Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

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Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

The functionality and ergonomics of modern kitchen sets is largely achieved through the use of modern fittings. An important role in this matter is played by sliding mechanisms, which are used not only for the manufacture of boxes. With their help, it became possible to make the operation of any kitchen as comfortable as possible. This article will describe the most common types of cargo, pull-out baskets and nets, as well as trash bins that slide out on rails from the depth of the module..

Why are all these mechanisms so remarkable that people do not regret parting with money, and sometimes considerable money, in order to install it inside their furniture? There are several main advantages due to which this fittings are becoming more and more popular and in demand:

  1. Easy access to the contents of all sizes of kitchen cabinets and an excellent view of items placed in baskets and nets.
  2. The ability to rationally use all the available space inside any pedestal where all of the listed auxiliary mechanisms are installed.
  3. Some pull-out baskets can completely eliminate dead spots in certain kitchen units. This is especially true for the lower Euro-corner, the far half of which is very inconvenient to use without such a mechanism..

Manufacturing material

All pull-out baskets, nets and cargo are made of metal wire with a protective and decorative coating. It can be white, beige or gray powder enamel, a white plastic sheath, as well as a thin layer of chromium or nickel, applied using a special technology. The most inexpensive are painted products, but they are also the most susceptible to corrosion and mechanical damage. Plastic in this sense is much more practical and durable..

If we consider the quality of chrome or nickel plating, then it should be immediately noted that it is the most aesthetically pleasing. True, beauty in our case is a characteristic, of course, important, but secondary. The main attention should be paid to quality indicators, and they directly depend on the manufacturers’ compliance with the technologies for applying this coating to the steel frame. It is not uncommon to find such products tarnished and with traces of rust in many places. This suggests that people have preferred cheap fittings made by an unknown manufacturer who does not value their reputation..

The most durable and high quality products are made of stainless steel, they have a noble appearance and are not affected by water, chemicals, and such frames are also scratch resistant. Naturally, they cost a little more, but real quality has never been cheap. In addition, cargo, pull-out nets and stainless steel baskets are usually equipped with high-quality pull-out mechanisms, so there is no doubt about their durability and functionality..

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Also quite attractive aesthetically and functionally are nets and baskets, the material of which is either aluminum or high-quality powder alloys. These structures, being quite light, have a large margin of safety, they are also not afraid of scratches or moisture. For this type, as well as for all other frames, the thickness of the wire and the reliability of its connection with each other are of great importance. Some nets crumble literally in the first month of their operation, so when choosing, you should pay special attention to these characteristics..

By the way, in recent years, the attitude towards products made in China and other countries of Southeast Asia has radically changed. This is due to the fact that most of the well-known European brands have moved their production to the territory of these countries. Their representatives zealously monitor the observance in the branches of their companies of all production technologies of one or another type of fittings. Local producers are also trying to keep up with the masters, so their products are also gradually getting better and better..

The main criteria for determining the quality of the described sliding mechanisms, paradoxically, are the cost and presentable appearance of the product. If the exhibit does not have a faded, flimsy appearance, the operation of the sliding mechanism does not raise any questions and the price does not seem suspiciously low to you, then you can safely purchase such a product. It is most rational to make purchases in specialized furniture stores. First, such firms prefer not to deal with questionable suppliers. Secondly, almost always you can get from consultants truthful and comprehensive information about the price and quality of available goods..

Extension mechanisms

Most often, ball telescopic guides serve as mechanisms for the extension of baskets, nets and cargo. It is clear that the operation of such a system directly depends on their quality. The more massive the tires and the thicker the metal from which they are made, the more likely that these guides will last a long time without falling apart within six months..

In addition to them, baskets are often found, the advancement of which is provided by mechanisms, arranged by analogy with roller guides. The frame with support wheels fixed on its body is attached to the bottom of the module, and the rest of the structure is inserted into it, which moves thanks to the second pair of wheels. In general, this mechanism works, despite small design differences, exactly like a regular box..

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Swing-out baskets, as well as all types of columns, are equipped with more reliable and complex extension systems. This is due to the need to ensure uninterrupted and durable operation of structures that are more impressive in size and weight, which are forced to withstand increased loads. In addition, most of these sliding systems have closers that guarantee a smooth and quiet operation..


A cargo or bottle rack is a multi-level pull-out design designed for use in narrow kitchen modules. In general, this term, used by many furniture makers, is nothing more than the name of the Cargo company that produces these mechanisms. Since the multi-level pull-out shelves have different widths, designs and purposes, they had to be classified in some way. No one remembers on whose initiative this happened, but from a certain moment narrow pull-out baskets for lockers with a width of 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm began to be called cargo.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

The bottle-holder is the second name that narrow retractable nets carry. As you might guess, it was given to these mechanisms for the fact that some of them are very convenient to place bottles. In fact, this is a separate subspecies of these mechanisms, which include grids for modules with a width of 150 mm. For ease of use, many manufacturers even began to equip cargo sections with special round restraints that protect bottles in the sections from falling out and hitting each other.

Most often, the cargo is located in the immediate vicinity of the hob next to the oven. They can be installed on one side or both. This is very convenient when cooking, since vegetable oil, vinegar, seasonings and spices are always at hand, absolutely not taking up space on the countertop, which is important in our cramped conditions. By the way, for more convenient operation, some cargoes are equipped with removable containers for spices, salt and sugar. Such models are, of course, a little more expensive, but all the improvements listed are worth the money that will have to be spent on them.

In addition, with the help of cargo, space problems are solved, which quite often arise when designing a kitchen set. In particular, we are talking about small areas that need to be filled with something. This is especially true for kitchens, in the manufacture of which facades of standard sizes of imported production were selected. Often it is simply impossible to pick up the cabinets so that the headset fits perfectly into the available space. Everyone has come across a kitchen with a rather narrow module in the lower row at least once. They can be either open or with a facade, but in both cases they are very inconvenient to use. The problem of the functionality of such a module is solved simply – it is enough to equip it with a cargo.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Another important advantage of cargo is its widespread use in kitchen furniture. Breaking down stereotypes, one of the designers placed a module with a narrow pull-out basket mounted in it between the lower and upper rows of the headset. This arrangement of cargo in some cases allows you to solve a number of problems with the placement of the same spices and a number of other products..

To conclude a brief overview of the cargo, we will describe their main parameters. Standard baskets for pedestals with widths from 150 to 300 mm, can have a depth of 400, 450, 500 and 550 mm. The minimum height of the cabinet intended for their installation must be 590 mm. Most often, there are 2 or 3-section cargoes on sale; their possible additional configuration with various devices has already been mentioned. There are models with a side extension mechanism, as well as pedestals that are attached to the bottom. Recently, an increasing number of multi-level nets are being equipped with door closers that ensure smooth full self-retraction of the cargo back into the curbstone; when buying, you will have to part with the amount from 600 to 1000 rubles.

Retractable columns

Sliding mechanisms designed for installation in narrow cabinets with a height of about 2 meters are becoming more and more widespread. Such containers, of course, are much more expensive (from 6 to 12 thousand rubles) and have a more complex mechanism that allows you to easily use the upper sections. Despite the small width, a wide variety of products and kitchen utensils can be stored in such modules. As in the case of conventional cargo, these models can be additionally equipped with removable adaptive containers.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

To provide easier access to food and utensils stored in these slide-out multi-section drawers, some models have vertical-pivot baskets. In addition, the retractable columns can be enhanced by adding self-extending and self-retracting functions. Depending on the cost and manufacturer, the retractable columns are capable of withstanding a load of 50 to 80 kg. If desired, retrofitting with additional baskets is possible, the base model is usually equipped with six containers.

Pull-out baskets

Mechanisms intended for installation in pedestals with a width of 300 to 600 mm are classified as pull-out baskets. Having almost completely identical design and principle of operation with cargo, they differ only in more impressive dimensions and purpose. Their use in kitchen sets is due to the ability to rationally use the space inside the module and excellent functional characteristics.

Pull-out baskets can be equipped with one, two or three sections. Since they are large, most of the models are attached to the bottom of the cabinet, and a pull-out mechanism is also located below. Only a small number of nets are equipped with telescopic ball guides that are attached to the side upright of the module. Basically, these are one-section structures fixed on two side posts. They are not attached to the facade and are very convenient when equipping them with pencil cases, as well as standard pedestals, where it is necessary to place kitchen utensils in three tiers. Thanks to just such a system, you can compactly place in a relatively small cabinet the maximum amount of food, dishes or household appliances.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

If the basket is fixed on the bottom and a facade is attached to it that extends along with it, then it must be equipped with a set of guide spacer rollers, which ensure its stable position and contribute to a smooth ride..

Retractable mesh

These pull-out shelves are only slightly different from pull-out baskets, which are attached to two opposite cabinet posts. Having the same mechanism, they are used for different purposes. Their frame is smaller, usually such nets are not equipped with high sides, and any large items cannot be stored in them. But these systems have a number of advantages, thanks to which they are acquired for special cases..

The pull-out nets can be used under the sink to store washing utensils, or as a dryer for plates and cups in this or any other module. It makes sense to install such a grid instead of the usual drawer in a narrow niche located under the oven. Taking up a minimum of space, these fittings allow you to make maximum use of all hard-to-reach places. Without installing it, this space would either be completely empty or partially loaded..

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

When choosing retractable nets, attention should be paid not only to the thickness of the wire, the quality of the protective and decorative coating and the reliability of the connections, but also to the size of the cells. It would be nice to know exactly what you are going to store in these branches at the time of purchase. For example, purchasing a retractable mechanism for placing relatively large objects with a frame with a wicker bottom in it, you will overpay a significant amount and, conversely, if you are going to store various trifles in the grid, you cannot buy an economy version with parallel rows of rods. This advice might seem inappropriate if this problem did not arise with enviable consistency: we first install something, and only then it turns out that it was necessary to give preference to another modification.

Swing-out baskets for euro corner – “magic corner”

Perhaps the most useful invention of this entire series of fittings is the swing-out baskets for the Euro corner. Those who own a kitchen with such a module design are well aware of all the difficulties associated with the operation of this spacious corner cabinet. Despite its impressive volume, it is almost impossible to use its entire internal space without the use of auxiliary mechanisms.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Installation of swing-out baskets for Euro angle gives us such an opportunity. Their mechanism is designed in such a way that two separate baskets, interconnected by a special system of pivoting hinges, when the facade is opened, simultaneously slide out from the depths of the module, providing easy unhindered access to their contents. At the same time, you do not need to climb into the far corner of the cabinet, since the nets located there smoothly slide out on the guides and turn out to be directly opposite the doorway. The first basket is attached to the facade and slides out with it, turning to the side at a certain angle. Thus, the owners of such accessories do not feel absolutely any inconvenience during operation. Swing-out baskets can be equipped with a different number of sections, most often there are four, and are used to store utensils or household appliances for a kitchen with medium dimensions. The price of the simplest mechanism starts at 3,000 rubles; to buy a more or less functional model, you will have to part with five thousand.

Swing-out columns

The swing-out columns, impressive in their size and design perfection, work on the same principle. They are installed in kitchen cabinets with a width of 400 to 600 mm and an internal opening height of 1650–2200 mm. They are equipped with removable baskets that are fixed both on the door and on a metal frame installed inside the case. Swing-out columns have a mechanism that acts in approximately the same way as the system for the Euro angle. Only in this case, the sections located inside the module move along the guides not across the cabinet, but along it, heading from the depth of the cabinet to the doorway.

A kitchen cabinet with a built-in swing-out column is somewhat remotely reminiscent of a refrigerator, which also has containers on its door. Only in the latter case, the internal shelves are permanently located in the case, and our system, when the door is opened, allows all sections located inside the cabinet to simultaneously slide out to the front edge. Many people face problems when it is necessary to get an item located at the very back wall of a deep pencil case. The described column can save you from all the inconveniences associated with the operation of high and deep kitchen cabinets..

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Since the swing-out column, even when unloaded, is a rather massive structure, all of its moving parts and fixing fittings have a high degree of reliability. The extension system can be equipped with a closer, as well as an automatic opening mechanism. Unlike most small baskets and cargo, the distance between its sections can be changed at your discretion. The containers themselves are made of thick stainless wire with a high quality chrome or nickel plating. The price of one set can go up to 15 thousand rubles excluding the installation cost.

Retractable waste bins (sorters)

There are few kitchens left where ordinary buckets are used for the collection and short-term storage of waste with food waste. Everyone is trying to equip their headsets with more convenient containers, while manufacturers do their best to satisfy consumer demand. A huge variety of various models of furniture buckets have already been developed, from which you can easily choose the most suitable for your headset.

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Although a lot of attention is paid to the aesthetic appeal of waste sorters, it is not that important. Functionality comes first, as in most cases. Waste bins for furniture should be easily accessible, easy to handle and have the simplest possible pull-out mechanism. Of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the appearance at all, but it is impossible to raise this component to an absolute. It should also be borne in mind that a brand new metal model of a trash can, shining on the window, will need to be cleaned in a couple of months, and you will get tired of bringing it to a shine. Therefore, it is better to give preference to nondescript plastic models, which are both cheaper and much more practical in operation. Buckets are also available in brushed stainless steel. However, given the fact that trash eventually ends up in the plastic container inside them, it’s worth considering twice whether it’s worth spending money on a beautiful but practically useless shell made of expensive metal..

Similarly, one should approach absolutely unnecessary technical “bells and whistles”. All that is needed in this situation is for the bucket with the lid raised to be in front of you. It is desirable to achieve this result without performing any complex manipulations, but only through a slight movement of the hand. In principle, the work of most models of garbage cans is built in this way, but some of them have overly sophisticated mechanisms that significantly increase their cost. Therefore, here it is also important not to succumb to the first impression, but to think for a while: is this toy worth overpaying 1,500-3,000 rubles for it?.

It may seem ridiculous, but the model of a bucket for collecting garbage in the kitchen for 150-200 rubles can be considered ideal in its simplicity and functionality. It is made of gray plastic and is an inverted and halved cone with a narrow top cut off. The kit also includes a lanyard and a bracket that attaches to the vertical side stand. Even without being a specialist, it can be installed in 15–20 minutes. The operation of such a container is much easier and more convenient than many much more expensive models. The only limitation in use is that it is only suitable for swing facades..

Do-it-yourself repair and modernization of an old kitchen unit. Part 4

Having opted for out-of-the-box bins with rectangular waste containers, try to also take into account all the attendant factors. So, having acquired a mechanism with large dimensions, you will need to allocate more scarce space for its installation, if they are fully loaded, then you will lose at least two points: pay a large amount and take up extra space.

By the way, a pull-out basket with one bin is just as impractical as a fold-down bin. In this case, the far half of the module will simply be empty. Therefore, it is better to choose paired models. They can be attached to the facade or run autonomously; some of them are also equipped with door closers. As in all other cases, a lot depends on the price of the issue..

Knowing the types and main quality characteristics of the mechanisms described in this material, you will be better prepared to meet with a furniture designer when you decide to order a new kitchen. Knowledge of the theory has not prevented anyone yet. In practice, however, all this theory can be applied if a decision is made to independently increase the functionality of the existing headset. The next article will be completely devoted to the practical side of the issue..

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