Countertop stone: granite, marble or quartz

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Stone is the most expensive, elite material when choosing a kitchen countertop. However, the choice of a stone slab can also be difficult, because there are several options. Let’s compare the characteristics, pros and cons of granite, marble and quartz as countertop materials.

Marble kitchen countertop


Let’s start with granite, which is indeed the dream of many homeowners. Let’s list the main advantages of granite countertops:

  1. Long service life. This is really an investment for several decades, which, by the way, as realtors assure, can raise the value of a house or apartment..
  2. Wide range of shades. Granite differs significantly depending on the deposit, so your countertop is usually the one and only, you can choose a variety of options, the best of which we wrote about.
  3. The width of the granite slabs can exceed 180 centimeters, that is, the countertop will have a minimum of joints and seams. Often, one stove is enough to cover, for example, a kitchen island.
  4. The granite is strong enough not to be afraid of a dropped knife or cup. But still the risk of chips and scratches with a strong impact remains.

Granite countertops

Granite countertops

The cost per square meter of granite countertops can be 5-28 thousand rubles, the range of prices is very large and depends on the type and prestige of the selected stone.

Granite countertops

Granite countertops

The disadvantages of granite countertops include the need to be careful with abrasive cleaning agents. However, this rule applies to all natural materials..


Another very beautiful and popular stone, often used in interior design. Advantages of marble countertops:

  1. Unique color and uniqueness of each individual slab. There are many types of marble, everyone can choose an option to their taste, for the interior of the kitchen.
  2. Like all natural materials, marble does not cause allergic reactions and is generally safe for all the inhabitants of the house..
  3. Marble is pleasant to the touch, even in the heat the table top remains cool, it is pleasant to work on such material.

Marble countertop

Kitchen island with marble top

Marble window sill

However, marble has more disadvantages than granite. It is not so strong, rather porous, stains from wine and other drinks are often very difficult to remove, and it is strongly discouraged to put hot pans and pots. Less unstable marble countertops and to impacts, scratches, chips. At the same time, the price of marble is quite comparable to granite, a square meter can cost about 14-19 thousand rubles.

Quartz, quartzite

Immediately, we note that unlike granite and marble, which are exclusively natural materials and are slabs mined in quarries, quartzite is created in high-tech production.

Yes, there is a lot of quartz on our planet, that is, the material is of natural origin. But in its natural form for use as a tabletop, it is unsuitable. At the same time, the finished quartz countertop ultimately receives all the advantages of natural stone and gets rid of its shortcomings..

Quartz countertop

For comparison: a quartz countertop is even more durable than a granite countertop, practically does not absorb moisture. As a result, quartz lasts even longer and is less afraid of external mechanical influences. The structure of quartz is more homogeneous, unlike marble and granite, the color and veins of which are the work of nature itself.

Quartz countertop

Quartz countertop

Quartz countertop

Minus quartz countertops – the price is higher than granite by about 10-20%. And yet, quartz does not lend itself well to restoration, often the repair price is so high that it is easier to order a new countertop from a different material. However, it is really difficult to damage quartzite..

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