Glass, ceramics, crystal – dishes in your interior

The thinnest stems of glasses that seem to be about to break under the weight of the upper part, solid thick-walled ceramic cups, elegant and aristocratic porcelain saucers, painted plates – no house can be imagined without all these items..

Tableware classification

It is customary to divide all variety of dishes into several categories. First, the dishes are divided into kitchen and dining areas. That is, on items that are used directly in the cooking process and on dishes that are quite worthy to decorate a festive table.

Naturally, pots and pans, as well as the rest of the kitchen utensils, do not turn into interior design elements too often. Although a stylish set of kitchen utensils, which simply must be always at hand and occupies a prominent place on a railing or a special stand, will in any case be striking.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Ladle, slotted spoon, meat fork, spatula, whisk – all these items should be at the hostess’s hand, therefore very often they do not hide in drawers, but occupy a prominent place near the stove

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior A pot and kettle from the same set can also occupy a prominent place on the stove. We must confess that this is usually simply due to the fact that the owners are too lazy to hide the dishes in the cabinets every time, because we use these items every day. But, since you leave the dishes on the stove or hob, let them be quite attractive objects.!

In addition, kitchen utensils are divided into the following types, depending on the material of manufacture:

  1. Stainless steel cookware. The most popular material for kitchen utensils today, in particular, it is from it that the vast majority of spoons, forks, table knives, ladles and so on are made.
  2. More fashionable non-stick cookware. These are not only pans for which non-stick properties are a necessity, but also pots with a thick bottom and thinner walls, in which the porridge will definitely never burn..
  3. Bright and colorful enamel cookware. In general, such dishes are created from cast iron or alloys of other metals. However, from above, the unsightly metal is covered with layers of glass enamel, usually with a multi-colored pattern. An interesting fact is that at Russian enterprises such dishes are created by dipping, that is, by lowering the product into enamel, and in the West, by spraying a layer. And as a result, Russian dishes are of a higher quality – the enamel layer on it is thicker, which means it will last longer, and it will be more reliable to protect against harmful substances released from the metal when heated..
  4. Ceramic tableware. These are products made from heat-resistant ceramics, which are more often used for cooking in the microwave. You can put pots made of heat-resistant ceramics in both gas and electric ovens, but open fire is contraindicated for them.
  5. Refractory glass products. Have the same qualities as ceramic cookware, that is, can only be used in ovens or microwave ovens.
  6. Cast iron cookware. Everyone remembers the massive, very heavy, but ideal for making pancakes and other dishes, cast-iron pans. Such dishes have an almost infinite service life, and their properties are much superior to their more modern counterparts – cast iron heats up rather slowly, but it keeps heat evenly and perfectly. For example, real pilaf is still cooked exclusively in thick-walled cast iron.
  7. Aluminum cookware. Lightweight and convenient aluminum cookware is recognized by scientists as harmful to health – when heated and during cooking, for example, sauerkraut or sour apple compote, harmful substances are released from aluminum. So, if such a pan remains in your house, you can only use it for boiling water..
  8. Teflon coated dishes. When choosing a Teflon frying pan, give preference to the heaviest one – yes, it costs more, but it will last much longer than lightweight aluminum dishes with a thin layer of Teflon. And you remember that you can only stir food in such a pan with a wooden spatula.?
  9. Cookware with titanium and titanium-ceramic coating. It has all the main advantages of Teflon. Such a coating is applied by the modern method of plasma spraying. The surface of the cookware with titanium coating is extremely smooth and durable, and the possibility of sticking is completely excluded. In addition, such pans and pans are absolutely safe for health. The only drawback is the high price.
  10. Silicone cookware. These are all kinds of baking tins that are only used in the oven or microwave. Silicone has natural non-stick properties, it is very easy to get muffins out of such a mold, when heated, silicone cookware does not react with food and is safe for health.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Heat-resistant ceramic pots are ideal for preparing delicious stews, porridge, potatoes with meat and other dishes in the oven

Tableware is also divided into different types depending on the material of manufacture:

  1. China. Porcelain is considered aristocratic, expensive and durable material. Gorgeous china sets and sets will turn an ordinary family dinner into a festive meal. Remember that high quality porcelain is never completely covered with patterns and painting – the masters leave an unpainted area, the so-called “white body”. This emphasizes the highest quality of the product, and the buyer gets the opportunity to appreciate the uncovered basic material..
  2. Ceramic tableware. A wonderful option for storing food – ceramics are able to regulate humidity and temperature, so that milk in such a jug does not sour for several days, and the compote will remain cool even on a summer day.
  3. Crockery. It differs in a slightly more yellowish tint than porcelain; it emits a dull sound upon impact. Usually earthenware is covered with a glassy layer of glaze. In general, porcelain is considered a more durable and expensive material than earthenware..
  4. Stainless steel food utensils. Usually, only salt and pepper sets, cutlery and bowls are made of metal. However, dishes for serving meat or fish with shiny lids also look very unusual, so reliable and convenient stainless steel has quite a right to its place on the festive table..
  5. Glassware. Transparent glasses, glasses, wine glasses, cups are fragile and special beauty, you can’t do without them at the table.
  6. Colored glass dishes. If glasses and glasses are traditionally made of ordinary transparent glass, then plates and vases are made of colored glass. Murano glass is very popular, from which not only amazingly beautiful vases and dishes are made, but also beads, beads, figurines.
  7. Crystal glassware. Crystal differs from ordinary glass by the addition of lead oxide to the starting material. The higher the percentage of such additives, the more expensive, louder and more transparent the product will be. In Soviet times, salad bowls, vases and glasses made of crystal were considered an indicator of a family’s wealth and always occupied a central place in the sideboard or on the glass shelves of the sideboard. It is easy to care for crystal glassware, but it always looks great.
  8. Dishes made of impact-resistant glass and glass ceramics. It is used for the preparation and serving of hot meals, it is characterized by increased strength indicators Remember that gilded glasses and glasses cannot be washed in the dishwasher, only by hand.
  9. Cupronickel and silver. Expensive dishes for special occasions. You will have to take care of it very carefully, since silver tends to darken.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Usually, tableware is purchased in whole sets – for six, twelve or more persons

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Crystal is one of the most beautiful and elegant materials. Such dishes are most often stored until a special occasion, a gala dinner or a banquet.

Interior design element

It seems that when choosing dishes, one should be guided exclusively by its useful properties, convenience and attractiveness – where does the style of the interior of the house have to do with it? However, if you are determined to create an interior in your apartment, decorated, for example, in country or hi-tech style, then you cannot neglect even such trifles as the external parameters of the table set or kitchen utensils..

Thus, a porcelain and earthenware service will ideally fit into the interior in the classic style, as well as in many other design directions. Glass can also be called a versatile material – such dishes are appropriate in any style.

But with thick-walled ceramics, you should be careful – a bright painting will suit a country-style kitchen or an oriental-style dining room.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Metal cookware is a great option for a high-tech kitchen or dining room

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior The colorful spice set, napkin holder and painted ceramic teapot make the kitchen even more cozy

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Original glass glasses with an inscription look too modern for a classic interior

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior It is worth decorating walls or open shelves with such painted plates only if this design element is harmoniously combined with the rest of the room design. The principle – “why not, if I like it” will not work in this case – such plates will be too bright and noticeable

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Do you want your dining room or living room to resemble an oriental boudoir? In addition to traditional textiles and a Persian carpet, it is worth buying such an unusual jug with a set of glasses or bowls

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Such dishes made of baked clay without additional decorations will look appropriate only in an ethnic interior.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior Is your living room Japanese-style? The finishing touch will be a tea set decorated with hieroglyphs. Place it on a low table surrounded by round flat pillows – and you’re done for a real tea ceremony.

Today, porcelain crockery sets are increasingly becoming a decoration of the kitchen and dining room – this is a fashionable trend. If you do not like bright patterns, choose a simple service in pure white color – it looks very aristocratic and restrained. Just remember that if you do not thoroughly wash the back of the porcelain plate or cup, then over time, unremovable yellow spots will appear on it..

Sets of colored glass are also very relevant – most often brown and deep blue. By the way, blue lowers appetite, so your guests will eat less from the aquamarine plate! It is better to lay a colored tablecloth under transparent glass plates and your dishes will change their shade.

Crystal is not as popular as it used to be. However, designers advise not to rush to get rid of crystal candy bowls and fruit bowls – in the center of the table they will still look stylish and appropriate..

Pottery looks too simple to take its place on the shelves of a classic living room. However, if you decide to have a gathering with friends in a “country” style, ceramic dishes will be the best option. And in a country-style kitchen, you can’t do without such cups and jugs. Today, ceramic dishes of yellow, brown, pink and light green colors are especially popular..

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior The snow-white porcelain service is relevant always and everywhere, it will be appropriate both in an ultra-modern interior and in a strict classic living room

Usually, ceremonial sets are stored behind glass, transparent doors of sideboards and slides, so the dishes collect less dust. Do not forget to regularly arrange a “bath day” for your dishes, washing off the dust with warm water and rubbing thoroughly with a soft kitchen towel to surely get rid of streaks..

Painted ceramics will look especially advantageous on an open, deliberately rough wooden shelf, and the spice set always takes center stage on the dining table in the kitchen.

Glass, ceramics, crystal - dishes in your interior A dining room cannot be imagined without such a classic sideboard with glass doors. In such a luxurious setting, your dishes will look especially beautiful and will be the finishing touch to your interior decoration.

It is simply impossible to pass by graceful glasses and unusual bright plates! A tea or coffee set is still considered an excellent gift, which is always appropriate and will definitely come in handy for the recipient. Dishes are not only necessary and functional things, but also decoration of your home, the choice of which should be approached deliberately, having imagined in advance how this or that set will look in your sideboard or kitchen cabinet.

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