Garden on the balcony – 25 original ideas

Balcony garden Petunia is a recognized leader in balcony gardening. Unpretentious, bright, pleasing to the eye in a variety of shades, they bloom almost all summer, growing and hanging down with picturesque flower “waterfalls”

Balcony garden Inexpensive, lightweight plastic flowerpots are the most popular today.

Balcony garden The side walls of the loggia can also be used to organize a home garden. A variety of hanging planters will help create beauty on a previously inexpressive wall

Balcony garden You can complement the overall picture of a picturesque home garden with figurines, African masks, Chinese bells and other decorative details.

Balcony garden Experts advise to choose for “balcony” gardens such plants from the lianas family as maiden or fragrant grapes, honeysuckle, honeysuckle and clematis

Balcony garden Of course, such large flowerpots should be used only on fairly spacious balconies, where shrubs will look great. The only problem is that in our climate, many perennial plants will not be able to survive the winter, so you will have to take care of this separately.

Balcony garden Simple and tasteful – wooden shelves on the side wall of the balcony with colorful pots. Perhaps this garden will not be as noticeable from below as the hanging “waterfalls” of petunias, but it will definitely delight the guests of the house

Balcony garden And in this case, the construction with glass doors serves as a real greenhouse, in which you can grow flowers from the very early spring, without fear of frost or strong wind

Balcony garden The hanging garden on this balcony is successfully complemented by an imitation of a lawn, because the more greenery, the better

Balcony garden Such a green rug, which has become the center of an outdoor recreation area, can help simulate a lawn.

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Balcony garden On this balcony, brightly flowering plants are perfectly combined with an equally cheerful tablecloth and armchair upholstery. After all, the garden on the balcony is not only flowers, it is also the atmosphere of relaxation, which should take you from the city to nature

Balcony garden Large flowerpots with legs can accommodate many flowers, which can be grouped by flowering time and shades, creating a composition that delights the owners throughout the warm period. In addition, it is quite possible to plant herbs and spices in such flowerpots, combining business with pleasure.

Balcony garden The owners of this garden chose colorful pots and took the trouble to sign each flower in order to know exactly where what grows and how to care for a particular plant.

Balcony garden Fragrant or girlish grapes over time may well move from the balcony to the roof or window of a neighboring apartment

Balcony garden Appreciate all the advantages of this invention – pots that are securely attached to the balcony railing. True, they are not very roomy, so you cannot plant large flowers here. But the traditional geranium – please

Balcony garden Even on such a narrow balcony, you can create a picturesque flower arrangement by simply placing the pots along the walls and railings. True, the railings themselves were not used – apparently, the owners simply did not know about the existence of special pots from our previous idea

Balcony garden There are as many as four levels of flowers on the balcony in this garden, which were placed on a relatively small area.

Balcony garden There are two principles of organizing such a “hanging” garden on the balcony – choose flowers of different shades to create a bright palette, or plants in the same color scheme, to achieve a more restrained, but no less beautiful result

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Balcony garden An example of how original a composition of colors of one shade can look. Looking at this balcony on the wall of an old house, you understand that there are a great many shades of red, and they were created by nature itself

Balcony garden And here the owners chose the second path and chose petunias of all colors of the rainbow for their “balcony” garden

Balcony garden The selection of furniture for the garden on the balcony is a rather difficult task, because you do not want to disfigure a beautiful flower arrangement with a banal white plastic chair. The owners of this balcony managed to find a lovely sofa and an armchair of not too bright, but eye-catching colors. And be sure to pay attention to the artificial tree on the wall. Nice isn’t it?

Balcony garden It is recommended to grow shrubs on the balcony such as common juniper, blackening broom, Thunberg barberry, American maple, Weymouth pine (eastern white), Fortchuna euonymus, whole-leaved willow and dwarf lilac

Balcony garden A real canopy, which in time will completely encircle the vine vines, will become a source of shade on this small balcony. And the owners decided to supplement the overall picture with classical stucco molding on the wall and sansevieria (aka “mother-in-law’s tongue” or “pike tail”)

Balcony garden If your house has a snow-white facade, petunias should be chosen in such a juicy, bright shade that will look especially attractive against such a background.

Balcony garden It is appropriate to plant delicate, cute violets in pots suspended from the railing – so they will be at eye level and will not get lost against the background of other, more lush and climbing plants

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It is not so difficult to create a garden on the balcony – often it is enough just to move the flower pots from the room to the fresh air. However, if you approach the arrangement of the “balcony” garden with imagination, heed the advice of experts, you can become the owner of a very beautiful and unusual corner for relaxation and even take part in the competition for the most beautiful balcony, which are held today in many cities.

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