DIY home furniture: children’s wooden table

Recommendation points

A children’s table made of wood will be easy to make with your own hands, its design is simple, thoughtful and reliable. And if you add stools of the same design, then you can make an excellent children’s kit in a day, suitable for coloring pictures, board games or tea drinking.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Table dimensions 549×610 mm (height / diameter). If you need a table lower or higher, resize proportionally so that the structure does not lose stability.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Prepare everything you need

You will need a 19 mm MDF board or pieces of it that are suitable in size. The strength of medium-density fiberboard is enough for children’s furniture, but you can also take coniferous plywood with sanded sides, then the table will turn out to be more durable. In both cases, the surfaces are easy to paint, and they will remain even and smooth for a long time..

Choose only acrylic paint for wood that is recommended for children’s institutions, as indicated on the can. It is tinted, almost does not smell, dries quickly and is quite wear-resistant. Plywood product can be covered with translucent glaze.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Prepare countersunk screws to fasten the table parts:

  • 4,2х38 – 5 pieces.
  • 4,2х32 – 4 pieces.

Tools for the job:

  1. Jigsaw.
  2. Shaped and straight cut saws.
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Drills with a diameter of 2.4 and 16 mm.
  5. Countersink.
  6. Electric saw or hacksaw.
  7. Grinder.
  8. File.
  9. Clamps.
  10. Ruler.
  11. Gon.
  12. Pencil.
  13. Scissors.
  14. Compass.

Make a template

To transfer the curved contour of the legs to the workpieces, prepare a template – it is easier to mark out neat and symmetrical lines along it.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table Children’s table leg drawing

Draw a 530x250mm rectangle on a piece of cardboard or paper. Mark out the positions of the anchor points.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Connect the marks with a smooth line.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Trim any excess along the outline of the template.

Cut the blanks

Mark the workpieces on the MDF sheet, taking into account the thickness of the saw blade. Cut the rectangular parts with a circular saw, and cut the round cover with a jigsaw.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table Cutting scheme for workpieces for the table: 1 – cover; 2 – cover support; 3 – leg

Draw a semicircular notch at the bottom of the legs. Mark the locations of the cutouts: horizontal at the top of both parts, and vertical at the top on one workpiece and at the bottom on the other. For precise marking, use a scrap of material: place it with its end along the marked edge of the cutout and draw a line with a sharpened pencil.

Drill a hole at the end of the cutout. Place stands under the workpiece with a height exceeding the jigsaw blade travel. Measure the distance from the file to the edge of the tool sole, at the same distance from the marking line, secure a flat bar with clamps. Make a straight cut with a jigsaw to the hole, guiding the tool slowly, avoiding bending and sideways movement of the blade. Reposition the guide and make the second cut.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Council. It is better to make the cutouts a little smaller and then file with a file than to cut out the excess and get a wobbly structure.

Make a cut in the second piece. Check for a perfect fit by pinching the legs together. Separate the parts and saw out the outlines with a jigsaw. Sand the ends with fine-grained sandpaper and round off the edges of the workpieces (you can walk with an edge mill).

Connect the details

Insert one leg into the cutout of the other, place the tabletop support on top.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table Children’s table assembly diagram: 1 – cover; 2 – cover support; 3 – screws 4.2×38; 4 – screws 4.2×32; 5 – leg

To prevent cracking of the material, drill pilot holes for modern screws and additionally mounting indentations if using traditional screws. Make a countersink for the hats.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

Screw the support to the legs with the long screws. Place the lid on the table and align the legs. Make pilot holes to limit the drilling depth. Install the screws and apply the finish. After the coating is dry, nail the nylon heels to the bottom of the legs.

Make stools in the same way as a table.

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table Drawing of stool details: 1 – leg; 2 – seat; 3 – seat support

DIY home furniture: children's wooden table

This furniture set is easy to disassemble by removing a few screws, and flat pieces can be conveniently stored in a compact stack. When assembled, the stools slide under the table and almost do not protrude beyond the dimensions of the lid.

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