Bathrooms: planning solutions

As you guessed, dear reader, in our next publication we will talk about bathrooms. We go to the bathroom as soon as we get out of bed, and sometimes our mood depends on the appearance and convenience of this room. After all, how you want a visit to the bathroom was the first pleasant moment of the coming morning. However, most of us live in apartments where the bathroom is 1.7×1.7m and the toilet is 0.9×1.2m. And looking on the one hand at your more than modest apartments, and on the other at the abundance of the most modern plumbing equipment and finishing materials in our stores, you can become discouraged and, waving your hand at the comfort in your home, say: “This is not for us.” … Unfortunately, many people do not realize that all this beauty can easily fit into their bathrooms, and there will still be room for a washing machine and free passage. Details, as always, you will learn from the following material below.

So, you have decided to change the long-suffering look of your bathroom. The first and most important thing that you need to know is that you cannot do without planning decisions. A simple rearrangement of plumbing fixtures, or, if necessary, combining a bathroom and toilet will add much needed space. You do not have to do it yourself, it is better to turn to professionals. Leading repair and construction companies, which have design studios in their staff, have been successfully correcting errors in typical construction for a long time. The main one is the tiny size of our bathrooms. Let’s take a look at several design options for bathrooms made just for small spaces..

The options offered to your attention use the installation system. Its essence is that the cistern, pipes and toilet seat are retracted into the wall using a special fastening system. This creates additional free space. You can easily get to the farthest corner of the bathroom and easily keep the floor clean. In addition, this technology makes it possible to maintain a pleasant silence in the bathroom and adjacent rooms. The additional surfaces obtained during installation will not only be practical from the point of view of hygiene, but will also make your bathroom more modern and beautiful. The use of non-standard elements and the complication of the shape of the room will also help to rationally use the area. For example, a washbasin, shower cubicle or washing machine can be hidden in a wall niche. A very interesting option is in which the bathroom is placed in the corner, diagonally, which not only frees up space along the walls, but also gives the room an elegant look.

The podium is of great importance for the appearance and comfort of the bathroom. The stepped lift is designed to make it easier to get in and out of the bath. Depending on the design style, the steps can take different shapes, be it a classic flight of stairs, or a pleasant flexible line. However, when choosing any of the options, it must be borne in mind that the facing tiles for the steps must have anti-slip properties. Using these little tricks, we get much-needed extra space, which will accommodate, say, a bidet and laundry area. However, do not overdo it, equipping your bathroom with additional functions, remember the necessary free space for movement..

In some typical apartments, bathrooms are so tiny that no redevelopment and rearrangements, without radical changes, will not add the necessary space. One of my acquaintances, before the redevelopment, had a combined bathroom of about three square meters, and the bathroom was pushed a quarter into the kitchen, under the sink. This had, of course, some “convenience” – the wife, washing the dishes, could simultaneously wipe off her husband’s heels. But seriously, in this bathroom it was impossible to turn around, it was not without bruises: the corner of the bathroom blocked the passage to the toilet. To correct all these inconveniences, we decided to remove the bathtub and put a shower cabin in the free space. As a result, the space became civilized, the toilet found a more comfortable position, and there was a place for a washing machine. And the use of large surfaces of mirrors and extra strong transparent glass in the decoration of this bathroom has further increased the visual space. The inconvenient bathroom layouts are also found in our “types”, in which they are disproportionately elongated and narrow. A bath, a toilet, a sink located along one wall further narrow and lengthen the space. An interesting way out of this situation is to replace the long bathroom with a shorter one, and install it across. You can use the vacated space at your discretion, because the main thing you already have is a harmoniously organized space.

In a more spacious bathroom suite, designer fancy can perform pirouettes that you don’t even know about. Our statement will illustrate an example of a rather interesting and non-standard layout..

The construction of a free-standing wall can not only give your bathroom uniqueness and style, but also obscure the view of the toilet. This creates an additional surface that can be used rationally. In this case, it was proposed to place a sink with a large enough mirror on it. On the opposite side of the free-standing partition, make open shelves for storing bath accessories and various household items. By the way, the zoning of small bathrooms is best done with functional elements, and not with cumbersome partitions that “eat up” the area. Another illustration of our statement is the Empire style bathroom decor..

Columns supporting the capital, walls finished with Venetian plaster, original lamps, a mosaic panel above the bathroom, a ceiling made of built-in glass with double illumination – all this gives the room the appearance of a unique architectural masterpiece.

We especially note that with any of the layout options, the design of the walls can be completely varied. Starting from laying single-color tiles around the entire perimeter and ending with an artistic panel or a combined option: tile + paint. It is best to choose a water-heated floor as a floor covering for a bathroom. Ceramic floor tiles have not lost their relevance either, the variety of which can satisfy any taste. For the top surface, give preference to stretch ceilings or ceiling panels, these structures are durable, aesthetic and quick to install. Moreover, halogen spotlights are ideal for them, which will flood the space with pleasant light..

Of course, the above design solutions are not a complete list of bathroom planning options. After all, the designers of the leading repair and construction companies, when developing the interior, will certainly take into account YOUR tastes and wishes. And, having crossed the threshold of your new bathroom, you can rightfully exclaim: “Long live fragrant soap and a fluffy towel …!”

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