7 design options for a kitchen apron

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In this article, we will consider seven of the most popular design options for a kitchen apron, all the features of their use in creating a holistic picture of the kitchen interior, and we will illustrate the visual result of such a design with selected photographs.

Stone – artificial and natural

Natural stone is the most expensive material for finishing a kitchen apron. Its advantages include a huge variety of textures and shades, durability and resistance to a variety of influences. Stone is exquisite and prestigious, solid and respectable. Artificial stone, especially quartzite, is in no way inferior to natural stone in the richness of texture and level of strength, but it is even more expensive than marble – from 7 to 20 thousand rubles per “square”.

7 design options for a kitchen apron

A decorative stone on a kitchen backsplash will be very appropriate. It is not afraid of heat and water, it looks very solid and fits perfectly into the classic interior

7 design options for a kitchen apronSea pebbles on a kitchen apron. Why not! Beautiful, original, and also meets the trend of using natural materials in decoration

7 design options for a kitchen apronLess stringent requirements are put forward for the material for the kitchen apron than for the design of the countertop. So marble, about the advantages and disadvantages of which we wrote in the article about various kitchen countertops, will be an excellent choice.

Brick and concrete

At first glance, it seems like a great option for the lazy. After all, the apron is actually not revetted with anything, there remains a “bare” wall – brickwork or a concrete base. However, firstly, brick and concrete are treated with special means for protection. Secondly, it is quite possible to paint them to achieve a vivid decorative effect. In addition, in the future, it will not be so easy to care for brickwork with its seams, where dust can clog, and concrete, which is very susceptible to stains. But in a modern interior, in particular, high-tech or loft, this option will fit perfectly.

7 design options for a kitchen apronIt is not necessary to leave the brickwork completely unfinished. It can be painted in a shade that matches the color of the headset facades. In this kitchen, a brick apron looks very interesting.

7 design options for a kitchen apronA concrete apron is, of course, not an option for everyone, but from the point of view of modern design, it is quite possible and appropriate

Panels made of wood or MDF

The beautiful structure of wood is always associated with classics, warmth, some unshakable values ​​and enduring traditions. Immediately, we note that today natural wood, of course, is very rarely used in finishing a kitchen apron. However, wood is successfully imitated by laminated MDF, which is relatively inexpensive and will last a long time..

7 design options for a kitchen apronYes, this is not wood, these are MDF panels, but it is against their background that the white facades of the upper row of kitchen cabinets look especially impressive. And the strength of such a material is at a high level, although, of course, it cannot be compared with a stone.

7 design options for a kitchen apronAnother advantage of the apron made of wood panels and MDF is solidity. The seams are practically invisible, and often they are not at all


The most traditional and common option. Many homeowners do not even consider other types of apron finishes. Indeed, why? After all, tiles are inexpensive and look very impressive, and the choice of shades and patterns is incredibly large. If you are also sure that tiles are the best choice for an apron, remember that the most popular types of laying are “checkerboard” and “zigzag”, as well as the use of a frieze.

7 design options for a kitchen apronOn the tiles from the kitchen apron, these inserts with the image of cups, coffee beans or all kinds of goodies are very appropriate

7 design options for a kitchen apronThe austere classic set of this kitchen required an appropriate apron. Of course, these are tiles in two shades, separated by an original frieze.

7 design options for a kitchen apronAn unusual solution – it was decided to extend the kitchen apron to the window, capturing part of the slope. And the drawing itself is restrained, but at the same time original

7 design options for a kitchen apronThe good old “checkerboard” and a delicate frieze with a floral pattern are an excellent solution for a kitchen in both country and contemporary style.


Even more bright, ceremonious and beautiful than in the case of using ceramic tiles. Moreover, the mosaic can be both glass and metal, so the choice is huge. In addition, with the help of mosaics, you can decorate uneven surfaces, for example, the junction of an apron with a table top or a wall protrusion.

7 design options for a kitchen apronThese mosaics are just small pieces of ceramic tiles. But this finish looks more gentle and at the same time very modern.

7 design options for a kitchen apronThe shades of this mosaic on the apron perfectly match the colors of the headset facades. Largely due to this, the interior turned out to be so harmonious and attractive.

7 design options for a kitchen apronFrom a distance, the mosaic on this apron looks like the scales of a silver fish. It’s just brilliant, isn’t it?

7 design options for a kitchen apronA bright solution is to revet both the apron and the countertop with the same mosaic

Chalk board

Such a surface can be decorated with all kinds of notes and drawings. So your design will be constantly changing and a place to write a recipe, phone number or message to loved ones will always be at hand. However, a dark slate board itself looks very simple..

7 design options for a kitchen apronWithout drawings and inscriptions, such a slate board on a kitchen apron will look rather gloomy and inappropriate. So use it for its intended purpose – write and draw!

7 design options for a kitchen apronSlate boards, due to their rather brutal appearance, can be combined with laconic glossy facades, and with such untreated wood, as in this unusual kitchen

Glass and stainless steel

We decided to combine the two because of the similar effect, which can be described as “cold and shiny”. Yes, steel looks colder, but shines almost the same. And glass has much more decorative possibilities. It can be just transparent, but the wall behind it is painted in any shade you like. The choice of colors and patterns on the glass itself for the kitchen apron is also practically unlimited..

7 design options for a kitchen apronIt will be quite possible to attach bright magnets to a stainless steel apron, store knives or metal spice jars on magnets on such a surface. With the help of such small details, it will be possible to get rid of the excessive brevity and coldness of steel

7 design options for a kitchen apronThe shine of the steel kitchen apron perfectly complemented the overall impression of the unusual interior of this, without exaggeration, luxurious kitchen

7 design options for a kitchen apronAnother option for using stainless steel, this time not smooth, but corrugated, on a kitchen apron. The shine remained, but the surface itself turned out to be more interesting

7 design options for a kitchen apronThe light green glass of the apron has become the most striking element of the kitchen decoration. There are no seams, it will last a long time, only all the splashes will be visible immediately

7 design options for a kitchen apronAny image can be applied to kitchen apron glass using UV printing. The result is a very unusual decorative effect. But the price of such a glass apron can reach 2 thousand rubles per square meter.

You cannot underestimate the design possibilities of a kitchen apron. As well as its functional load. The choice of material and design of this part of the kitchen, of course, largely depends on the financial capabilities of the owners, but in any case, a combination of ease of use and beauty will be the ideal option..

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