DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

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We want to tell you about how you can make a drywall fireplace with your own hands. Our step-by-step instructions describe the entire process of work. This method is economical, and your fireplace will be no less beautiful than a natural stone fireplace. Any beginner can make a fireplace made of gypsum plasterboard.

1. Required materials and tools

The first step to create a drywall fireplace is to prepare the necessary materials and tools.

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions Fireplace drawing with dimensions

Based on the dimensions given, we calculate the amount of materials required:

  • guide profile (thin) – 11 m;
  • metal profile (wide) – 8 m;
  • drywall (standard, for walls) – 1.5 sheets;
  • molar mesh – 2 m;
  • putty (finish) – 10 kg;
  • table top – 90/42/3 cm;
  • painting corner – 9 m;
  • grout (standard) – 3 pcs.;
  • facing material (if you take a gypsum facing stone, then you need about 1 m2);
  • screws for profiles (fleas) – 100 pcs.;
  • drywall screws (15 mm) – 50 pcs.;
  • primer – 0.5 l.

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

Of the tools you will need:

  • screwdriver;
  • scissors for metal;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • saw on plasterboard and on tiles (can be replaced with a regular stationery knife and a saw for metal);
  • level;
  • brush;
  • spatulas (5 and 15 cm possible).

The size and type of drywall must be selected according to the size of your room and preferences.

The material with which the plasterboard fireplace will be decorated – paint, gypsum stone or brick, wallpaper, etc..

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

2. We create a frame according to a previously prepared drawing

We prepare the frame according to the drawing. It is necessary to start from the bottom, making the base. One to one connecting the guide profiles, not forgetting to put spacers from wide profiles. Next, we fasten the top of the base of the frame. We fix the made frame to the wall, which will have a fireplace. Do not forget to constantly check the horizontal and vertical with a level. The connections between the guide profiles must be made as thin as possible, this will greatly facilitate the work in the future..

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

3. Working with drywall

Drywall is very easy to work with. It is only necessary to accurately measure the dimensions of the necessary parts in order to cut the plasterboard sheet as economically as possible. Measuring each wall one by one, cut out the necessary sheets and attach them to the frame. After sheathing the frame (and, if desired, or in the case of a significant curvature of the rear wall), we go through them with a primer and wait for drying.

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

After drying, the joints are putty, and on the corners we mount the painting corner and level with the finishing putty. After the walls have dried, we wipe everything with sandpaper and primer again. Plasterboard fireplace ready for final finishing.

4. The final design of the fireplace

First you need to screw the countertop, and then proceed to the facing work. As mentioned above, you can design the appearance of the fireplace with anything. The main thing is to do it carefully. Facing plaster stone looks very beautiful and original. Laying it down is very easy. We moisten the stone with water, apply special glue to the wall and fix the stone. We start facing with a stone from the bottom corner and be sure to use a level. It is worth remembering that the stone is sold in different packages – angular and straight. The fireplace in question will require 2 corner drawers and 2 straight stone drawers. After finishing the cladding, it is recommended to open the stone with a stone varnish.

DIY plasterboard fireplace: step by step instructions

A drywall fireplace will be a budget option for decorating your home. You don’t have to be a professional to do it. You can make a drywall fireplace in two or three days.

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