Designer tips: new interior in old walls at the lowest cost

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Repair is a costly pleasure, both in terms of finances and time. How to update a room without stretching the alterations for six months, you will learn from our article, in which an experienced designer will share with you simple and affordable techniques for updating the interior of an apartment.

If the old interior in the apartment is boring and you want changes, do not rush to make repairs. There are several solutions for changing space in simple ways, which we will talk about below..

Before you start making changes to the familiar interior, you must:

  1. Get rid of all unnecessary things. Review the contents of cabinets and shelves – do you need everything? Often, getting rid of old and unnecessary things, additional space is freed up, which plays an important role in the update.
  2. Choose the right accent. Decide what will become the dominant of the room: furniture, walls or light, but you need to choose one thing.

Rearrangement of furniture

The first and easiest way to change a room is to rearrange the furniture. As a rule, furniture in apartments is arranged according to the wardrobes-sofas scheme near the walls, the TV is opposite. We break stereotypes: try to divide the usual furniture wall into blocks (as a rule, these are cabinets and pencil cases of 450–600 mm each), placing them not as a single front, but scattered around different walls. Perform zoning with any element: move the coffee table, put a chest of drawers or a composition of a low table and poufs. Rearrange a sofa or group of chairs.

When it comes to the bedroom, turn the bed or sofa, reorienting the sleeping place. But here you need to clearly listen to the feelings: this type of change is not suitable for everyone, if you do not sleep well in a “new place”, then it is better to refuse such a decision. Separate the vanity area – this can be a small folding console mounted on the wall if there is not enough space in the room.

Restoration of old furniture

Upholstered furniture can be draped with bright new fabrics. If you do not have the skills of a furniture maker, you can leave the old upholstery and make removable covers. This solution is very convenient to use: they are easy to repair and wash..

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Wooden furniture can be cleaned and varnished or painted. Even a spray can of paint like graffiti can be used to update chairs or flower stands. Boring colors and textures can be replaced with bright contrasting solutions by choosing white or any other color.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

For lamps, you can pick up new lampshades by covering the frame with a modern fabric with an interesting pattern, or transform them with paint by changing the color of the base.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

If the chairs, table or other pieces of furniture are out of order, but you do not want to part with them, show your imagination: the old chair frame can be covered with ropes, leather fragments, creating an element of “African” style. Or used for other purposes – for example, as a planter for flowers.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Textile decoration

The importance of textiles is often underestimated, but even colored pillows on the sofa can completely change the perception of the interior as a whole..

Curtains on the windows. If you want to change the style (for example, from classic to modern), give up lambrequins, choose canvases hanging vertically along the window opening. An interesting effect is given by a stretch in color, when the curtains are assembled from two or three stripes: the darkest tone along the edges, closer to the window – the lightest.

Attention should also be paid to the material. If there were heavy blackout curtains on the windows, it makes sense to replace them with a lighter and more airy material. It can be linen, organza, silk.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Note! Materials with such a structure are poorly breathable and collect dust..

If you want to make a bedroom or living room a chamber, cozy, with dim dim light – get dense monochromatic opaque fabrics of dark colors.

Pay attention to the fittings and tiebacks for curtains. Choosing interesting accessories for the living room or bedroom: pickups with brushes in the form of rings or squares made of metal, you will emphasize the new style of the interior. For children’s rooms, pickups in the form of soft toys are suitable: bears, bunnies or fairy-tale characters.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Carpets. Often, the replacement of such a trivial decoration as a carpet transforms the room. If before that the floor was decorated with dense coverings with a classic floral or ornamental pattern, you can replace them with modern geometric solutions – asymmetric carpets of complex shapes.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

In support of the main interior elements, “change clothes” pillows on sofas and armchairs (it is not necessary to use a dominant color, you can add accents with contrasting colors or color stretching of the main tone). Put a colored blanket on the back of one of the chairs or on the sofa.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Lighting change

Chandeliers, sconces and other lighting fixtures play a huge role in the interior. You can replace the central chandelier or add additional light sources:

  • a floor lamp will create a feeling of coziness, with its help you can select a chamber area for reading or evening tea;
  • additional lamps with soft shades will add an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort;
  • highlighting individual decor elements (for example, paintings, panels or shelves with souvenirs) will create an additional accent;
  • hidden LED lighting will help highlight the iconic elements of the interior: a mirror (if you hide the cord behind the frame), an opening or any fragment.

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

Wall decoration

A radical change in the color of the walls of the room, along with the tips listed above, will transform any room beyond recognition. If you don’t have a desire to take up a brush and paint, you can turn to decoration:

  • a free wall can be occupied with a composition of posters, photographs or paintings, placing them in accordance with the invented composition;
  • the market offers a huge range of stickers with different themes. Such an element can become iconic in the interior, you just need to choose its location correctly;
  • a fragment of a wall can be filled with a mural or graffiti. The theme can also be any: from the perspective of the old city in a monochrome solution to a bright colored abstract drawing;
  • in the bedroom, the wall at the head of the bed can be covered with thin transparent curtains. This will create the effect of a Mediterranean interior, making the room not only cozy, but also adding a touch of romance..

New interior in old walls at a minimum cost

So, in order to change the stylistic orientation or color scheme of the interior without making repairs, you need to remember a few rules:

  1. Rearrange furniture. Monotony creates a multi-day habit that can be easily destroyed by changing the placement of objects in the room..
  2. Replace furniture upholstery. Even old furniture can be transformed by replacing the upholstery or painting the frame..
  3. Place accents competently. The room will be transformed, just change the visual accent. Usually, such iconic elements are: furniture, walls, lighting fixtures and the effects they create..
  4. Add contrasts. As a rule, most rooms are decorated in light pastel colors: they are comfortable for life, do not irritate the eyes, create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and stability. Add contrasting colors: bright pillows and bedspreads, curtains on the windows – and your apartment will be transformed.
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