9 steps to smart placement of small appliances in the kitchen

In pursuit of making cooking easier, many homeowners simply “overgrow” with small household appliances. And there is less and less space in the kitchen, the countertop is cluttered with appliances. Our tips site will give you tips for planning small appliances in the kitchen..

Let’s note right away that the places for large appliances in the kitchen are always precisely planned in advance. It usually starts with a sink, which, as the portal has already written, can be located in different ways. Then the owners decide where the stove will stand – this issue is most often tied to the gas pipe and the place for the hood. Based on the ease of use and the availability of free space, a place for the refrigerator is being set up … But small household appliances are often forgotten.

Meanwhile, everything can be planned in advance. You only need to go through 9 steps:

1. Write a list of everything that is already in your old kitchen. Everything, everything! And add those household appliances that you dream of buying in order to use in the updated kitchen, a rice cooker, for example, you never know.

2. Now, from this list, write down the devices that will be permanently connected to the outlet. Most often it is a microwave oven, coffee machine, electric kettle and toaster..

Important! It depends on this list how many sockets will be in your kitchen, how many of them will be located directly on the kitchen apron.

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

3. The remaining appliances that you will use according to the principle – cooked, washed, hid – also deserve a separate list. They need permanent storage.

Important! Remember that many small household appliances need supplies and accessories. Think, for example, where you will store coffee capsules, food processor attachments. It is clear that they should be at hand, not far from the equipment itself.

4. And now it’s time to decide – do you really need all the household appliances from the list. How often do you use a bread maker that needs a lot of space? You will have to go to extra expenses to increase the amount of storage space in the kitchen. Therefore, it is cheaper to just give up some kitchen helpers..

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

5. For household appliances that you use often, it is very convenient to plan a special compartment in the kitchen set – the so-called garage. The door opens or rises, the equipment drives out. And at the same time, the sockets inside the cabinet, the coffee machine and the toaster are immediately ready for use, nothing needs to be connected. Such accessories are worth additional costs, but the garage for equipment frees up a lot of space on the countertop.

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

6. Whenever possible, always buy appliances that perform multiple functions. For example, a coffee machine, which is also a coffee grinder. Or a microwave oven. Or a multicooker, in which rice can be cooked, instead of a separate appliance. The list is long, there is a choice. For a tiny kitchen, such a combination of functions will result in significant savings in storage space..

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

7. Remember that many household appliances cannot be used directly under the top row of kitchen cabinets! An electric kettle and a multicooker, for example, float a lot during operation, because of them, the cabinets will begin to swell and dry out. The place for them needs to be thought out so that steam does not harm the cabinets..

8. “Dirty” household devices, such as a blender, mixer, juicer, are convenient to use next to the sink, preferably on its wing, so that you don’t have to wash the entire countertop. Consider in advance the location of at least one outlet directly next to the sink.

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

Placing small household appliances in the kitchen

9. Give preference to embedded devices. For example, even today you can choose slicers not free-standing, but hiding in a small kitchen drawer. True, for all such household appliances, space in the cabinets must be planned in advance. But this is exactly what we were leading to! Only competent planning will allow you to get a kitchen where everything will be in its place, close at hand and not on the countertop..

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