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Country style is a great option for decorating the interior of a country house, but some of its elements can also be used in an ordinary city apartment. Let’s look at how country is different from other design directions and how to create the atmosphere of a cozy and warm country house in the center of a big city..

For some reason, it is generally accepted that country, as an interior style, is an exclusively American invention and can only be used to decorate a ranch lost somewhere in the vastness of Texas. Meanwhile, the name of this very popular interior style is of English origin, and the word country has two meanings – village and country. That is, the country style is absolutely rightly considered rustic, but in each country it has its own characteristics associated with the local flavor and mentality. Designers distinguish German, English, Swedish, Italian, French, American country, each of which has its own national characteristics. However, with such a variety, one can confidently highlight the main features of this style, which unite all areas..

Country style interiorCountry music, although it gravitates towards rustic simplicity, does not at all exclude its inherent elegance.

Features and characteristics

Country style is often opposed to high-tech direction. And this is not surprising. If hi-tech is high technology, then country is a return to the roots and origins of design. If the first involves the use of glass, concrete and metal, then the second – untreated wood that has preserved its natural structure, and natural stone. If in high-tech curtains and bedspreads are a rarity and inappropriate design element, then in country you can’t do without textiles. High-tech is often called “office style”, since it is used especially often in the design of office premises and is quite appropriate here, but country is an option exclusively for residential premises. Even in a large and prestigious hotel, it will not be in its place, with the help of country music, space is created exclusively for the house, for the permanent residence of a large family.

Country has most of all in common with the Mediterranean style of the interior – they both are distinguished by natural simplicity, the absence of ultra-modern details and do not recognize the abundance of technology. But the Mediterranean style is much more restrained and classic, but the country style provides more freedom of action, it can be called brighter, even colorful.

Country style interior

In addition, country is a much more romantic style, it is nostalgia for the grandmother’s house in the village, an abundance of things that are dear to the heart, which have their own history and keep the warmth of the hands of several generations. Country music with its absence of pretentious details and ceremonial splendor is a very functional style, designed primarily to create comfort and coziness in the house..

So, the main characteristics of the country style include:

Firstly, it is impossible to highlight the color scheme inherent in this direction. A country-style room is always a mixture of several shades, there are no pure white walls, the sterile cleanliness of which will make the room too cold. Checked curtains can be perfectly combined with wallpaper with small beige stripes, decorative plaster that looks like natural uneven walls, and a tablecloth with hand-made bright embroidery on a large table. In country, light or dark wood furniture can contrast with the colorful pattern of the carpet on the floor or the multi-colored cushions of soft sofas. However, it is better to still use three or four primary colors, otherwise the interior will look too crowded..

Country style interior

Secondly, the country style does not set strict criteria for wall and floor decoration. Perfectly flat walls for a country house are extremely rare, so naturalness and naturalness are only welcome. Wallpaper in stripes, a cage or a small flower, textile wallpaper imitating the fabrics so beloved by this trend, natural or artificial stone, wooden panels, decorative plaster and monochromatic color – you can choose literally anything and still get to the point. The main thing is to avoid cold shades and severity, because conciseness and seriousness are not at all suitable for home and cozy country music. If the walls are plain, then they just need to be emphasized with lush and bright curtains, one wall is highlighted with a bright print or all the same “colorful” wallpaper.

Country style interiorTo create such beauty from stone in a city apartment, of course, is difficult and quite expensive, but you can revet only one of the walls with stone, allocate space for a TV or a picture above the sofa

Thirdly, when choosing flooring for a country-style room, it is better to choose not a plain laminate, but a parquet board with an expressive structure. Natural wood is the best option for a rural home, so only ceramic unglazed tiles can serve as a replacement. Rugs and rugs, especially homespun, handmade will be more than appropriate.

Country style interior

Fourthly, multi-level or stretch ceilings in a country-style room will look alien. It is worth preferring either a simple white ceiling, or beams – decorative or, in the case of a country house, load-bearing. Beams on the ceiling can be called one of the main features of this direction.

Country style interiorBeams can be both real and light decorative, there is no better decoration for a country-style ceiling

Fifth, the abundance of textiles and cute little things for country is the most important element of the decor. Curtains can be chintz, floral or checkered, and plain linen against the background of walls covered with patterned wallpaper, and cotton polka dots – in any case, they simply must be. There are always a lot of fabrics in a country-style room – napkins, tablecloths, pillows, bedspreads, upholstered chairs, sofa covers.

Country style interior

You can also display family photos in bright frames, souvenirs, vases, candlesticks, wicker pots for pots with plants, bouquets of wild flowers, gifts from gardens and vegetable gardens on ceramic plates or trays. In general, country in this regard does not limit the imagination of the owners, if the thing is very pleasant and dear as a memory of a pleasant trip or a loved one – let it take its place in the interior.

Speaking about the national characteristics of this or that country direction, it can be noted that curtains and checkered tablecloths are a striking feature of English country; leather sofas and armchairs – American; arches and stone decoration – Italian; dark aged wood – German; bright colors and images of birds and plants – French; and light furniture and plain walls – a bit cold, northern Swedish country.

As you can see, there are not so many differences and they appear, rather, in the color of the furniture, various patterns, patterns and the choice of decor elements.

But what about Russian country? Should our country also offer its own version of the rustic style? It is easy to choose purely Russian traditional decor elements – a pot-bellied samovar can take center stage in the kitchen, successfully replacing an ordinary electric kettle. And gzhel, khokhloma, Dymkovo painting will decorate open shelves and walls in the living room, giving this room a special national flavor.

Country style interior


Most often, it is the kitchen that is designed in country style. Apparently because all the main features of this style are most appropriate here. The cooking process has changed little since the days of ordinary rural houses with stove heating, so creating a “rustic” interior in the kitchen is the easiest way. You just need to reliably hide all household appliances, pick up bright curtains and choose furniture with wooden facades, possibly artificially aged.

Country style interior

We must not forget about such important items for the kitchen as a sink and a tap. It is better to choose an ordinary swan-curved mixer and the so-called Butler sink – built into the countertop, faience or stone. If it’s too expensive for your budget, a cream-colored metal sink is worth choosing. Stainless steel can ruin the whole effect of “kitchen in the village”, so it is better to hide such dishes or even replace them with ceramics, glass or enameled steel..

Country style interiorA regular gas hob can be designed like a real woodburning hearth, vegetables can be stored in a wicker basket, and decorative beams on the ceiling add a finishing touch to this very cozy rustic kitchen.

Living room

If it was decided to design the living room in country style, then we must not forget about the main center of attraction of such an interior – the fireplace. A country house cannot be imagined without a living hearth, and in a city apartment it can be replaced by an electric fireplace. You can also make a “fake” fireplace – an ordinary portal at one of the walls. You can put a candlestick or all kinds of trinkets on its shelves..

Country style interior

It is better to choose furniture for such a living room with a minimum of decor, without lush curls and graceful carving. Simple but soft and reliable sofas, unpretentious chairs, antique sideboards, soft armchairs, a banquet instead of a classic coffee table – in such a room it is pleasant to gather the whole family and receive guests.

You can’t forget about textiles – all the same curtains, a carpet in the center of the room, a bedspread hiding a simple upholstery of a sofa, pillows – without these elements, a country-style living room will look unfinished and not at all so cozy.

Country style interior

Country style interior


A country-style bedroom is an unusually cozy, peaceful and comfortable room. Here you want to have breakfast surrounded by soft pillows, sit with a book, watch the fall of leaves outside the window and just relax from a hard day.

To create such an atmosphere, you should choose a squat bed made of pine or with a wrought-iron headboard, put an old, but so dear and sweet armchair in the corner, install a dressing table with a mirror in a simple wooden frame and decorate the room with trinkets, fabrics and paintings with rural landscapes.

Country style interior

Interestingly, even a small mess in a country style bedroom looks very cute and does not make you want to clean up right away. It seems that such a picturesque mess is becoming one of the decor elements, an integral part of the designer’s idea..

A fashionable wardrobe with mirrored doors is best left for a modern bedroom. Country-style furniture usually uses furniture with a history, or at least retro-styled furniture. A pot-bellied wardrobe with three doors will look much more harmonious in such a bedroom, like a trunk for linen, which has taken its place near the bed..

Country style interior

Country style interior


Children’s rooms are rarely decorated in country style – children do not yet have nostalgia for the “gone youth”, they prefer modern cartoon characters and a bed in the form of a huge car or ship.

And yet, the abundance of textiles and solid wooden furniture inherent in country style can be used as decorative elements for a nursery, especially a room for a newborn. With the main features of the “rustic” style, you can turn the nursery into an unusually cozy and soothing room.

Country style interior

And the fact that country music does not require perfect order and the scattered toys are not so striking against the background of a colorful warm carpet is a huge plus for the nursery.

Country style interiorAt the sight of this unusually cute nursery for two kids, one cannot help but be delighted! A cozy, soothing blue bedroom is perfect for both boys and girls. And natural wood furniture is not only beautiful, but also safe.


In the bathroom, creating a country-style interior is the most difficult thing. Hiding the plumbing or choosing a “rustic” bathroom is a difficult task.

But you can try, if the whole house is decorated in country style, then the bathroom should not stand out against the general background..

In such a bathroom, the ceiling should not be decorated with plastic, it is better to just paint it with light, milky or blue paint. The country-style bathtub itself has a round back and curved legs, a wicker basket is used to store linen, and taps and taps are chosen in a retro style..

Such an interior will be complemented by bright bottles with washing accessories, rattan boxes, a rug on the floor and multi-colored hand-embroidered towels.

Country style interior

Country style interior


Decorating this small room in country style means immediately telling the guests of the house what to expect from the interior of the other rooms..

At the same time, no extra costs will be required: choose furniture that looks like it has come from the village, pick up floral wallpaper or veneer the walls with artificial stone. Wood panels are also a great choice, as are decorative plaster..

Country style interior

Country style interior

Country style interior

Country style can be called an ideal choice for those who still remember their grandmother’s summer holidays in the village with the warmest feelings. In addition, country music fully meets the most modern fashion trends – natural materials and closeness to nature are quite in the spirit of a “green”, environmentally friendly and safe interior. And country music also gives you the opportunity to take a break from technical progress and remember where we all come from.

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