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Like an artist working on his painting, each hostess diligently and with inspiration creates comfort and beauty in the house. Moreover, modern ladies are not at all averse to doing it on their own, because they have real helpers – the Command ™ fastening systems.

It’s great that our mood and tastes are very changeable, so it’s much more interesting to live and experiment with the interior. Sometimes you want to embrace the immensity. Elementary, let every room in your home be an oasis of one culture and stylistic direction. This will surely suit your taste and will surprise dear guests. And your new friends – Command ™ Mount Systems – will make any of your ideas come true. We are sure that you will become friends, because you have so much in common.!

First, a few ideas from Command ™ Mount Systems. Let’s start with the bedroom. Do you like oriental style? Then get down to business. Low furniture, oriental incense, silk fabrics, bonsai and bamboo are the invariable attributes of the style. But the main touch is the details. It is easy to hang large colorful fans and samurai swords on the walls with the Command ™ attachment systems, even if you are a fragile and delicate girl, the stronger the effect of the result! Posters with calligraphy, photos and posters with cherry blossoms, pictures in the style of Manga will be appropriate. By the way, there are special Command ™ mount systems for posters, now you just need to stick the Command ™ mount system on the poster itself and mount it on the wall. You have got a real oriental tale!

Now let’s create a “provence” with our own hands. Command ™ fixing systems are kitchen ready. The furniture must be artificially “aged” – sanded and added barely noticeable white highlights with special paint. It is better to remove household appliances from view, they do not fit the general style of the kitchen, and you will have to hide the wires as well, since it is not at all difficult to do this with Command ™ mounting systems. But kitchen utensils, towels and holders are best hung in prominent places using Command ™ mounting systems, they will become the main decorative design of the Provence style kitchen. Attach special aesthetic hooks with the adhesive side to a wall or other surface and hang everything you need on them. … Command ™ fastening systems do not deform over time and can withstand loads from 225 grams to 2 kilograms (depending on modification).

Can you spend hours in the bathroom and prefer something expressive and eclectic? With Command ™ fixing systems, your bathroom can be transformed into a real Marrakech. Details will help to recreate the color. Dark towels in rich, deep colors, velvet draperies, chiseled silver or bronze metal objects can be hung in the bathroom in minutes using Command ™ fastening systems. To complete the picture, you can hang a photo from your personal archive or a ready-made poster with views of the streets and picturesque landscapes of Morocco. Special holders for pictures, frames and posters from the Command ™ range of mounting systems will securely fix the decoration and will not lose its properties over time, and the image will look very stylish in the flickering of scented candles. You can put a pouf in front of the mirror, if the space of the bathroom allows, and put a rug with Arabic motives under your feet. Roast Morocco in a city apartment – made easy with Command ™ mounting systems.

Do you have a lot of ideas and your passions are constantly changing? Then Command ™ Mount Systems are just for you! If tomorrow you come to change the situation, it will not be difficult to dismantle the decorative parts and fasteners and will leave marks on the walls. Start a new day with a clean slate!

So quickly, with the help of available tools and imagination, you can fantasize and make dreams come true, and expressive touches will help to add Command ™ fastening systems!


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