Correctly decorate the children’s room

Furniture for a child at these times requires the most common: a crib, a changing table, hygiene procedures, a playpen, a transforming chair, a chest of drawers or a place in the closet for clothes and clothes will be carried out on it. It is worth buying and installing folding furniture in small apartments. She, as a rule, has many functions, she does not take up much space and is quite mobile. For example, there are dressers with a hinged lid – with a slight movement of the hand, they turn into changing tables.

The main requirement for any furniture is environmental friendliness, all paints and materials must be completely harmless. Some types of natural wood, chipboard and high-quality plastic are the most optimal in quality. The mattress in the crib should be filled with natural materials. You can put an orthopedic mattress there with a cotton cover. It is very good if the height of the bed can be adjusted.

Some expensive furniture can be used by a child for up to ten years. This is transformable furniture with a very complex system. The baby’s crib can be turned into a teenager’s bed or sofa. In the same way, the changing table is converted into a roomy chest of drawers. Depending on the height of the child, the height of tables and chairs of such furniture is available for adjustment. The choice is always yours, but the strength and reliability of such furniture leaves no doubt.

Most of all, the baby needs perfect cleanliness, comfort and fresh air. It is best to decorate a nursery in warm colors – yellow, greenish or orange. They will be shaded by bright toys. The toys themselves must be made of high quality materials, easy to clean and free of small parts.

A good nursery should be free of flowers, heavyweight curtains and carpets. Because of them, the child may have allergies or lung diseases. The best option would be light curtains that allow air and light to pass freely. They are very easy to wash and will not collect dust that is harmful to your baby..

The microclimate in the room plays an important role in the health of the child. If the room is dry and hot, a humidifier should be installed. If the room is cool, you need to use an oil heater. It is quite safe, environmentally friendly and evenly heats the air in the room.

It makes no sense to choose the most exquisite lamps for the nursery. The kid is not yet able to appreciate your talent as a designer, so it is much better, easier and cheaper to illuminate the room with simple lamps that are easy to clean. The best option would be to use several light sources in the room at once: a lamp on the ceiling will give uniform diffused light, and a night lamp or sconce will illuminate the space near the bed.

The floor covering should also be given close attention. While the child spends most of the day in the crib, it is often necessary to do wet cleaning in the room. When he grows up a little and begins to crawl and walk, you can lay a high-quality carpet or carpeting on the floor. Their surface must necessarily be easy enough to rinse and clean..

Various decorative pillows made of natural materials will help to comfortably decorate the nursery..

Preschooler’s nursery

After a while, the child no longer needs a playpen and a stroller. Now he does not need constant attention, he can independently find entertainment for himself, and sometimes he wants to retire in his room. Now the nursery is of great importance to him..

If there is transformer furniture from the very beginning, there is no reason for concern. The child will be able to use it again. Well, if you purchased regular furniture and it no longer fits, some items will have to be replaced. This is a sofa or bed, table and chairs, a chest of drawers or shelves with toys and books. All of them must be made of high quality materials and are available for wet cleaning..

Most of the time, the child now eats, sleeps and plays. So the room now has two functional areas – for games and for relaxation. Since the child plays very, very much, there should be enough space for entertainment..

There are several basic design options for a preschooler’s room. Sometimes furniture is placed along the walls, freeing up space in the center. You can make an area for games next to the window, and a recreation area in the back of the room. Be sure to talk about this with the child himself. His desires are very important here – after all, he will live in the room..

If there is not enough space in the nursery, it is worth installing a bunk bed. The child will climb onto the bed by the stairs, and below you can place any furniture, for example, a chest of drawers with toys or a wardrobe. The play area is usually indicated by characteristic furniture – a table, chairs, bookshelves or a toy box.

The best option for flooring would be carpet or carpet, linoleum, parquet or laminate. Of course, they must all be of exceptionally high quality..

There should be a bed or a sofa in the sleeping area, you can add a wardrobe to them. All furniture, like the furniture of babies, must be absolutely safe. To keep the upholstered furniture neat and clean, it is recommended to wear slipcovers. They are easy to wash and clean, and the actual furniture does not deteriorate.

You can create a cozy atmosphere in the nursery with the help of color design. When choosing a color, you should take into account the tastes and wishes of the child, the color scheme of the furniture and the lighting. It is best to choose warm pastel colors. It is preferable to cover the walls with washable wallpaper or paint. Bright details – like a painting, carpet or a large soft toy – highlight the interior.

Of course, you can’t do without electricity in the room. But in order to protect the child, all sockets must be installed in places inaccessible to him. You can also close them with special caps. Wiring should be invisible too.

Lighting requirements have not changed, you can leave it alone. As a ceiling lamp, it is advisable to use a modern plafond, tightly screwed to the ceiling. Crystal chandeliers can break and shatter into small pieces.

Decorating a teenager’s room

The design of the nursery changes significantly after the child enters school. He begins to study more at home and does not have a whole day to play. Now the most noticeable appearance of new furniture in the room.

The student should have a comfortable place to study. Instead of a table for games, a desk should be placed. Probably, a computer will appear soon, so it is advisable to purchase a combined table – you can also work on a computer at it. The corner table takes up the least amount of space. Furniture stores offer a large selection of comfortable armchairs and transforming chairs, you can choose them with your child.

As the child grows up, the work area will increase and expand. There are more books, magazines, more TV sets or any other video equipment. After a few years, a teenager develops his own views on life. Now it will be correct to update the design of the room, the old pastel colors are unlikely to fit. The room should be decorated as a full-fledged living room.

Now you don’t have to buy new furniture, however, you can buy some sports equipment for your son, like a punching bag or a set of dumbbells. And the daughter will be glad of the wardrobe with a mirrored front. A few shelves for CDs, souvenirs or cosmetics also do not hurt. The stores have foldable multifunctional furniture, beautiful and comfortable. It is enough to choose a suitable color.

If your child happily spends time in his room, if he is comfortable and cozy there, then your efforts have been crowned with success..

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