasized the natural beauty of terracotta, which was chosen as the main color for the wall above the sofa.

9. Red and sand

The delicate, practically neutral color of sea sand will be an excellent background for a rather aggressive and certainly one of the brightest colors – red. In general, this combination cannot be called familiar and traditional. Usually red is combined with elements of black, diluted with white or beige.

But it is the sand-red interior that looks especially bright, cheerful, harmonious and at the same time does not cause irritation or a desire to urgently repaint the room in neutral beige.

This combination can also be called “oriental”, as it is quite common in the Arabic style. In addition, the sand color invariably evokes associations with desert dunes..

The sandy red interior is perfect for a modern kitchen, grand living room or bathroom. But in the bedrooms and in the nursery, red should still be avoided..

Classic living room in red and sand colorsClassic? Of course! But how bright and unusual it became thanks to such bright red baroque sofas. The walls, decorated in sandy color, are able to emphasize the beauty and originality of such furniture as well as possible.

10. Black and white

This timeless pair remains the most classic, timeless color combination. Antonyms, complete opposites both in mood and location in the color palette, these colors are considered the “purest”, and their combination remains relevant for many years.

It is interesting that a black and white interior can be created in any room, without exception, regardless of its size, furniture load and purpose. But most homeowners think black is too dark and white is impractical and makes a room look like a sterile hospital room..

Maybe so, or maybe you just failed to correctly place accents and use all the different shades of black and white? In any case, this combination deserves attention..

Black and white bathroomSimple and laconic interior of a black and white bathroom diluted with splashes of green and lilac

Black and white color interiorIsolated red, orange or yellow details will look especially bright on a black and white background, even if it’s just a vase with red roses or a single lemon pillow

In this article, we looked at only ten options for combining colors and shades. In fact, there are a great many of them, but we tried to choose the most interesting, unusual, fashionable and, on the contrary, which have long become classics. We hope that the suggested combinations will help you choose the perfect color scheme for your home..

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