10 reasons to install a kitchen corner

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In this article, we will try to convince those who still doubt what furniture to buy to equip the dining area of ​​the kitchen that a corner or a separate sofa is much better than a traditional set of table and four chairs!

Choosing kitchen furniture can be called one of the most challenging tasks for homeowners. Kitchen furniture items simply have to be multifunctional, reliable and at the same time attractive, so before buying them, you should thoroughly weigh the pros and cons..

The kitchen corner has long become one of the most popular dining options. At the same time, many owners of apartments with small kitchens still believe that it is better to choose a small table and two chairs to save space. In this article, we will try to convince you that the kitchen corner has a number of undeniable advantages and will be really the best choice.!

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThis bright kitchen is divided into two separate areas – a working and a dining area. A soft sofa corner with original textile upholstery became a real decoration of the latter. It turned out very cozy and comfortable

The first reason is convenience

Agree that it will be very comfortable to sit on a soft sofa – you can climb up with your feet, put a pillow under your back, settle down half-sitting, that is, literally whatever you like. On an ordinary chair, and even more so on a stool, you will definitely not sit down.

The kitchen corner will provide its owners with much more comfort than ordinary chairs. This option for furnishing the dining area assumes that at the table they will not only have lunch and dinner, but also relax, chat, watch TV or read.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThis kitchen corner near the window does not have a back, but it has several pillows of different shapes, which will definitely provide a comfortable pastime. Pay attention also to the original selection of a round table and unusual hemp stools

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerAnd again, a lot of bright multi-colored pillows that not only decorate this kitchen corner, but also provide the comfort of the owners

The second reason – a comfortable place for receiving guests appears.

The kitchen corner will act as a full-fledged dining area. With his help, your kitchen will have not just a place where you can have a quick coffee in the morning or have a sandwich in splendid isolation, but also have dinner with the whole family, seat guests.

Such a function of the kitchen corner will allow you to get rid of the need to lay out the table in the living room every time friends come to someone from the family..

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerSuch a kitchen corner can comfortably fit four to five people, and additional chairs will turn it into a spacious area for receiving guests.

Reason three – additional storage space appears

In the vast majority, under the seats of the kitchen corner, there are very spacious drawers where you can store anything – from pots to shoes, the season of which has not yet arrived.

It is convenient to use such boxes – just lift the seat and get the item you need. In addition, there are models of kitchen areas with pull-out storage areas. Thus, the owners are able to remove some of the load from the cabinets of the main headset..

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerImagine how much you can put in such spacious drawers that are hidden under the soft seats of the kitchen corner! Moreover, the boxes are located in each of the three parts, even in a small round compartment in the middle.

The fourth reason – the corner does not have to be exactly the corner

Of course, the kitchen corners can be a one-piece corner sofa that is assembled on site and cannot be further transformed. However, it is not at all necessary to choose such a not very functional option..

Kitchen sets for dining areas usually consist of two independent parts, so you can put two small sofas separately, opposite each other, for example, or even in different parts of the room.

In addition, such a set may include a separate soft sofa or bench and two or three chairs. This allows you to experiment with their location and choose the most convenient option even for a small kitchen..

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerIn this case, there is only one soft sofa in the dining area, and under the window, in place of the window sill. The space saving is obvious, and the comfort did not have to be sacrificed

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThe dining area in this elongated but narrow kitchen is located under the window. It turned out like a cozy compartment of a passenger train. Sitting opposite each other at a table on one single leg, it will be very convenient to communicate

Reason five – a huge selection of shapes, sizes and materials

Today, manufacturers offer a very wide selection of kitchen corners of various shapes and sizes. There are semicircular “corners”, long and short, narrow and wide – for a kitchen of any size.

In addition, you can choose both an inexpensive chipboard set and a respectable solid wood leather sofa. For soft seats, both inexpensive foam rubber and more reliable “breathable” polyurethane foam can be used. And for upholstery – both cheap leatherette and more attractive chinil, flock, jacquard, velor.

So your choice will be limited only by financial capabilities, kitchen area and family needs..

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerA real classic – a seating area, a table made of light wood and two chairs. A great option for a standard kitchen. Moreover, the upholstery is textile, a practical dark burgundy shade

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerA compact seating area with pillows and a round coffee table made it possible to equip a cozy breakfast area in this walk-through kitchen

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerA semicircular sofa requires more space than a regular corner sofa. However, if the size of your kitchen allows, such a set with a round table on a massive natural wood leg will become a real decoration of the room.

The sixth reason is the ability to fit the kitchen corner into any interior style

Kitchen corners differ not only in shape and size, but also in style, colors, so you can choose an option for both ultra-modern high-tech and classic kitchens.

Of course, you can immediately choose a kitchen corner in accordance with the style in which you decide to decorate your kitchen. But, if you have already finished the renovation and after a while decided to change the furniture, this will not be a problem and the correctly chosen new corner will perfectly fit into the already decorated interior design.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerA light wood kitchen corner with striped light gray upholstery is a great addition to this cute country style kitchen

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThe modern corner is literally suspended from the wall; sofas have no legs, which will facilitate the cleaning process. The central place is occupied by a massive table, at which guests will sit comfortably. It is interesting that the design of this set allows it to harmoniously fit into the Japanese interior style, and African, and Arabic, and contemporary

Reason seven – extra bed

A wide enough or fold-out kitchen corner can become an extra bed. Agree that this is very convenient and will allow you to no longer worry about where your grandmother will spend the night.

When folded, such a soft sofa will not take up much space, so it will fit in a regular kitchen. The only inconvenience is that every time you have to move the dining table before you open the corner.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerKitchen nooks can be equipped with such a pull-out mechanism with an additional seat, which turns them into a full-fledged sleeping place

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThe additional seat of the kitchen corner can be attached. At normal times, it is a free-standing bench, and at night it moves to the corner and turns it into a comfortable sleeping place

Reason Eight – Space Saving

A compact kitchen corner will save space in the kitchen. A sofa for three will take up less than three chairs, so you have more seating.

In addition, this kit is usually installed in a corner that would probably not be used otherwise..

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerSuch a compact corner takes up a minimum of space, you can also choose a small table, so thanks to such a purchase, space will be saved, and a cozy dining area will be equipped

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerWith the existing large selection of kitchen corners, it will not be difficult to find such a compact, but very attractive high-tech option

Reason nine – practicality

The kitchen corner will serve you for several years, the main thing is to choose furniture from quality materials. In addition, it is very easy to care for such a set – the seat made of leatherette or microfiber can be easily wiped, such surfaces are resistant to dirt.

Remember that from the point of view of reliability and durability, microfiber and flock are preferable to leatherette, which can crack over time and is defenseless in front of pets’ claws or sharp objects.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThe seat of such a corner sofa can be simply wiped with a damp cloth to get rid of greasy fingerprints and food stains

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerThe upholstery of this kitchen corner looks very attractive, the main thing is to choose durable fabrics that are not afraid of stains and damage. So, tapestry and chinil look luxurious, but they easily retain clues from the claws of pets, and it will be very difficult to remove stains

Reason ten – the kitchen will turn into a real living room

The kitchen corner will become the center of the whole room and can turn the kitchen into a real living room. This feature of a set with a soft sofa is especially relevant for owners of one-room apartments – in this case, the living room can remain exclusively a bedroom, that is, a private area.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerIt was enough to install such a soft sofa corner by the window so that the kitchen turns into an analogue of a living room, where the whole family will gather and guests can be received. In this case, it is advisable to find a place in the kitchen for a television panel.

10 reasons to install a kitchen cornerWithout a doubt, such a kitchen corner will become the center of the room. It is a set of comfortable upholstered furniture – a sofa and an armchair, thanks to which the kitchen will take over the functions of a living room

We hope we were able to convince you that the kitchen corner is not just a replacement for the traditional set of table and chairs. This is a very convenient and multifunctional option for kitchen furniture that will transform your room and will definitely become a favorite place for gatherings of the whole family..

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