Affordable electric heating with an Electrolux Viking heat pump

Residents of countries with hot climates can not think about how to heat their house or apartment. You can’t say that about Russia! Many owners are concerned about choosing the most economical and profitable heating option. reviewed the Electrolux Viking heat pump.

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Thrifty Europeans have long appreciated the opportunity to use air conditioners to heat houses and apartments. Why not? In summer, this device provides coolness, in winter it warms up. And there is no need to pay for gas, and electricity will be cheaper, due to the fact that the air conditioner efficiently converts electrical energy into heat. However, in Russian conditions, air conditioners still most often act exclusively as devices for air cooling in the summer. The reason is clear – conventional air conditioners cannot operate at outdoor temperatures below -5 …– 10 ° C. For our country, this is a high winter temperature, so the air conditioner is ineffective..

This was the case until recently, until the appearance of heat pumps capable of operating in the temperature range from -30 to +54 ° C. A striking example of such innovative household appliances is the Electrolux Viking heat pump, which we will talk about in detail..

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Electrolux Viking can be called not just an air conditioner, but a full-fledged heat pump, with a laconic indoor unit and a fairly compact outdoor unit. The heat pump works simply – it collects the dissipated energy from the street and transfers it to the heating circuit of the house, creating a comfortable microclimate thanks to the innovative DC Inverter technology.

In simple terms, understandable for non-professionals, the current conversion in this heat pump occurs through a frequency inverter. This technology allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of the device due to the regulation of the compressor rotation speed. As a result, the Electrolux heat pumps from the Viking Super DC Inverter series belong to the highest energy efficiency class – A +++, SEER = 8.5, SCOP = 5.1. All of these indicators meet stringent European energy conservation standards..

What does such a high energy efficiency rate mean in practice? The device generates 8.5 times more cold than it uses electricity! An excellent indicator, agree. And Viking Super DC Inverter will spend only 200 watts to generate 1 kW of heat. This is 40% more than conventional split systems of the previous generation.

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Electrolux Viking consumes six times less electricity than our usual oil radiators and convectors, which simply “devour” electricity.

Here is the simplest calculation: on average, it takes 1 kW of heat to heat 10 square meters of a room with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters. We take a room with an area of ​​20 “squares”. We need 2 200 W, our electricity consumption. We get 400 watts. 9.6 kW per day. Under the current tariffs, when 1 kWh in Moscow costs 5.47 rubles, we get 52.51 rubles. 1,575 rubles per month. And this is if your heat pump runs around the clock, which never happens.

This is comparable to using a conventional household electric heater that consumes 2 kW per hour. The monthly expense will be: 2 · 5.47 · 24 · 30 = 7876.8 rubles! A tangible difference, agree! And in six months, thanks to the use of an economical heat pump, you will save more than 30 thousand rubles.

Convinced that a device with such energy efficiency is much more profitable to use for heating a house than conventional household electric heaters or a centralized heating system? We are sure that yes. The Electrolux Viking heat pump pays for itself within two to three years of use. The manufacturer announces the service life of 10 years and gives a guarantee for at least 3 years of flawless work, which ensures a full payback of the purchase.

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Economy is, of course, the main plus of the Electrolux Viking heat pump. But there are other benefits too:

  1. Versatility. In the summer, we repeat, you can use the device to create a comfortable, cool environment in your house and apartment. Moreover, Electrolux Viking also cools very economically thanks to the inverter, we already wrote about this above.
  2. The device is very technological, it is Full DC Inverter, the compressor has an additional refrigerant injection circuit. This is what allows you to heat the room even in severe frosts down to -30 ° C. All systems and tubes are reinforced for a long service life.
  3. There is a manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. The Viking Super DC Inverter comes with a sump heater. It will prevent the accumulation of condensation and ice in winter, ensure work in severe frosts.
  5. Switching on occurs without problems even in the event of a voltage drop in the network under heavy loads.
  6. There are a lot of functions with the “auto” prefix: auto defrosting, auto cleaning, auto restart, auto swing of blinds.
  7. Viking Super DC Inverter has two important air purification functions: a cold plasma generator that generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions to remove harmful impurities, and a plasma filter. More precisely, the device is equipped with a whole system of filters – there are six of them! Everything harmful and unnecessary will be removed from the air in the room: the smell of tobacco, fungal spores, dust mites, dust, bacteria, fine hair of pets, pollen. The air will actually be perfectly clean, believe me.
  8. You can control the Viking Super DC Inverter using the smartphone app. And you can turn on the device on the way home, from anywhere in the world, so that by your arrival in your house there is a comfortable temperature.
  9. The temperature is regulated with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.
  10. Despite its high power, the Viking Super DC Inverter is surprisingly quiet. Noise level 21 dB. It is quieter than if someone is talking in a barely audible whisper in the room..
  11. The “I Feel” function allows you to set the desired temperature in only one zone. For example, around a sofa or a dining table, where all the household members are now gathered. Thus, in the area where the remote control is located, a more accurate temperature control is possible..
  12. It is possible to choose one of four models: EACS / I-09HVI / N3 (designed for cooling and heating 25 square meters), EACS / I-12HVI / N3 (35 “squares”), EACS / I-18HVI / N3 ( 50 square meters) and EACS / I-24HVI / N3 (for premises with an area of ​​65 square meters).

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Despite the abundance of functions, Viking Super DC Inverter is easy to operate. The remote control has a backlight, so you can do it even in the dark.

Heat pump Electrolux Viking

Honestly, we tried to find negative reviews about this heat pump. And they did not find it in any online store or on the forums. Meanwhile, many users note that they have been using the device for more than a year and have already noticed significant energy savings..

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