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Continuing the tradition set by our article “Fashionable interior in style 2013”, I would like to understand which of the trends of the past year have remained, as they say, in the trend, and what new designers are ready to offer us in 2014. Of course, the information presented in this article will be especially useful for those who plan to do repairs in the coming year, but the rest will not be uninteresting, allowing them to keep abreast of the latest news from the world of design and arrangement.

The most fashionable interior design styles

Almost every year, one or another style of interior design is at the peak of popularity. Of course, to say that, that’s it, hi-tech is no longer in trend, is outdated and not in demand – it is impossible. Any style of interior design has its own admirer who will arrange his own bedroom in accordance with the peculiarities of this direction, regardless of the opinion of professionals. In addition, trends in interior design are changing rather slowly, and it will take a new style more than one year to become recognizable at first sight and the most popular..

And yet, the designers confidently name the most relevant styles in which the interiors of 2014 will be decorated:

  1. Minimalism. This modern, austere and not accepting anything superfluous style has held the title of one of the most popular and relevant for several years. However, in 2014 minimalism will become less concise – designers believe that it is necessary to add home comfort and a little clutter to it. Now it is allowed to have such details as a blanket casually thrown over the back of the sofa, attached not for beauty, but because it is so comfortable, a pillow on an armchair, etc. Designers call this technique “light negligence”.
  2. Scandinavian style. The soft, homely, natural style that originated in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula remains very relevant. And this is not surprising – this direction of interior design has many fans, especially among the owners of small one- and two-room apartments.
  3. Fusion. Mixing styles, which allows you to create a unique and unlike anything interior, also remains in fashion, and the popularity of this design option continues to grow.
  4. Shebby-chik. The novelty, which arose only about thirty years ago in England, has reached our country. “Shabby chic” is especially loved by ladies of Balzac’s age and enthusiastic young girls, but it can also be liked by the stronger sex, who are not alien to romance. In general, this easily recognizable, sentimental, very gentle style deserves a separate article..

If you do not plan to completely change the interior in the coming year, you can simply add a little “slight negligence” to laconic minimalism or “shabby chic” to a modern living room in the contemporary style.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Minimalism in action – just painted walls, the same ceiling and almost no decorative elements. This style, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary details and make the room more spacious, remains one of the most popular

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends The fusion style assumes the presence of bright colors, smooth lines and the presence of details from various design directions in the interior. Art Nouveau mixed with ethnic style in this room

Shabby chic is not at all a chaotic collection of vintage furniture and retro details, as it might seem at first glance. Yes, the furniture in this dining room cannot be called new, but look how cute and cozy it turned out!

Actual colors

Designers believe that the most relevant shades in interiors 2014 will be:

  1. Blue. The coming year, according to the eastern horoscope, is the year of the Blue Wooden Horse. Perhaps it is for this reason that all shades of blue in 2014 will be especially in demand. The calming effect of blue can be used to decorate a bedroom, however, tones that are too dark should be avoided in order not to darken the room..
  2. Green. A very popular color, which will remain one of the most relevant this year. Green can be either warm or cold, depending on the hue you choose. Light tones of green are suitable for any interior, be it a bedroom or an office, but a juicy emerald is best used in a nursery or on the facades of kitchen furniture..
  3. Purple. Another trendy shade of 2014. This noble, elegant, romantic color fits perfectly into the current style of shabby chic, but it can also be used in modern interiors..

Saturated blue and green are best used to create separate color accents, but in a more delicate lilac it is quite possible to paint the entire surface of the walls..

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends The pale blue living room does not look too bright, but very unusual and elegant. In this case, blue goes well with light gray.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends A vibrant green sofa corner is the main accent color in this modern living room. The “green” mood is continued by floral prints on the wall and pale green curtains

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends


Natural materials – leather, fur, wood, stone, including pebbles, bamboo – remain at their peak in 2014. According to the designers, wood products will be especially in demand. Natural materials will be used in decoration and furniture manufacturing.

Wooden beams on the ceiling, a plank floor, branches in a glass vase, minimally finished furniture fronts, a tabletop that does not hide the texture of wood, wood figurines and figurines are the main trends of this season..

A special feature of the interior-2014 will also be a mixture of non-standard high-tech modern materials with natural materials created by nature itself. For example, using polymer 3D panels to decorate a wooden or stone wall.

In addition, thanks to new technologies, today even natural materials can be painted in any shade and become completely unrecognizable..

Designers believe that decorative stone and metal will also be very popular in 2014.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Wood can be very different – massive, dark and rough, or, as in this case, very light, with a pronounced texture. The wood in this interior blends harmoniously with the artificial stone used for facing the fireplace

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends In their quest to use as much natural materials as possible, some homeowners go as far as decorating the chandelier with branches, and create furniture with their own hands from almost untreated boards. Of course, this is not an option for everyone, but closeness to nature in such a room is ensured.

Actual patterns

The most popular patterns in 2014 will be floral motifs, as well as a variety of geometric shapes and ornaments from them. Flowers will show off on the upholstery of soft sofas, curtains, pillows, as well as bright prints on the wall.

Geometric shapes in the interior will be represented mainly by squares and rectangles, and they will be present not only on textile decor elements, but also in the form of square shelves and other pieces of furniture.

Designers advise to combine patterned surfaces with monochromatic ones and do not forget about moderation – an interior that is too rich in details and colors is not in fashion.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Such a sofa with upholstery decorated with large flowers will look perfect against the background of a solid, neutral wall. In this case, the “floral” theme was continued by a gathered curtain with the same pattern as on the sofa

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Pillows with patterns in the form of rhombuses and herringbone look especially original thanks to the light, calm upholstery of sofas

Fashionable furniture 2014

In the new season, the most functional furniture will be especially popular. Manufacturers remembered the inhabitants of small apartments and offered a large selection of transforming sofas, folding tables, beds with pull-out drawers for linen and ready-made furniture sets for all rooms of the house..

The most current furniture trends of the coming year:

  1. Streamlined furniture with flowing lines and minimal wood décor.
  2. Use of warm bronze or shiny brass metal as fittings and decorative details.
  3. Dark wood, almost black, chocolate or noble dark brown.
  4. Alternation in storage areas of open and closed shelves, boxes of different heights and widths.
  5. The use of fabrics with pronounced intertwined threads in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, which will add additional volume to sofas and armchairs.
  6. The upholstered furniture itself will become more squat, with enlarged armrests, backrests and seats..
  7. Creation of custom-made furniture. Installing an ordinary mass-produced bed in your room is already becoming bad form. Exclusive things are in fashion, which were created in a single copy specifically for this room, taking into account all the customer’s requirements.
  8. The increasing popularity of antique furniture. Such retro things remain in great demand and will perfectly fit into the fashionable “shabby chic”.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Ready-made furniture sets offered by manufacturers allow you to quickly equip an entire room. These are beds with spacious drawers for bedding and loft beds that save space in a small room

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Smooth curved lines will become one of the main trends of the upcoming season. Round or oval tables are also in fashion – straight lines and sharp angles give way

The most fashionable direction

Environmental friendliness has become the most relevant area of ​​interior design in 2014. Continuing the theme of using natural materials and proximity to nature, vegetable gardens on the windowsill, tall houseplants and vertical gardening are in trend.

Of course, you will not surprise anyone with indoor plants and you cannot call this option for decorating an apartment new. But today the passion for green decorative elements is gaining momentum and is turning into a real industry. Now, to create a fashionable interior, it is not enough to put one dracaena or chlorophytum on the windowsill. You need to organize a real garden, grow a giant palm tree to the ceiling or harvest tomatoes right in the kitchen.

By the way, in 2014, green onions, dill, herbs, vegetables and even strawberries will appear on the windowsills instead of ordinary indoor plants. This combination of useful and pleasant is becoming one of the directions of eco-design..

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Vertical gardening can be used not only in the garden, but also in such a modern living room. Agree, this interior has only benefited from the presence of green plants

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends It is quite simple to grow green onions on the windowsill and everyone can do it. But turning your indoor garden into an interior design element is a much more difficult task. In this case, the owners did a great job with her.!

Contemporary decor

Back in 2013, the popularity of hand-made things, exclusive, author’s interior details, began to grow. In the coming year, the trend will continue, and all kinds of hand-made will remain one of the most popular options for decorating premises..

Patchwork blankets created using the patchwork technology, homespun rugs, knitted pillow covers, decoupage of the coffee table top, decorating furniture facades with pebbles or shells, homemade frames for photos or paintings – everything that was created with your own hands will definitely take its place in the interior – 2014.

As in the case of furniture, decorative products of mass production are going out of fashion, today it is the uniqueness, the uniqueness of this or that element of the interior that is appreciated.

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Very simple and unusual – a pallet with pebbles as a shoe holder. It meets two trends of 2014 at once – natural material was used, and the decor element itself was created by hand

Interior 2014 - current trends and fashion trends Knitted items will become especially popular in the coming year. Even if you don’t know how to knit yourself, get this blanket and pillow covers. Your interior will immediately become more homely and warm

As you can see, the 2014 interior offers a lot of room for creativity and the embodiment of designer fantasies, a fairly wide range of styles and shades, and also strives to get closer to nature and create a green corner in every apartment. Deviation from strict canons, the desire to create an interior not chic and stunning, but comfortable and cozy – this is the main task of designers in the new season.

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