How to create a vibrant boho interior

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In this article we will tell you about the most unusual, free and creative interior style – boho. If this is the first time you hear this name or you just have no idea how to create a cozy interior out of seeming chaos – this article is for you.!

A bit of history

At the beginning of the 19th century, such a definition as bohemia appeared in France. This word began to denote the lifestyle that was led by representatives of a very special stratum of society – writers, theatergoers, artists, all those who in the USSR were called “creative intelligentsia”.

At the same time, the concept of “boho style” arose – from the abbreviated French boheme. By the way, one of the French names for gypsies is precisely bohemiens – after all, many of them came from Bohemia (part of today’s Czech Republic). Thus, the boho style can be called both gypsy and bohemian..

It is interesting that it was boho that became the prototype of the hippie style, “children of flowers”, which arose in the middle of the last century. However, hippies who do not recognize control and violence could not help but appreciate the freedom of expression, which is one of the main features of boho..

Bohemian boho interior A room for a creative person or a gypsy camp? Boho has components of both ways of life, united by freedom and a special view of the world.

Bohemian boho interior A mess that you urgently want to put in order? Just piled up books and walls in need of fresh paint? No, traditional boho choices of decor and finishes

Color spectrum

Describing boho in conventional categories, as we have done previously for other interior design styles, is very difficult. Indeed, there are practically no restrictions on the design of such a creative interior, each owner can decide for himself how to decorate his home.

And yet, you can identify the main trends that characterize the boho style. So, in the choice of colors, there are two main directions:

  1. If several design directions are mixed in the interior, they should be combined with a common color scheme. For example, if there are elements of oriental style in boho, sandy red shades will help to unite the space into a single whole..
  2. A variegated palette, all colors of the rainbow – red, orange, heavenly ultramarine, fuchsia, purple. Juicy, saturated, they are sure to coexist with calmer shades, which create a neutral background and do not allow the color riot to play out.

Even if you decide that all the colors of the rainbow are not a very good option for interior decoration and have chosen a single color scheme, do not forget to create, as the designers say, “color in color”. To achieve such an effect, for example, a bright green picture frame on a pale yellow wall, a golden pillow on a deep blue sofa, a red blanket on a black armchair … There are a lot of options, but the effect must be bright and unexpected.

In general, it can be said that the choice of color for your boho room depends only on the mood. Usually, the owners, creating such a creative interior, do not even think about what will happen if they put this light green sofa and a lilac ottoman next to it. Interestingly, the result is exactly the boho style.!

Bohemian boho interior Against the background of a white wall, all this scattering of bright pillows looks especially contrasting and immediately attracts the eye. A good example of a typical boho color scheme

Bohemian boho interior The room is just overloaded with colors. A colorful sofa, also colorful, but in its own way, an ottoman, a noble burgundy on the wall and a bright red rug … Despite such an abundance of shades, the general palette can be traced and the interior can be called “all shades of red”


Boho style is very democratic in the choice of finishing materials. Very expensive artistic parquet flooring and the usual whitewash, original decorative plaster on the walls and a plain painted plain ceiling without any frills can coexist in it..

The main trend of this bohemian style is the desire to use natural materials, in which it is very similar to the eco-style fashionable today. That is, if there is a choice between linoleum and ceramic tiles – definitely tile. Wooden panels, of course, are preferable to plastic ones, and it is better to replace an ordinary white window sill with a more expensive, but reliable, artificial stone. By the way, it is also better to insert windows made of wood or plastic, but imitating wood..

Boho-style wallpapers are not so common, and if they are used, then, for example, to decorate only one wall. Typical finishes for this bohemian style are plank flooring, staggered ceramic tiles, plain plastered and painted plain walls, which will be the perfect backdrop for the many decor items that we will discuss below..

If parquet and tiles seem too expensive and unsuitable for a living room materials, you can use laminate flooring as a floor covering. Just choose a material that is as similar as possible to a regular plank floor or ceramic.

Bohemian boho interior The desire to use exclusively natural materials is the main trend of the boho style in interior decoration. In this case, the plank floor, painted in white, became the perfect backdrop for bright and unusual pieces of furniture.

Bohemian boho interior The uniqueness of the boho style lies in the fact that it can be created even in a room with the most ordinary, classic finish. For example, in this bright room with a traditional black and white “checkerboard” of tiles on the floor and white walls, only furniture and decorative elements are bright objects.


The first thing to say about boho furniture is that there is always a lot of it. If from this point of view we propose a style opposite to boho, apparently, minimalism will turn out to be it..

Therefore, away from the minimum set of furniture items! Unleash your imagination by organizing several cozy seating areas, places where numerous guests can sit and comfortably accommodate.

Upholstered furniture is an indispensable attribute of a room in this bohemian style. A leather sofa, several armchairs, and, preferably, not from one set, but of different shapes and colors, a low coffee table, a pouf – this is how the boho-style living room furniture traditionally looks.

If you do not know what furniture to choose for your “gypsy” room, we offer you several options:

  1. Vintage furniture. Grandma’s bookcase for books and trifles, an old chest instead of an ordinary chest of drawers, a massive sideboard with dishes – all this will be more appropriate in this style than ever. Vintage furniture may well coexist with an ultra-modern high-tech plastic chair, while such a combination will not look ridiculous at all, because everything is possible in boho!
  2. Wicker furniture. Rocking chair, graceful chairs with wicker backs – these traditional country items in boho received a “city residence”.
  3. Forged furniture. Typically, wrought iron elements are used to decorate the headboard of a vintage bed, chair backs or curved dining table legs..
  4. A beanbag chair will fit into this interior just perfect – for boho, the more unusual and at the same time more comfortable, the better.
  5. Any upholstered furniture will perfectly fit into the boho style if you decorate it with upholstery or a blanket created from scraps of different fabrics using the patchwork technology.
  6. Cabinet furniture can also be transformed, especially for your “gypsy” room, using the popular decoupage technique.

As for storage places in such a bohemian interior, the style itself presupposes the presence of creative clutter and books, for example, can simply be stacked on a windowsill or occupy the entire tabletop of a coffee table. And it is better to choose a vintage, solid wardrobe with carved doors.

Bohemian boho interior Not a single identical piece of furniture in the room! A leather sofa and armchairs, so colorful and different in shape that they are simply dazzling. Boho style in all its glory

Bohemian boho interior Appreciate how colorful and unusual armchairs with upholstery created using the patchwork technique can look! It is really difficult to find furniture more suitable for the boho style.

Bohemian boho interior This wicker swing chair in the shape of a cozy nest has become another great piece of furniture that fits perfectly with the boho style.

Decor elements

Like furnishings, boho-style decorative elements are never enough. Such an interior is literally oversaturated with details and objects, very different in style, color scheme and coloring..

Remember that decorating a room in a bohemian style simply will not work without an abundance of decorative elements. You can choose natural finishes, vintage furniture, but without the appropriate decor, the interior will look unfinished and boring.

The main decorative elements inherent in the boho style in the interior are:

  1. Plenty of pillows. A bright, colorful pillow can transform even an ordinary leather sofa. In the boho style, small pillows, preferably with an oriental ornament or made from patches, are found everywhere – on wicker chairs, a stool, a sofa, a bed.
  2. Homespun rugs and paths. It is a good alternative to conventional industrial carpets. In general, a plain boho-style carpet is not appropriate, if you do not intend to create a walkway or a round rug yourself, you should choose a Persian carpet with its original oriental ornament. Or, in extreme cases, a modern carpet, but with a bright pattern and rich, variegated colors. There are usually several carpets in such an interior to emphasize each separate area of ​​the room..
  3. Boho has a lot of textile elements. In addition to carpets and paths, you should definitely take care of the presence of lush curtains, it is advisable to frame the bed with a canopy with a long canopy, decorate the table with napkins (preferably tied with your own hands) or an embroidered tablecloth. Wicker chairs must be draped with blankets and bedspreads; you cannot do without them in the bedroom.
  4. Light in this interior plays an important role, and the lamps can be designed in different styles. A lamp with an antique lampshade near the bed can peacefully coexist with a high-tech sconce by the sofa, a tall floor lamp next to the armchair – with a magnificent baroque grand chandelier. In this case, the main thing is that the lighting emphasizes every corner of the room and ensures the comfort of the inhabitants..
  5. There are so many all kinds of souvenirs, vases, candlesticks, paintings, figurines in the bohemian interior that, from habit, it begins to ripple in the eyes. It is desirable that each such decor item carries its own message, a kind of message that is often understandable only to home owners and close people. Items with history taken from grandmother’s chest, items reminiscent of travel, pleasant moments of family life, loved ones who now, unfortunately, live far away, as well as decorative items created by hand are welcome. In such an interior, paintings and photographs in beautifully designed frames will surely find their place, also, of course, handmade.

Bohemian boho interior The boho-style interior is literally oversaturated with details and objects – all kinds of rugs, pillows, textiles, souvenirs and other things dear to the hearts of the owners.

Bohemian boho interior Pictures in different-sized frames will be the best decoration for the walls of a boho room. By the way, look what an unusual furniture group is adjacent to a completely traditional sofa and a coffee table.!

Where will boho style be especially appropriate? We offer several options:

  1. A boudoir in such a bohemian and a bit gypsy style will look especially feminine and tell a lot about its owner. Indeed, where else if not on the female territory of the house can such a creative mess be arranged? And let the rest of the house shine with impeccable cleanliness and all things are in their place, in the boudoir the hostess of the house can relax a little and allow herself to be herself.
  2. Workshop. If the house has a corner for an artist, writer or needlewoman, it will be the best place to embody the basic principles of the boho style. After all, this style was created specifically for creative, freedom-loving personalities, so it will be just right for an artist’s studio or a writer’s office.
  3. Dacha. If you and your family follow the established tradition and regularly send old furniture, boring curtains and decor items to your dacha, maybe it is worth turning this “warehouse” into an original boho-style interior? And practically no effort will have to be made for this – just think over all the details, remove already very old, worn-out things and add decorative elements created by your own hands as a highlight.

Bohemian boho interiorBoho style boudoir will look especially feminine and original. By the way, notice how unusual a shawl with a bright pattern can become, casually thrown on the shelf of the rack. And as a warm and soft blanket in the boho style, openwork, downy Orenburg shawls are sometimes used

The boho style is perfect for homeowners who literally gush with ideas and would like to translate them into their interior. Decorating the interior in this bright bohemian style, there is no need to study design books, it is enough to be guided by your intuition, not forgetting about the sense of proportion.

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