How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

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During the upcoming renovation, everyone “falls into a stupor” and cannot clearly formulate a task for the performers. In this article we will look at how to correctly draw up a technical task for a designer and a foreman of a repair team, what to look for when filling out a brief.

Do not ignore the writing of a detailed technical task on the eve of the repair. This will be the main document in the development of any project, regardless of the size of the premises and the complexity of the work. You, as a customer, need a terms of reference in order to evaluate the criteria for the success of your project, and for an executor who wants to understand what they want from him.

What is a brief of a technical task. Brief sections

A brief is a questionnaire that describes the initial data of the premises, as well as the customer’s wishes regarding interior design and repair work..

Here is a rough list of questions that might be asked in a brief.

Object data:number of rooms, floor area, ceiling height, location, floor, building option or housing stock, availability of communications and delivery dates.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

It is important to evaluate the room, the need for redevelopment and compensation measures (the room is too small, narrow, with a low ceiling, multifunctional, etc.). Do not forget to evaluate the orientation of the windows to the cardinal points.

Family description:data for each family member, age, field of activity and hobbies, preferences in housing conditions, values ​​and preferences. When making a description, evaluate the psychotype of each and their interaction in everyday life.

When working remotely with a designer, it is very important to provide links to accounts on social networks so that images are formed in advance, and already at the first meetings you will talk about specific options for each family member.

Deadlinesproject and implementation. This question is important, even if you have enough time for repairs, you need a clear vision of the work schedule, since this adds up to the cost of services.

Indicative budgetand the estimated cost structure over time. Most customers do not have certainty in this matter, but it is he who decides the outcome of the project. It is necessary to roughly calculate the cost of building and finishing materials. You can split the costs for each room separately.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

Note:be prepared that the most expensive will be the bathroom and the kitchen, regardless of the fact that their area in the total footage is lower than in other rooms.

The costs of plastering, screed and leveling the floors are the most unpredictable, lay an additional amount for them, based on the experience of the chosen team.

By the way, when discussing the complexities of the budget, you can evaluate the contractors. Ask questions and listen carefully to how responsibly and clearly they answer your questions.

When planning your budget, be prepared to increase it by at least 20% (often from 50 to 100%). On average, the cost of renovation costs is at least a third of the value of the property itself.

Tasks to be solved with the designer

First of all, assess your willingness to contact an interior designer and possible options for cooperation, which can take place in several formats.

Need a little consultation on a specific problem

In this case, describe the problem in free form, attach a photo of the object. If you are ready to pay only for a consultation, choose the most experienced and professional contractor. The cost of the consultation will pay off, because you are ordering a small but the most important option for repair.

Need advice on adapting the idea to fit your room

In this case, you need to attach pictures from the Internet and your own layout. A professional will explain what can be used from the chosen one, and what is unprofitable to combine and, most importantly, why. The designer can offer other options, based on your ideas, more suitable for the dimensions of the room or the desired style.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

Consultation with several designers at the same time will help you make a choice among the performers: take a closer look who seemed more understandable to you, gave you more hope and explained how the difficulties of the project will be solved.

You need to draw a design project

You already have an idea and you need a competent package of technical documentation so that the finishers reproduce your ideas from the drawings. This option is called express design. At the moment, a widespread service when the cost of work is significantly reduced due to the lack of expensive visualization.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

For implementation, choose a specialist who is good at the construction site, who has many successful projects behind him. Here you do not need a creative and titled designer, but do not trust a graduate or student of an architectural university.

Need a choice of colors, no drawings

If you are ready to make the markings on the object yourself, because you know what you want, and the only problem is the selection of color combinations inside the interior, feel free to take a student for this task who is studying visualization programs.

We need an individual project with a quality guarantee

Choose a full package of design services, moreover, with architectural supervision. You should not order separate stages of the project from different designers. The only cost reduction is the replacement of expensive visualization with a draft design.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

All you need is an apartment redevelopment

As a rule, the task of choosing the best planning solution arises within the framework of free planning. In this case, it is advisable to order this very first stage for the test selection of the designer and agree that the decision on the price package and the choice of the contractor will depend on the result.

Project success criteria

Describe in the terms of reference at least three criteria by which you will evaluate the future interior design. What is important to you? It is advisable to put down the order of priority, for example:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Don’t go over budget.
  3. Clear styling of the interior.
  4. The ability to transform space (important for children’s rooms).
  5. The presence of extra beds, if, for example, guests can come to you.

How to correctly draw up a technical task for repairs for a designer

Choosing a design style

It is important to clearly understand which style you want to give preference to, do not use more than two styles – look for harmony and balance. For example, if you want to make a classic interior in a modern interpretation, then take a few elements from the “classics”, and the colors and freedom of space – from modern trends. Or vice versa, the forms are modern and laconic, and the classics are added in the form of ornaments, patterns and textures when finishing.

When choosing a style in the terms of reference, it is possible to describe those associative words with which the future interior should be combined. For example, “orange paradise” is a riot of orange color and small paradise charms in a classic style, playing on one associative goal. Look for an image and pull up the symbolism of this image under it.

Always write down your wishes and agreed decisions in the contract – this is important and useful for both parties. The terms of reference should become the main annex to the contract. It is important to prescribe in the contract the copyright for the interior idea: as a rule, if you cede the right to the designer, you can talk about a discount.

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