Beamed ceiling: load-bearing structures as an element of interior design

Beamed ceiling: load-bearing structures as an element of interior design

Massive wooden beams follow the outline of the roof and take a solid place in the dining-living room space. An option, of course, only for houses with a very high ceiling, beveled, allowing the use of such noticeable structures.

Ceiling beams in the interior

Beams serve well as a space divider, becoming a place for installing lamps. Often they decide to paint them in the general color of the ceiling so that they do not stand out too much, but still be present in the interior. This is a great move for classic room design..

Beamed ceiling design

If the ceiling in the whole room is a complex and rather dark structure of beams, then you should take care of the lighting between them. In loft-style rooms, massive concrete or wooden beams are often simply not hidden and are not treated with anything, this is one of the techniques of such an industrial design.

Beamed ceiling

In this case, a wooden ceiling with beams has become part of a completely modern kitchen, giving the room a certain contrast. Note that one of the beams has become the attachment point for the swivel soffits..

Beamed ceiling in the kitchen

Aged natural wood beams are perfect for creating a vintage interior. It is a great addition to antique furniture or antique replicas. And in this case, old beams are perfectly combined with a laconic finish, more like modern minimalism..

Beamed ceiling in a modern interior

Another retro room, this time a cute nursery. The ceiling is quite low, but the owners still decided to use beams for its decoration. A vintage chandelier with candle lamps complements the picture..

Beamed ceiling in the nursery

Beams help to visually adjust the proportions of the room. In the case of such a sloped ceiling in the attic or under a high staircase, beams help smooth out the disproportion and level the room, visually making the space lower.

Beamed ceiling

Beams that look like wood are not necessarily wood. Today there are much lighter and more inexpensive imitations made of plastic or polyurethane, which are used for decorative purposes. For example, to highlight a beautiful chandelier. Fixing such beams on the ceiling is much easier than wooden beams, like ordinary skirting boards.

Beam chandelier

When decorating a ceiling, beams can not only visually raise it or lower it, but also stretch the room. In this case, the beams served as a decorative technique that combined the living and dining areas..

Decorating the ceiling with beams

This is a Japanese style of interior decoration. Thin beams fit perfectly into the overall decor, which turned out to be simple, light, with an abundance of natural materials.

Beamed ceiling in a Japanese interior

In low mansards and attic spaces, beams are often visible on their own and you have to either hide them or beat them. In this case, the owners, on the contrary, decided to emphasize the main feature of this bedroom. Once again, the beams have become part of the vintage style, because the room has a lot of retro details..

Beams in the attic

A sleek classic with wood paneling at the bottom of the wall and thin beams supported by carved pilasters. All elements perfectly complement the picture of a cozy, but somewhat austere interior that follows all the classic canons.

Ceiling beams in a classic interior

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