Boudoir philosophy: interior design ideas for the women’s room

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Boudoir … This name, which came to us from French novels, evokes associations with romantic encounters and elegant ladies, bringing beauty in front of a large mirror. Let’s try to figure out what a boudoir is and how to equip such an exclusively feminine corner in an ordinary apartment.

What is this boudoir? The dictionaries say that this is “a room belonging to a woman”, “a ladies’ room for receiving the closest acquaintances.” That is, in any case, we are talking exclusively about the “female kingdom”. Boudoir is, of course, a rare occurrence in typical apartments. Where can you allocate a whole room for your beloved if a modern lady is traditionally burdened with her husband and children! And yet, each representative of the fair sex simply needs her own, exclusively her own corner in the house. In this article, we will offer two options for arranging a boudoir, as well as several ideas for decorating the interior of this room..

Interior of a female boudoirEvery woman owns the art of being beautiful to one degree or another. But in order to devote precious time to yourself, you just need to retire, and also store numerous bottles and tubes of cream and lipstick somewhere. It is for these purposes that the boudoir is ideal

Everything for real ladies – what a boudoir interior should include

Let’s first dream and imagine that we have a large house with numerous rooms and it is possible to allocate a separate room for our beloved. What should be in such a room to turn it into a real boudoir?

It is wrong to think that the boudoir is just a woman’s bedroom. This room has several functions, so in addition to sleeping space, there should be space for other important pieces of furniture. The main place in the ladies’ room, of course, will be occupied by a dressing table with drawers, where all cosmetics, perfume bottles, creams, varnishes, and so on will fit..

Boudoir philosophy. Interior design ideas for the women's room itself

A mandatory attribute of a dressing table or dressing table is a mirror, or even better – a trellis.

Even in the boudoir, a relaxation area with upholstered furniture is required, here you can chat with friends, drink tea or read in silence.

Boudoir philosophy. Interior design ideas for the women's room itself

The boudoir hostesses of the 18th century, in addition to “pointing out beauty”, read letters in this room and wrote answers to them. In general, over the past three hundred years, little has changed – in a modern boudoir, you can equip a work corner with a laptop in order to calmly chat on social networks and check mail.

Since modern women strive to maintain a good figure, an exercise bike, a yoga mat, a jump rope, dumbbells and other attributes of a healthy lifestyle may appear in the boudoir..

In addition, a spacious wardrobe for the owner of the room is simply needed in the boudoir. You can’t do without cute little things, which will give the room a unique “feminine” look and special charm. However, we will talk about interior design options a little later..

Boudoir philosophy. Interior design ideas for the women's room itself In the boudoir, as in every multifunctional room of the house, you cannot do without zoning. Three zones can be distinguished – a corner of rest, “beauty” and work. Moreover, the work area is not necessarily a computer desk. Perhaps the owner of the boudoir is fond of embroidery or painting, then she will need a place to practice her hobby.

If you are to dream on a grand scale, then a real boudoir is not just one single room. Ideally, the boudoir should have its own dressing room. It is also highly desirable to have your own bathroom so that you can arrange a spa for yourself at any time. In a spacious bathroom, in addition to a jacuzzi and a shower cabin, it is quite possible to install a massage table and everything necessary for the work of a manicure and pedicure master.

And also a real boudoir in a rich house traditionally had its own exit to the balcony. A separate exit to the garden can easily replace the balcony, which will allow you to receive guests without disturbing the rest of the household. However, something we really dreamed about. Let’s return to our modest apartment and think about whether it is possible to equip it, even if not a whole room, but at least a separate ladies’ corner.

Walk-in closet A real paradise for avid fashionistas and just ladies trying to diversify their wardrobe – a separate room for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I entered in a robe – came out completely ready to go to a restaurant or to work. The perfect addition to the boudoir

So, if it is impossible to allocate a separate room for the beautiful half of the family (in fact, not to evict the husband to the nursery), all that remains is to create separate ladies’ corners in the apartment.

So, even in the smallest bedroom, where a dressing table or trellis does not fit, there will certainly be a place for a mirror on the wall and a small bedside table or coffee table for cosmetics. The armchair in front of such a “corner of beauty” can be replaced with a small pouf or even move the curbstone with a mirror closer to the bed. By the way, when equipping a place for a dressing table, do not forget about comfortable lighting – when trying on makeup, the right light is simply necessary.

Dressing table

In the bathroom, you also need to allocate a cabinet or at least a shelf for everything you need. In the wardrobe, where the things of the whole family are stored, there are also several shelves where the wardrobe of the hostess will be located.

It is more difficult to equip a separate recreation area in order to calmly communicate with friends or indulge in your favorite hobby, without being distracted by the noise from the nursery and the loud TV. It is interesting that the kitchen often becomes such a ladies’ “recreation area” in an apartment. So arrange it to your liking, so as not only to cook dinners here and feed the children, but also to communicate, read, relax with a cup of coffee in silence, when the beloved household is already tired of it.

A lamp with a large lampshade above the table, a comfortable bench with a soft pillow, a folding table for a laptop or a window sill that has turned into a working area will help to create coziness and comfort in the “kitchen boudoir”.

Dressing table trellis Such a small elegant table will fit even in a tiny bedroom. And in this case, a tricuspid mirror is very small and does not take up much space. But how graceful and feminine – you can immediately see that a real lady lives in this room!

Several options for decorating the interior of the boudoir

Having figured out which pieces of furniture must be in a real boudoir or a “ladies’ corner” that replaced it, we will consider the most suitable design styles for decorating this room.


The most chic, luxurious, without exaggeration, palace style. There is a lot of everything in it – decor, fabrics, images and bizarre ornaments, ceremonial furniture, paintings, mirrors and elegant trinkets..

  • Colors – gold, silver, regal burgundy, purple, black and fiery red.
  • The furniture is massive, with curved legs and wavy backs of chairs, sofas and headboards.
  • Textiles – expensive heavy fabrics: brocade, velvet, satin.

Baroque cannot be confused with any other style of interior, but today many of its features are simply outdated, and the too palatial appearance of such a boudoir can sharply contrast with the interior of the rest of the house. Suitable for ladies who would like to feel like a real queen.

Baroque bedroom The Baroque boudoir is sometimes referred to as “Marie Antoinette’s ladies room”. Indeed, in such a ceremonial palace interior, it is easy to imagine yourself as the Queen of France.


It was in this elegant style that boudoirs were created for the already mentioned beautiful ladies of the 18th century. Rococo also emerged as a palace style, but it is softer and more graceful than baroque.

  • The color scheme for the Rococo style boudoir is gentle pastel shades: lilac, blue, pink, white and pale green, interspersed with gold.
  • Textiles – soft fabrics: velor, satin, brocade.
  • Furniture – generally similar to Baroque furnishings: also with gracefully curved legs and carved panels.

We can say that Rococo is more adapted for ordinary Baroque houses. He, too, is very lush and chic, but much more delicate and abandoned excessive pretentiousness and glitter. Ideal for beautiful ladies who value beauty and elegance, believing that the historical style in the boudoir is most appropriate.

Rococo dressing table An elegant dressing table in the French Rococo style will adorn any boudoir


Why not collect old things inherited from grandmothers in your boudoir? In this style, a modern bed may well coexist with a dressing table of the 60s, a new carpet on the floor – with a floor lamp that perfectly remembers the times of the USSR, and new-fashioned roller shutters on the window – with a black and white photo in an old frame.

Decorating a boudoir in a vintage style will not require special expenses – old furniture does not have to be real antiques, and this style does not put forward special requirements for colors or finishes. This boudoir design option is suitable for ladies who are in no hurry to throw away old things and like to spend evenings flipping through albums with black and white photographs..

Vintage style boudoir Old furniture can be simply updated and your vintage boudoir will have an original interior. And the memories that this table or old photo evokes will complement the impression of a personal space created with love.


This style is not suitable for every woman – only very confident women can emphasize their passion and determination with the help of the appropriate interior.

  • The colors are black, bright red, deep blue, silver and gilding. In textiles, preference is given to shiny silk and satin.
  • Furniture – can be of the most amazing shapes, usually silver in color.
  • Decor – massive candlesticks, mirrors, matching the theme and style of the picture.

In general, the interior turns out to be quite extravagant, so it can irritate the rest of the household. However, this is your personal room, why not experiment!

Bedroom in black Silk bed linen, of course, black, will be a good addition to a vamp style boudoir


Glamorous interiors are difficult to describe in definite, clear categories. It is rather a special atmosphere of playfulness and “starry”, corresponding to the inner state of the boudoir hostess. This interior design option involves mixing several styles and is suitable for ladies who love to make a vivid impression on others..

  • Furniture – round beds, a shell chair, a dressing table with a mirror illuminated from all sides and other unusual and bright objects.
  • The color scheme is, of course, pink, as well as champagne, silver, bronze, coffee shades. Instead of textile blankets, it is better to use fur and leather, but you still cannot do without silk.
  • Decor – crystal, rhinestones, feathers, unusual figurines and paintings.

Glamorous boudoir In a glamorous boudoir, it is appropriate to place a dressing table with a brightly lit mirror, which will make this room look like an actress’s dressing room. A pink pouf will perfectly complement the overall impression.


Ideal for those who, as a child, read fairy tales from the collection “A Thousand and One Nights” and would like to feel like a favorite of the Sultan’s harem.

  • Furniture – low ottomans, hookah table, sofa with numerous colorful pillows.
  • Colors – red, pink, yellow, brown, dark green. To prevent the room from turning out too bright, it is advisable to paint the walls in delicate beige or cream shades..
  • Textiles – in the oriental style of the interior there is not much of it, such a design is distinguished by an abundance of fabrics, lush drapery of windows and implies the presence of a canopy over the bed.

Bedroom in oriental style The oriental interior, bright and lush, is perfect for arranging a boudoir

Whatever design style you choose for your boudoir, decorating the interior of this room, you should adhere to the following basic rules:

  1. Try to adhere to soft lines and shapes in everything related to choosing furniture, decorating windows and creating a multi-level ceiling..
  2. There should be enough seating space in the boudoir – you are going to host close friends and girlfriends here..
  3. Carpet, rug or hide is preferable on the floor.
  4. Textiles – at least drapery around the bed and matching window decoration are required.
  5. Lighting must be multivariate, allowing you to create both an intimate twilight and brightly illuminate a recreation area or a mirror.
  6. The details in this room are more important than ever – without all kinds of candles, flowers, aromatic lamps, cute little things and memorable souvenirs, it will not be possible to create an individual atmosphere and emphasize the impeccable taste of the hostess of the boudoir.

Attic bedroom You can turn any room in the house into a boudoir, of course, except for the entrance. If you have an attic, this separate room is perfect.

Boudoir can be called a “personal comfort zone” for women. Family is great, but sometimes you just need to be alone with your thoughts in order to easily cope with everyday worries with new strength.

We offered only the basic, brightest styles of decorating the boudoir, but this room should first of all meet the tastes and requirements of its owner. Therefore, if you like minimalism or country, then let your boudoir be decorated in this favorite style. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and pleasant to spend time in your personal space..

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