All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

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Concrete countertops continue to gain in popularity. This material actually allows you to create beautiful and durable kitchen countertops. Our tips site answers the questions most often asked by homeowners considering choosing a concrete countertop for their kitchen..

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

We have already devoted a detailed article to the most popular materials for creating kitchen countertops. He also wrote a portal about how to make a concrete countertop with your own hands. But questions still remained.

What is included in interior concrete?

Are concrete countertops safe? Yes! They include:

  • Water.
  • Sand.
  • Cement, that is, burnt and mixed limestone with clay.
  • Organic additives, of which no more than 2%.
  • Very fine sand as a mineral additive.

All these are natural and well-known materials to all of us. So the composition of the concrete countertop is simple, extremely environmentally friendly and should not cause you more questions..

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

Is it easy to maintain a concrete countertop?

In its pure form, concrete is a porous material that quickly absorbs all impurities. Yes, he is not afraid of water, but it will be very difficult to clean the dirt from him! In addition, calcium plays the role of a binder in the concrete solution. And it is quickly destroyed by acid. So they dropped lemon juice on such a countertop, and a matte mark remained.

So it is worth giving up the concrete countertop? Not! They are covered with a polymer protective layer from 100 to 200 microns thick. Such a layer closes the pores of the concrete and the surface will no longer absorb dirt. The protective layer of polymers can be glossy and matte, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. And it will be easy to care for such a surface, it can withstand the effects of vinegar, coffee, wine, and toothpaste. Stains are easily wiped off, no traces remain. Moreover, the protective coating lasts long enough and can be renewed.

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

Can food be cut with a knife directly on a concrete countertop?

In general, polished concrete itself is just as durable as granite. But we have already told you that to close the pores, it is covered with a protective layer of polymer-based varnish. And this protective layer is quite possible to scratch, in terms of strength it is comparable to artificial stone, acrylic. So we do not recommend cutting anything with a knife on a concrete countertop without a cutting board.!

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

What temperature can a concrete countertop withstand??

According to experts, simply polished concrete without protection is able to withstand temperatures of +300 ° C for a maximum of 30 seconds. Then it will start to brighten. But kitchen countertops, again, are covered with a protective varnish. And now it cannot withstand temperatures above +150 ° C. So you can just put a hot pan on the countertop, but, of course, you shouldn’t put a hot pan..

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

Will the base, the bottom row of kitchen cabinets, fall apart under a heavy concrete countertop?

For example, you decide to leave the furniture the same and change only the tabletop. In this case, if you have an old chipboard frame, you need to choose a tabletop created by the spraying method. They are much lighter than monolithic filling, which weigh about 60 kilograms per square meter with a thickness of only 3 centimeters. Such jellied, monolithic countertops actually need reinforced support. In the case of using spraying technology, a reinforcing layer of concrete is used, to which fiberglass is added. And the “square” of the tabletop already weighs about 20 kilograms, which is comparable to an acrylic stone.

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

How to clean a concrete countertop?

Just like the faux stone countertop and acrylic bathtub. Do not use abrasive and highly acidic products. You need neutral cleaners and soft sponges, microfiber cloths.

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

How you can make concrete more decorative?

Add pigments to the solution to obtain a white color, for example. Or mix shell rock, broken glass, natural stones into the solution. In addition, in Western countries, a popular option is to combine concrete with natural wood. The concrete countertop is simply inlaid with solid wood.

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

Where to order a concrete countertop and how much does it cost?

The production of interior concrete is a science-intensive process that few workshops have mastered in our country so far. In this case, most often we are talking about small industries. However, there is a choice. You only need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s reputation, whether he can make a concrete countertop with decorative additives, as we wrote above. Find out if measurements are taken for free, how long to wait for the finished product – usually from two weeks to a month. A manufacturer’s warranty for several years will be a big plus. As for the prices, the range is great. From 10 to 80 thousand rubles per running meter. It all depends on the thickness of the edge, color, depth of grinding, the presence of a solid shell, overall dimensions, corners and cutouts, as well as the presence of a large decorative filler.

All About Concrete Countertops Q&A

We cannot answer you just one question – is it worth ordering a concrete countertop at all. You decide. The option is very interesting, durable, with good performance characteristics. But acrylic stone, which can also mimic concrete, is cheaper.

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