How to arrange a garden?

Landscaping. This concept has firmly entered the life of Russians with the beginning of mass individual construction. A landscape design involves more than just properly planted trees, flowers and shrubs. Everything that is located around the house should be in harmony with its style and spirit, and in addition, be suitable in character to the owners of the house. A good landscape project is the result of the cooperation of a whole group of professionals: a designer, an architect, a civil engineer, a hydrogeologist, an agronomist, and a plant ecology specialist. Today we will introduce you to the main stages and techniques of designing, landscaping and landscaping a garden.

Typically, cooperation begins with a specialist consultation with a visit to the site. The task of the designer is to find out your tastes and interests, to get as much information as possible about the size, height, color, number of green spaces. This will largely determine the future appearance of the landscape surrounding your home..

A complete soil analysis is taken. And then the actual landscape design begins, including a draft design of the master plan and dendroplan, technical drawings, an estimate, a project for waterproofing the foundation and drainage of a house, a project for drainage of a site with topography and soil analysis.

And now about what includes the improvement of the site. Everyone, without exception, is a familiar element – the lawn. For all its “elementary”, lawn arrangement is a long and laborious process. Depending on the purpose, it is sown with different grass. Experts distinguish between lawns: ordinary, parterre, sports, Moorish, roll, fast-growing, drought-resistant. Specializing firms offer lawn care for one month until it takes on a finished look: watering, weeding, mowing, sowing seeds, fertilizing and fertilizing.

A very crucial moment is the planting of tree and artisanal plant species. From spruces and birches to palms and baobabs – the choice is limited only by the tastes and financial capabilities of the customer. Even in northern latitudes, on poor soils, the creation of a man-made eden is possible and necessary. After all, it is the plants that make it possible to brighten up the monotony and routine of the environment to the greatest extent, create the “ecology of the soul”, please the eye and heart.

The garden is also indispensable without lovely flowers. Flowerbeds and flower beds can soften the harsh straightforwardness of the architecture of a house or garden, revive gloomy corners, and add color saturation to the landscape. Bright, spectacular flowers can become the center of the garden, or can be used for zoning it, breaking into parts of too wide lawns. Poor and swampy soils are not an obstacle to flower beds and flower beds, as they can be filled with a soil mixture of any required quality.

The site is very decorated with an alpine slide, rightfully loved by the owners of individual houses and land plots. It is a picturesquely planted collection of alpine plants that do not have lush flowers, but are attractive for their discreet fragile beauty. In Russia, alpine slides are often arranged from carefully selected and laid stones in combination with ferns, conifers and modest forest flowers..

Many of us are probably familiar with the feeling of peace and tranquility that you experience near the water. Therefore, perhaps, decorative ponds and become an integral part of the backyard landscapes. Artificial ponds can transform the most ordinary corners of the garden, and the glitter of the water and the glare of the sun will brighten any object nearby. If you want to enjoy the murmur of moving water, arrange fountains, streams, artificial waterfalls or cascades. There are many ways to design and build reservoirs. It is important that when choosing them, the nature, location, type of neighboring plants were taken into account. Experts will help you with the selection of beautiful aquatic plants that enrich water with oxygen and prevent stagnation.

Lace pavilions familiar to us from the classics, these lovely, cozy corners of the garden, conducive to a leisurely, friendly conversation, in the professional language are called small architectural forms.

They also include pergolas – covered alleys, darkening the courtyard, from climbing and creeping plants. Trellis are lightweight open structures made of wooden slats that are also used for climbing plants..

Garden furniture is also a “small architectural form”. Romantic benches and tables with the right design and material will naturally and comfortably sit in the garden and will serve for many years. Bridges, sculptures made of wood, bronze and ceramics, vases and flowerpots add coziness and uniqueness to the landscape. Even retaining walls, which are completely utilitarian for their intended purpose (support the soil on sloping areas and terraces), can become an original decoration of the garden.

And now imagine that all this beauty is already in the garden: the iridescent spray of the fountain, the mysterious shade of trees and motley spots of flowers. But something is missing in it … Paths and platforms – this is what should connect the garden into a single whole, attractively, but unobtrusively direct our step to the gazebo or to the bridge.

Paths and platforms are built from durable natural materials: paving slabs, natural stone, brick, wood (when plank pavements are arranged). They are laid on a concrete base. At the request of the client, a soft coating is possible – pebbles, crushed limestone, decorative sand. A correctly planned path serves as a route to all important points of the garden, it is not too winding and at the same time does not hurt the eye with strict symmetry. Usually, when laying paths and platforms, the dimensions of the car track for entering the garage, as well as stairs leading to the house, are calculated..

The entire green, living part of the landscape would be impossible without irrigation systems. Some plants love a lot of moisture, while others come from arid places. No matter how beautiful the garden is, you cannot do without subsequent care and maintaining it in an appropriate form. Typically, an irrigation system is installed during site planning. A well-planned and well-installed quality system will make watering much easier. The design should take into account existing buildings, green spaces, areas that should not be exposed to water, sprinkler locations and coverage, and the location of the connecting hoses. A great help – timers or minicomputers that control modern irrigation systems.

Drainage systems help to get rid of excess water on the site, and therefore protect the owners from waterlogging, plant death, collapse of retaining walls and other unpleasant and unpredictable phenomena. Installation of drainage systems avoids these troubles. Depending on the “problem area” and the specific situation, slopes of sites, drain holes, pumps, special drainage channels or an underground pipe, absorbing wells, waterproof coatings on the foundation of the house are used.

At night, the garden is dark, the plants and objects so attractive during the day look like dark spots and silhouettes. But only if there is no artificial lighting. In the light of electric lamps, the garden appears in a completely new guise. A correctly chosen lamp, the direction of light is a kind of painting, an attraction. An ordinary tree, highlighted from below, can give a fantastic, fairytale effect, emphasizing the terrain favorably.

Taken together, the above-named composite landscapes are applicable over large areas. But one should not be upset if the land plot is small. After all, there is always a place for beauty in life. And a small patch of land overgrown with weeds can also turn into a fabulous green island through the efforts of a designer. The garden is laid for years, perhaps even decades, its layout is all the more responsible because the trees you planted will give shade to your grandchildren. Let us also take into account that the garden is a living organism that changes depending on the seasons and the years lived. Professionals will help you make it a truly paradise.

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