How to choose a bathroom design

Each of us uses the bathroom every day. It occupies an important part of the living space and has a very specific functionality..

Also, solutions for the execution of a washbasin and a tap in the same style with the use of glass are proposed. These washbasins are a simultaneous re-installation of a porcelain wash basin from the past with a projection into the future. Of course, such plumbing is more fragile, although it is made of impact-resistant glass. Washbasins in the form of a bowl with a textured glass finish and LED lighting look especially interesting..

Popular waterfall models are offered not only for washbasins, but also as bathroom faucets. Noteworthy are interesting shower faucets in emphatically simple forms, which are given a special touch by lighting in various colors. In some cases, the backlight color may change depending on the water temperature.

Contemporary bathroom light

The search for new shapes is also going on for various lamps. A modern lamp is not only a way of lighting, it is a decorative item that has an exclusive shape and also “works” with light in a specific way. Half hints, penumbra, directional spotlights, ambient light fixtures also become excellent design tools. It is in the bathroom that it is advisable to think over not only the overall design, but also to create light compositions suitable for certain life situations. The light can be morning, afternoon, evening, and also for romantic meetings. Modern lamps make it possible to design “multidimensional” interiors in a color, textured, optical context.

The bathroom can be used floor, wall, table, ceiling lamps, sconces and chandeliers, which reflect certain ideas of the designer.

From left to right, top to bottom: Richard Abbey’s Chandelier, Robert Kovacs’ Lamp, Eglo’s Ceiling Lamp, Minka-Lavery Paradox Collection


The modern minimalist spirit has also entered the bathrooms. If earlier the bathroom looked more like a technical closet, now its area is expanding, and the furnishings are becoming more luxurious. However, there are no uniform design standards. There are ample opportunities for both luxurious interior design and generally accepted budget repairs. Moreover, the variety of fittings, plumbing fixtures, lamps, the variety of ceramics gives a huge space for imagination.

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