Bathroom renovation for seniors: things to consider

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When planning a major overhaul, you always need to consider who exactly lives in the house or apartment. A young family with small children is one thing, but a couple of old people is quite another. Our tips site tells you what to look out for when remodeling a senior bathroom.

First tip – make a wider entrance to the bathroom and get rid of the sill

Most often there is a sill to the bathroom. It is needed to avoid flooding of adjacent rooms in the event of a leak. However, when equipping a bathroom for the elderly, it is better to get rid of the sill. It is necessary to create a slight, invisible to the eye slope in the direction opposite to the entrance and pay special attention to waterproofing. Also, consider whether a person will walk through the bathroom door on a walker or in a wheelchair. Perhaps the opening needs to be expanded.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Tip two – install a seat in the shower

Yes, it will be much more convenient, believe me. In addition, if you swim while sitting, there is much less risk of slipping and falling, which for older people is fraught with a hip fracture..

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Third tip – the shower head should be removable

In modern showers, handpieces are often wall mounted at a certain height. However, if you already have benches and you plan to wash while sitting, the nozzle should be such as to be removed and conveniently used in any position..

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Tip four – attach the handrails

In the shower, next to the toilet, sink, bath. That is, in strategically important places. We only advise you to make sure that older people do not confuse handrails with a heated towel rail and a towel rack. According to reviews of users living with elderly parents, there were such cases. And an ordinary heated towel rail and a hanger are not at all adapted to withstand the weight of a person. In addition, you can use just a strong handrail as a hanger for towels, removing them altogether.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

The portal wrote about handrails in the bathroom, talking about devices for the disabled.

Fifth tip – increase the height of the toilet

Standard toilets are usually around 40 centimeters high. For older people, it will most likely be more convenient if the “white friend” is 44–48 centimeters high. It will be easier to sit down if necessary. And less likely to splash around when it comes to an elderly male owner.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Tip six – add lighting

Let the light in the bathroom be as bright as possible, you may need lamps not only on the ceiling, but also next to the sink, on the sides of the mirror.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Seventh tip – rough, textured floor

Yes, it minimizes the risk of slipping. There is such an indicator as the coefficient of friction. Self-respecting manufacturers always measure it on floor tiles and indicate in the characteristics. In Europe, there are four categories of tiles in terms of friction or anti-skid coefficient: R9, R10, R11 and R12. The last category is intended for ironing shops, dairy production and cold rooms, this is the maximum anti-slip coefficient. For a bathroom and a toilet, it is worth choosing a tile of at least R10 category..

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Important! Bathroom rugs will be a risk factor! It is easy to catch on their edges, just “ride” on the mat. Anti-slip silicone suction mats can be chosen to reduce this risk.

Eighth tip – ensure a convenient entry into the bath

As for the bathroom itself, which it was decided to leave, then two options are possible here:

  1. Choose a bathtub with as thin sides as possible, through which it will be convenient to throw your leg.
  2. Or, on the contrary, to provide a wide side, additionally overlapping the bath, drowning it. In this case, you can sit on the side to calmly move into the water.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Tip nine – choose materials that are easy to wash

Elderly owners find it more difficult to take care of the house and clean it up. And their loved ones have to look after them. Therefore, it is worth choosing materials for finishing the bathroom, on which splashes will be less visible, stains that are easily washed off. For example, you can refuse glass partitions in the shower – they will need to be wiped frequently. Choose seamless porcelain stoneware, always matte, not glossy wall tiles, plastic ceiling panels, install a wall-hung toilet.

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

Tip ten – equip a warm floor

It is comfortable, pleasant, no rugs are needed. In addition, the heated bathroom floor dries quickly, so the risk of slipping is much less..

Renovation of a bathroom for the elderly

When making repairs in a house or apartment, few people think: “How will I use all this when I grow old? Will my grandmother or mother be comfortable here if I have to take them to her place? ” The questions are really important! Moreover, the repair in the bathroom is done for a long time, it serves for decades. Therefore, you need to think about the future. There are fewer facilities for the elderly than for toddlers, but you can make the bathroom as safe and comfortable as possible for all family members.

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