10 timeless designer chairs

There is furniture that never goes out of style! According to the designers, such pieces of furniture remain timeless and may well pass from generation to generation, fitting into the new style of the interior. Our advice site has selected for you “timeless” models of chairs and armchairs from famous designers.

The paradise chair

The Paradise Chair. Very comfortable and stylish chair, handcrafted from Canadian wood. Choose from other upholstery material, walnut, maple or ebony.

The cala armchair

The Cala Armchair. It features an impressive backrest, which, bending, smoothly flows into the armrests. It is possible to choose any color and frame, and pillows. Despite its solid size, the chair looks very light and elegant.

Armchair Liberty

Armchair Liberty. This is “hello” from the 30s of the last century. Note the powerful frame, high back, comfortable soft pillow. According to the designers, this is a combination of vintage and modern styles, the chair turned out to be eclectic and very original..

Tulip chair

Remember the portal wrote about the Lagom style of Swedish well-being? In that article, we mentioned such a timeless piece of furniture as the Tulip round table. A chair with the same name was created for him. Together they create the perfect set of furniture for a dining room, living room or a fairly spacious kitchen.

Tonietta enzo mari

The Tonietta chair by Enzo Mari. It was created back in 1985. The sleek metal frame, whose subtle curves give the chair a special elegance, matches the leather back and seat. Everything is simple, but stylish and comfortable.

Doa armchair

Doa armchair. Very comfortable, yet with a simple design and soft shapes. Upholstery can be not only leather, the choice is great. Designers assure that these chairs are perfect for a home office and a beautiful dining room.

Chair Filo Sign

Filo chair from the Sign series. It features an unusual metal frame that can be decorated with a variety of soft pillows and seats. The frame is made in gold, pink, black, chrome. It takes 45 meters of wire to make a chair.

Leaf chair made of metal

Chair Leaf. The back rests for the convenience of the seated, and the set of chairs itself can be stored by folding in stacks. Not a bad option in case of the arrival of guests, agree. And the chair itself looks like a graceful petal of an exotic plant. And at the same time it is very convenient.

Judy Chair by Frank Rettenbacher

Luxurious Judy armchair by Frank Rettenbacher. The seat is multi-layered, and the back is thin, made of beech plywood, gently flows into the armrests.

Sign series chair by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

The most unusual and modern chair we have chosen. This is also the Sign series, which has been reinterpreted by the designer Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. Experts note the sculptural, minimalistic design of these chairs, a large selection of colors and call the model the perfect choice for any child’s room..

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