11 bathroom furnishing ideas

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In this article, we will offer eleven ideas for arranging a comfortable, functional bathroom, we will tell you how to rationally use the space in this traditionally small room and fight dampness..

1. Shelves and built-in wardrobes above the sanitary ware

In a small bathroom, where every centimeter counts, it is simply a crime not to use the space that remains above the washing machine, toilet bowl and even the door anyway. In a room where the entire “lower tier” is occupied by various plumbing fixtures, one has to use the “upper floor”, that is, the space above the installed items. Only then will it be possible to organize enough storage spaces in the bathroom..

11 bathroom furnishing ideas It will be convenient to store household chemicals on the shelves above the washing machine, towels, air freshener, etc. above the toilet, and toothbrushes and toothpaste in a small mirror cabinet above the sink

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Shelves and cabinets can be built into any niche in the room. By the way, niches in the bathroom are not uncommon, since the owners have to beat the common house risers located here.

2. Inertial clothesline

It is necessary to dry clothes in an apartment somewhere and it is most convenient to do this where the washing machine is located. However, the constantly stretched clotheslines will definitely not add attractiveness to the interior, and most likely there will not be enough space for a folding metal dryer. Inertial clotheslines can come to the rescue, which appear only as needed and allow you to adjust the degree of tension.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Inertial dryers look very modern and won’t spoil the bathroom interior.. Such dryers allow you to adjust the degree of rope tension, and cost about 700 rubles

11 bathroom furnishing ideas A multi-level system for drying clothes made of metal tubes will be a good alternative, of course, if you are not embarrassed by its constant presence

3. Large mirror or framed mirror to expand the space

Designers advise installing mirrors in a wide frame or large enough mirror surfaces in small bathrooms to expand the space. A great option is to take the entire part of the wall above the sink with a mirror..

11 bathroom furnishing ideas A huge mirror that takes up all the space above the sink will make a small bathroom visually spacious

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Of course, mirrors literally all over the bathroom are not an option for everyone. But on the other hand, such a room will seem large and very bright.

4. Exhaust fan

Fighting dampness in the bathroom is a very important and responsible task. Without an effective ventilation system, it will be almost impossible to cope with it – you will have to constantly keep the door open. The best solution would be to install a fan. It can turn on simultaneously with the lighting, but experts advise nevertheless to install a separate switch – if you just decide to take a shower, you don’t need additional ventilation.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Small modern fans will not spoil the interior, but, depending on the model, cost from 300 to 6 thousand rubles

5. Vents or valves in the door

If one fan was not enough to combat dampness in the bathroom, or you simply did not install it for some reason, you can use another option. Installing a door with special ventilation holes or valves will allow for constant ventilation. True, in this case, unpleasant odors from the combined bathroom will spread throughout the apartment..

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Usually the vents are located at the bottom of the door so as not to be too conspicuous

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Instead of holes in the door, such a plastic ventilation grill can be located, the color of which is matched to the tone of the canvas

6. Diverse lighting

Bathroom features, of course, exclude the use of massive chandeliers or pendant lights. But the choice that exists today allows you to create a very convenient and effective lighting system, and in every corner of the bath: spotlights built into the plastic-faced ceiling, LED strip between tiles or around the mirror, and even a glowing shower.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Shower with LED lights, costs about $ 50. There is a possibility to change colors

11 bathroom furnishing ideas A real waterfall around the bathtub, created with appropriate lighting

7. Electric heated towel rail

Damp towels are one of the main sources of dampness in the bathroom. In case of ineffective ventilation, they can hang in this state for days. One of the options for solving this problem is electric heated towel rails, which will not take up much space and will perfectly fit into any interior.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Modern towel dryers can look very original, which allows them to be used in any interior style.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas The sizes of a heated towel rail can also vary greatly, so you will definitely find an option even for a tiny bathroom. The average price varies from 1 to 9 thousand rubles

8. Warm floor

Another, and very effective option for dealing with dampness in the bathroom. Underfloor heating is, of course, more expensive than a fan or a door with holes. But believe me, it’s worth it. You can get rid of always wet rugs, walk barefoot around the bathroom and forget what dampness is.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Under-tile underfloor heating system allows barefoot walking around the bathroom

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Modern floor heating systems with automatic temperature control are very economical

9. Two in one – bath and shower

Installing both a bathtub and a shower cabin in the bathroom is a pleasure that is not available to everyone. And the size of our bathrooms does not allow, and the price of modern shower cabins “bites”. However, it is quite possible to replace a full-fledged shower stall with a mixer with an appropriate nozzle, while protecting the rest of the room with curtains.

The usual shower curtains made of water-repellent fabric are gradually being replaced by sliding or retractable structures made of transparent or matte plastic. They look more modern, reliably protect the floor from splashes, but they are, of course, more expensive..

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Such a cute curtain has become not just a barrier to splashes, but also an element of decor.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas The cost of transparent or matte plastic curtains for the bathroom depends on the manufacturer, fittings and the number of sections, ranging from 6 to 10 thousand rubles

10. Invisible cabinets

Storage places, and even more so access to water metering devices and communications, is far from always appropriate to show off. In this case, it is more advisable to install hidden systems with facades in the color of the tiles or simply tiled with it. And about the mirror cabinets, which are also almost invisible in the interior, we have already written.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas There is a lot of space under the bathroom, moreover, it is necessary to leave access to the drain. These comfortable tiled hatches will be the perfect way out.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas It is convenient to hide access to communications behind secret hatches

11. Plants as bathroom decor

So far, we have talked mainly about ideas regarding the functional features of the bathroom, aimed at ensuring the convenience and comfort of the owners. Now let’s pay attention to beauty. How do you like the idea of ​​decorating your bathroom with live plants? Believe me, the interior of this usually rather restrained room, shining only with chrome taps and faience sanitary ware, will change dramatically thanks to the green decor.

11 bathroom furnishing ideas Of course, if the bathroom has a window, it’s much easier to turn it into a winter garden. But even in an ordinary small room, shade and moisture-loving plants will feel great

11 bathroom furnishing ideas A moisture-loving orchid in the bathroom is the place! However, you will have to take care of the fluorescent lamp, which will need to be left on for at least 8-10 hours a day so that the flower does not wither

And, finally, bad ideas that are likely to cause disappointment in the near future:

  1. Glossy bathroom floor that will always have drip marks and slip easily.
  2. Shelf or cabinet made of chipboard or MDF. Such materials in the humid atmosphere of the bathroom tend to swell and lose their appearance, so it is better to choose glass or mirror options..
  3. Also, avoid using white grout between floor tiles, even if the flooring is very light. Over time, it will turn yellow and look untidy..
  4. Despite the desire to hide everything that is unnecessary, it is a very bad idea to close the water heater with a drywall box without access. If it breaks (and sooner or later it breaks, believe me), you will have to disassemble the wall, most likely tiled. The same applies to the riser and drains – it is necessary to leave the possibility of access, for example, to cover it with a special viewing window.

11 bathroom furnishing ideasA shiny bathroom floor is beautiful, of course, but only when thoroughly wiped down. Such flooring will constantly contain splashes and streaks, and it is very easy to slip.

All the ideas we have collected have been tested by time and the experience of many homeowners. Adopt the advice of more experienced owners to avoid mistakes and frustrations, and also not to do remodeling soon after the completion of the renovation in the bathroom..

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