Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

The facade of a multi-storey, and even a private house, can look dull. I would like to decorate it with something. And flowerpots with bright flowers outside the window are perfect for this purpose. Our tips site decided to tell you in detail about this method of landscaping various buildings, how to fix flowers outside the window and take care.

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Most often, flowerpots with flowers outside the window are fixed by residents of city apartments, high-rise buildings. They actually lack greenery, bright colors. And the urban look can get boring. And so – went to the window, and there are fresh flowers, beauty! However, the facade of a private house can also be decorated with flowers in containers, if there is not enough space for flower beds on the site and you want something original.

The first question that arises when arranging a flower garden from the outside of a window is how to attach a container, a flowerpot. There are the following options:

  • Stationary holders. They are securely attached to the wall or slopes, remain in place for many years, the owners remove only the flowerpot itself;
  • Removable. Can be cleaned for the winter;
  • Brackets. Most often, forged, metal, can be of very different shapes;
  • Lattices for the entire window, convex at the bottom or receding from the glass, a container with flowers can be installed in this space. It turns out two in one – both protection from robbers and decoration of the facade.

It is dangerous to put flowerpots with flowers on the outer window sill, the ebb, even if it is wide! The low tide is always located at a slope from the wall so that water can drain off when it rains. And the fall of a container with soil and flowers on someone’s head is a tragedy. Unless you have a private house or the first floor. But even in this case, you should not risk it..

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leavingA flower stand in the form of a miniature balcony. One of the most beautiful options

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leavingSimple metal welded structure for the flower box. You can do it yourself

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leavingThe lattice does not adjoin closely to the balcony window, which allows placing several pots and flowerpots in this space

It is important that the dimensions of the stand and fasteners correspond to the width of the window and the container with flowers itself. In addition, the mount must be designed for the weight of the container with soil and flowers. The price of the mount will vary. From 400 rubles for ordinary wall metal brackets up to 5 thousand rubles for an elegant wrought-iron balcony for flowers.

As for the choice of the vases themselves, it is very wide:

  • Plastic, polymers. The lightest, cheapest and therefore most popular option;
  • Wood. Roughly knitted boxes are perfect for the facade of a country-style house, but on a high-rise building they may look out of place. Yes and weigh a lot.

Moreover, both plastic and wooden flowerpots can be of very different shapes and sizes. You can paint the wood to your liking, make such a box with your own hands, for example, from disassembled pallets.

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

The soil in containers should be light and fertile, you can buy ready-made mixtures or add peat and perlite to ordinary soil.

The choice of colors is also yours. The most important thing is that the plants are not too tall – they will block the entire window, the room will be dark even during the day. It is highly advisable to choose creeping plants that will hang down. Flowering period – as long as possible to delight the whole summer.

We offer the following options:

  • petunia, the cultivation of which the portal devoted a separate article to;
  • alissum;
  • pelargonium;
  • love;
  • pansies;
  • geranium;
  • bacopa;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • ornamental cabbage.

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Flowers outside the window: fixing, choosing, leaving

Caring for flowers in containers outside the window will consist in regular watering, because it does not rain every day, and the soil in the box dries up much faster than on the flower bed. In addition, experts advise periodically fertilizing flowers to please the eye and grow actively. After the end of flowering, we remove annual plants, hide the container somewhere until the next season and a new planting. We bring perennial plants into the house before the cold snap.

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