Every Homeowner’s To-Do Checklist in Spring

Spring – it’s time for home owners to leave their rooms and go outside to do the things that have accumulated over the winter. Our tips site has compiled a checklist for you to do before the hot days and the hot season start in the beds and in the garden.

It’s not worth rushing with active cleaning in the garden yet, but homeowners have something to do without it:

  • It is necessary to inspect the site, fences, paths, blind areas around the house. Perhaps, after frost and thaw, the concrete blind area will require repair, as will the rickety fence, the gate in the garden and other elements of the site arrangement. Plan what needs to be done first, immediately after a stable warming, and what you can wait a little with;
  • It’s time to tackle the gutters, which, after the cold season and melting snow, may not be ready for spring downpours. The portal wrote in detail how the problems with the drainage system at home can be solved;

Every Homeowner's To-Do Checklist in Spring

  • It’s time to wash the windows from winter dust and streaks and install mosquito nets – very soon mosquitoes and other insects that have no place in the house will appear. Check how your windows and doors have wintered, they may need to be repaired or new ones ordered;
  • You can start cleaning the fireplace or stove if you have one in your home. Carry out an audit and cleaning of the chimney, which will “rest” during the warm season;
  • Inspect the roof for any damage to the finish under a layer of snow or during high winds. If there are problems, you need to schedule repairs for the next sunny day;

Every Homeowner's To-Do Checklist in Spring

  • It’s time to tackle the air conditioners that will be running all summer. Call a specialist to thoroughly clean the air conditioning system, replace filters if necessary;
  • All wooden MAFs – pergolas, arches, trellises, as well as a porch and railings made of wood, must be inspected and, if necessary, tinted or reopened with varnish in order to extend their service life and update;
  • Check all parts of the irrigation system. How your irrigation hoses, sprayers, drip irrigation system wintered. Soon they have a lot of work to do, if something needs to be corrected and bought in addition – do it without delay;

Every Homeowner's To-Do Checklist in Spring

  • Dried garden paths, the yard, the entrance to the house need to be swept away from the garbage accumulated over the winter. There can be a lot of it! If there is no good, comfortable broom – urgently buy a new one;
  • Examine garden tools, think about what you need to buy or repair;
  • It’s time to buy seeds and plant seedlings;
  • And spring general cleaning awaits in the owners’ house.

Every Homeowner's To-Do Checklist in Spring

Seems like a lot of things to do? Really a lot of worries. But with a checklist and planning carefully, you can do it in a few days. Especially if it turns out that there is nothing special to repair after winter.

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