How to choose curtains for the bathroom: fabric, sliding, glass

How to choose bathroom curtains

Let’s immediately divide all the curtains for bathrooms into two large varieties: soft and hard..

Let’s start with the first, as simpler and more accessible:

1. Polyethylene curtains. The most inexpensive option at a price of about 300-400 rubles. The pluses include a large selection of colors, ease of mounting and operation. But such curtains also look cheap, they quickly lose their original appearance, mold may appear on them. It is not easy to wash light curtains, they do not tolerate washing well. True, it will not be difficult to replace them – you can change the bathroom decor at least every month.

Polyethylene curtains for the bathroom

2. Polyester. Better in appearance than the previous version, more resistant, water-repellent, last longer, the choice of colors and patterns is no less. But they also cost noticeably, often twice as much..

Polyester curtain

3. Vinyl. Rather, they are made from polyvinyl acetate or ethylene vinyl acetate. Strong enough, attractive, mold and dirt repellent. True, vinyl curtains should never be ironed with an iron after washing. In addition, despite the assurances of manufacturers that such curtains can be machine washed, users note – only with their hands, otherwise the original look will deteriorate. Taking care of vinyl curtains is more difficult, but they can last up to three years. Cost about 2000 rubles.

Bathroom Vinyl Curtains

4. Tissue. Of course, not every fabric is suitable for the bathroom – only impregnated with hydrophobic agents. More attractive-looking, varied, stylish fabric bathroom curtains can be simply machine washed. They serve up to 12 years. But they cost accordingly – there are models for 7-8 thousand rubles.

Bathroom curtain

All of the above soft curtains are mounted on cornices, which can be round (telescopic tube with spacers on opposite walls), in the form of a string, curved and rail type.

Bathroom curtain rod

Let’s move on to the hard curtains for the bathroom. They come in only two main types: plastic and glass.

Plastic curtains, of course, are cheaper than glass ones, but in comparison with the soft options available, they cannot be called. The price of a set with a height of 1.4 and a length of 1.7 meters can be about 9-11 thousand rubles. For designers, curtains made of plastic provide a lot of room for creativity – they can be applied with various patterns, film coating, even decorated with rhinestones.

Plastic bath curtain

Pros – the plastic is quite light, which has a positive effect on the simplicity and cost of the frame and fasteners. In addition, plastic, as a pliable material, can be bent, which allows you to create various curved shapes..

Plastic sliding curtains

Cons – plastic may become cloudy over time, it cannot be cleaned with abrasive substances – there will be scratches, the material may crack, and stains easily remain on the surface.

Glass curtains for the bathroom can surely be called the most modern, stylish and durable option. They look really impressive in the bathroom, significantly improving the overall interior design. Protect the room from splashes reliably, serve for a long time. The glass is usually tempered, so that even in the event of a strong impact, it will not injure anyone. In addition, modern options are covered with an anti-glaze layer, which makes it easier to care for the curtains. If there is such a coating on the glass surface, traces of water drops will not remain on it, and the dirt will simply be repelled

Glass curtain

The advantages of glass curtains for the bathroom include not only durability, but also the ability to maintain its original appearance – glass does not grow cloudy, unlike plastic. Cracks do not appear, but you can break the glass curtain if you try very hard. At the same time, it will crumble into rounded small particles..

The curtain of tempered glass weighs a lot, because the thickness is 6 millimeters, so the fasteners will need reliable and more expensive ones. Another disadvantage is that the finished glass does not bend, so the curtain will be extremely straight. True, you can order an individual version of the curved shape according to its size, but the price will be very solid.

Glass swing doors for bathroom

The price of a glass curtain, or rather to say – partitions for a bathroom, can be 38 thousand rubles for a product 1.4 meters high and 1.7 meters long.

By design, plastic and glass hard curtains can be folding, swinging, sliding and corner.

The choice, of course, is up to you. Often, inexpensive options for soft curtains last long enough and do not bother the owners. However, many people prefer a glass option that will last no less than the bath itself..

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