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In this article, we will tell you about what a florarium is, how to create such beauty at home, what flowers to pick, how to care for living plants under glass, and also offer several options for arranging a plant terrarium.

Floriana - Compact florariums take up a minimum of space on a windowsill or table, and look much more spectacular than an ordinary cactus pot

How to equip a florarium

The arrangement of the florarium includes several stages:

  1. Choosing a suitable container. Its dimensions should correspond to the area of ​​the room itself.
  2. Choosing a location. Florariums can be floor-standing, table-top, wall-mounted and hanging. It is not at all necessary to place a vegetable terrarium by the window – you can take care of artificial lighting or choose shade-loving plants. By the way, its composition will depend on the location of the florarium. So, if he stands against the wall, then small details and flowers should be placed in front, and tall ones in the background..
  3. At the bottom of the florarium, there must be a drainage layer – sand or expanded clay, otherwise the plants will constantly be in the water and disappear. This layer can be replaced by a plastic grate..
  4. On top of the drainage layer, soil is poured, better purchased, prepared. The choice of ready-to-use potting soil depends on the type of plants you plan to plant. The soil layer usually does not exceed 5-10 cm.
  5. After planting the plants, the florarium is decorated using elements such as shells, pebbles, pebbles, driftwood, pieces of glass and so on – the choice of details depends only on your imagination.
  6. If you are building a really large scale plant terrarium, take this task seriously. If your glass container will be closed, you should take care of the presence of devices such as a thermometer, hygrometer, fan and artificial light. This way you can control the temperature and humidity in your closed greenhouse, as well as provide your plants with fresh air and light..
  7. If the florarium settles down in a bottle with a narrow neck, it will be convenient to fill the earth and the drainage layer through a funnel made of thick paper, and the plants will have to be planted using long tweezers.

By the way, if your plant terrarium is large enough, you can not plant flowers in it in the ground, but arrange them in separate pots, building shelves, installing ladders, and the like..

The container itself can also be additionally decorated, for example, with acrylic paints or varnish, which will give the composition an additional charm..

As an option, you can consider arranging a florarium-showcase on the windowsill. In this case, the window glass itself will play the role of one wall of the terrarium. True, if the window faces south, not all flowers will be able to survive under the rays of the sun. And it will be difficult to take care of the window itself. But amaze passers-by with a beautiful garden in the window.

Floriana - Arranging such a simple florarium in an open flask or aquarium does not take so much time. Having practiced and prepared, you can cope with this in literally half an hour – this is how long it usually takes to transplant a flower into a larger pot

What plants should be chosen for the florarium

The choice of plants for the florarium depends on its size, location and characteristics of the container. So, for a plant terrarium that will stand away from windows and other light sources, forest cacti, for example, zygocactus, popularly known as a Christmas tree or Decembrist, as well as ferns, are suitable. For a florarium located in a sunny place, it is better to use orchids, bromeliads and other flowering plants that are suitable for greenhouse conditions..

If your “bottle garden” is dry, with the right soil, you should choose agaves, succulents, jungle plants, euphorbia, cacti – these plants do well without frequent watering and can withstand dry wintering.

Wet florariums suggest the presence of moisture-loving flowers, such as fittonias and violets. Of course, moisture-loving and “dry” plants, shade-loving and adoring the sun’s rays should not be mixed in one container..

A good choice for a plant terrarium would be a miniature bush of azaleas, cyclamens, uzambara violets, begonia, various types of crotons, cryptantus.

And if you like exotic and are ready to feed your flowers with live insects, choose a sarracinia or sundew for your florarium – in the greenhouse atmosphere of “glazing” they will feel at home.

Floriana - Mosses and lichens can also become inhabitants of florariums. They are unpretentious, take up a minimum of space, so they can grow even in a small glass or glass.

Care features

The main advantage of florariums is that the glass container provides flowers with a special climate, protects against drafts and temperature changes. Plants in such “green” terrariums need to be watered less often, but the container itself needs careful care – the glass will have to be washed several times a month, as there are traces of drops on them, and the florarium will look unkempt. In addition, you should observe the watering regime and provide ventilation so that the glass does not fog up..

Floriana - Orchids in a vegetable terrarium will feel just fine, becoming the best interior decoration

Floriana - It is not so difficult to take care of the “bottle garden” – it should be watered carefully, trying not to pour or leave unnecessary splashes on the walls, wash regularly, using a brush for bottles with a narrow neck, and also wipe the glass outside from dust

Ideas for arranging a florarium

If you want to create not just a plant terrarium, but a thematic composition, we offer you the following ideas:

  1. Desert in a bottle. For such plant terrariums, sandy soil is used – a layer of about 10 centimeters. The sand should be sieved beforehand. One or two beautiful pebbles will serve as decor. On such soil, cacti, milkweed and agave will feel comfortable..
  2. The mountains. Experts advise making such a florarium high so that you can put a sufficiently wide layer of soil. Pebbles and stones are laid out on top of the ground, a real alpine slide is formed, only miniature. Ficuses, ivy and succulents are suitable for a mountain plant terrarium..
  3. Jungle. For a forest florarium, you should use a mixed soil: peat and leafy soil, you can add a little coarse sand. In such a vegetable terrarium, you will have to maintain high humidity. The florarium jungle is planted almost entirely with plants – low at the front edge and high at the rear wall. For this version of the “garden in a bottle”, moisture-loving plants are suitable, for example, Liviston palm, pilea, coleus, asplenium.
  4. “The Lone Knight”. In such a florarium, a single plant will live, preferably bright and blooming, for example, a beautiful orchid or a lush violet bush.
  5. Thematic composition. If you add such details as a model of a ship, a house, a miniature wattle fence, and animal figurines to the plant terrarium, you get a composition on the theme “sea”, “village”, “forest edge” and so on – it all depends on your imagination and the availability of the necessary decorative items.

Floriana - Desert florarium. All that was needed to create it was sand, a few pebbles and plants that do not need abundant watering

Floriana - The composition in the plant terrarium will be perfectly complemented by figurines, figurines and other decorative details

Floriana - From three or four small florariums, you can make up a whole composition that will decorate your table or windowsill. You will get a real “bottle garden”

As you can see, it is not so difficult to equip a florarium and even inexperienced growers can do it. Meanwhile, such compositions look very original and can become a highlight of interior design. In addition, it is easy to care for a vegetable terrarium, and a florarium-desert does without watering for a month. So you can safely go on vacation – the flowers behind the glass will perfectly wait for your return..

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