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Of course, fashion trends in interior design do not change as often as in clothing and footwear. However, the design of premises has its own fashion trends, and new trends constantly mix, arise and disappear, in order to revive again in a few years, already with the beautiful prefix “retro”.

The first trend – a bright touch on a neutral background

Of course, such neutral, unobtrusive colors as beige, gray, cream, cream, white, sand and khaki that give the eyes a chance to rest, unobtrusive colors never go out of fashion, being the background that serves as the basis for creating an interior.

However, today’s fashion dictates different rules – too calm and neutral room already seems uninteresting, requiring additional colors and experiments. However, in this year’s fashionable interior, there cannot be many bright moments – luridness is not in the honor of designers, therefore one element that immediately attracts the eye due to an unusual shade is quite enough.

The passionate red color remains relevant, it is its designers who propose to combine it with calm beige or gray tones. The dark red, burgundy shade, as well as indigo, dark blue and royal blue colors confidently declare themselves – these bright colors will be most in demand in interiors this year.

It should be noted that the trend of adding one bright spot to neutral interiors is not new, but this year it has become very popular and is used almost everywhere – from formal offices to luxurious apartments in five-star hotels..

In addition, among the favorites of the year are such interesting colors as:

  1. Emerald green. A shade of green grass mixed with mountain emerald looks unusually rich and fresh.
  2. Mustard yellow. We can say that this is a muted, not too bright version of sunny yellow, more restrained and calm.
  3. Sea wave. A soothing, subtle shade of blue that pairs well with gold, purple and white.
  4. Violet. The color of delicate lilac is always popular with designers, regardless of fashion and the latest trends. Perfect for a bedroom or a luxurious living room.
  5. Fiery orange. Not so long ago, the American company Pantone (the world-renowned expert in the field of color identification) named this passionate, hot color the favorite of 2013. Designers advise combining this shade with brown, green and all shades of yellow. By the way, Pantone has been choosing the favorites of the year for several years already, it was the specialists of this company who called 2010 the year of turquoise, 2011 – honeysuckle, and 2012 – red-orange.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 Agree that without a bright red sofa, this kitchen would look too cold and even sterile. Continuing the theme of “bright spot” unusual stickers on the opposite wall

The second trend – wall stickers

Since the 60s of the last century, wallpaper has firmly held the palm among other wall decoration materials. What wallpaper designers have not come up with! And with a large geometric pattern, and a small flower, and striped … Such a large selection of patterns and materials allowed the owners of the house to choose an option for every taste and budget, for any style of interior.

However, this year, a new way to express individuality in wall decoration is gaining popularity – stickers and wall decals. Moreover, the designers decided not to limit themselves to patterned and multi-colored stickers – mirror stickers are becoming more and more popular, which quite successfully replace ordinary mirrors and allow you to experiment with light and space..

Wall stickers are very easy to stick and remove when the exterior of the room gets tired and wants something new, therefore they are considered one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update the interior. They are removed from the wall with an ordinary damp sponge, and the range of similar stickers in stores is growing every day..

They are made of self-adhesive vinyl film and can be used not only on walls, but also on mirrors, facades of sliding wardrobes, refrigerator – any smooth surface.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 The sticker on the wall can be without a pattern at all, for example, mirrored, or how, in this case, imitate wood, stone or gilding

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 And in this case, stickers that turned one of the walls into a world map became the highlight of the interior.

Trend three – cork and bamboo flooring

Of course, laminate, linoleum and parquet remain the leaders among floor coverings. Linoleum – due to its low cost, parquet – due to the unsurpassed beauty of natural wood, and laminate – due to the combination of an affordable price and an attractive appearance.

However, new floor coverings are beginning to crowd out market leaders. Recent trends indicate that cork and bamboo flooring will be the most popular material in 2013.

They are hypoallergenic, practical, environmentally friendly, hygienic and, finally, just very beautiful. What else do you need to design a comfortable and fashionable interior? By the way, both cork and bamboo will be cheaper than natural parquet made of expensive wood in terms of price..

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 A bamboo floor will certainly have natural unevenness, which often turns the buyer off. But, firstly, modern technologies allow you to create an almost perfectly even coating, and secondly, the strength and beauty of a bamboo floor will make it easy to come to terms with this small flaw.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 The cork floor is non-slip and is characterized by rare wear resistance, therefore it can be used in the bathroom, and in the kitchen, and in the children’s room

The fourth trend – three-dimensional tiles

In our high-tech age, homeowners are no longer satisfied with just an ordinary picture on the wall – give us a three-dimensional image, embossed and immediately striking.

Three-dimensional wall tiles are very beautiful, while they are not so expensive, which allows you to update the interior whenever the previous picture is tired.

3D tiles are a symbiosis of carbon film and ordinary tiles, from the first it got the technology and expressive pattern, and from the second – a solid modular coating.

Designers emphasize that three-dimensional tiles look completely different in different lighting conditions, allowing you to see the wall literally in a new light every time. However, such patterns, if they cover the entire wall, will overload the eyes with their activity, so in living quarters 3D tiles should be used dosed out – in the form of an unusual painting or wall panel against a background of plaster or plain wallpaper in neutral, calm shades.

Three-dimensional tiles can be used not only to decorate walls, but also to decorate the floor, they are about three millimeters thick and have a fairly high strength. You can mount 3D tiles using double-sided tape or glue that “works” with polycarbonate.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 Too active 3D image will “press” on the eyes if it occupies the entire wall. But in the form of an unusual panel, it can become a highlight of the interior and radically change the appearance of a flat wall

The fifth trend – original decor

In 2013, a floor lamp shade, successfully matched to the color of the walls and other decor elements, is no longer considered a squeak of fashion. But the handmade, original and unusual accessory will be more appropriate than ever.

The so-called hand-made is becoming more and more popular, and regardless of the method of creation: crafts made of macrame, hanging lamps with cute and dear souvenirs, soft toys made with a child, crafts from shells and sea stones are appropriate …

Especially creative and original personalities even master a new technique for creating abstract paintings using bubble art technology, when a bubble of paint is blown out of a straw onto a canvas, leaving multi-colored spots in an absolutely chaotic manner.

Your favorite hobby is always good and interesting, so why not show off your crafts by decorating the interior of your house. Moreover, this year originality and handicraft are appreciated more than ever.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 Of course, not everyone has the talent of a potter or an artist, and it will be rather difficult to knit such a round rug for the first time. And yet, even if your craft is far from a masterpiece, there is something extraordinarily cute and inviting about these handcrafted décor pieces.

Unique fashionable little things

Even the most stylish and original interior will look uncomfortable and cold without various little things – jewelry, textiles, souvenirs, dishes. What decor items do designers consider the most relevant in 2013??

Suitcases and animal figurines. Yes, ordinary old suitcases, which have not been used for their intended purpose for a long time, may well replace a bedside table in the corridor or a chest of drawers in the bedroom. And it is convenient to store things, and it looks very unusual. And designers use naturalistic animal figurines as coasters, props and just decorations, placing them on the shelves between books and vases..

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 A lot of things will fit in such a kind of bedside table, but in this case, the rest of the interior should be designed in a retro style

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 Why not put such a cute cat, dog or mouse on your shelf? And the retro style elephant figurines are back in fashion

Patterns. The most popular prints that will decorate not only wallpaper, but also furniture, dishes, vases, this year, designers call floral patterns, a traditional cage, large images of vegetables that will look perfect in the dining room and in the kitchen, as well as fern leaves and feathers. From decorative feathers, you can create unusual, very cute compositions of different colors, decorate them with a chandelier or lamp shade. And fern leaves will be fashionable to depict on wallpaper and paintings, you can also purchase a living plant, which will also become an element of the room design.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 It was the carved fern leaves that became one of the most fashionable interior prints in 2013. And the plant itself looks very attractive and will definitely decorate any room in the house.

Textile. This year, designers decided to move away from the strict decoration of rooms and are increasingly using romantic frills and lace in the decoration of rooms. Moreover, lace and frills now decorate not only the tablecloth on the dining table and napkins, they can appear on furniture, bedspread, curtains, a vase and even a shower curtain.

Fashionable interior in the style of 2013 Such an openwork bedspread will be an excellent decoration for an ordinary armchair or a classic chair, turning a piece of furniture into a real art object.

Many of the fashion trends this year, as we can see, are not new, but this is precisely the beauty of interior fashion – old items and jewelry over time take on a new life, again attracting the attention of designers and finding themselves at the peak of popularity. At the same time, the development of new technologies and the emergence of innovative finishing materials also contribute to the formation of the current style of the interior. Of course, it is not necessary to strictly follow fashion trends, but some of the trends suggested above can still be used to proudly show guests your interior in 2013 style..

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