How to paint MDF kitchen facades

MDF is often used to create cladding, kitchen furniture facades. The material is more resistant than chipboard, durable and inexpensive. But often the facades begin to need updating or simply bore the owners. Our tips site will tell you how you can paint facades from MDF with your own hands.

How to paint MDF kitchen facades

First, choose the paint. We advise you to refuse water-based and acrylic. They are not durable enough for use in the kitchen, they will not withstand aggressive and humid environments. Silicone and acrylic silicone paints are good choices. And if you want to get glossy kitchen fronts, we recommend using car enamels. They are very durable and will give the facades the shine you need. Car enamels can be alkyd and acrylic, both are good for use on facades, but the former is cheaper.

In addition, for painting facades made of MDF, you will need paint brushes of different sizes, a roller, the choice of which the portal devoted a separate article to, masking tape, a screwdriver and screwdrivers, sandpaper, a grease-free agent, a primer, solvents, a marker, work gloves.

Important! You can use a spray gun to speed up the work process and ensure an even paint application. However, you need to have the skills to work with this tool. In addition, paint consumption can be higher, as well as splashing around.

How to paint MDF kitchen facades

Having prepared everything you need, you can get to work:

  1. We dismantle the facade. We remove all cabinet doors from the kitchen unit, dismantle handles, glass inserts and stained-glass windows. This is where you need a screwdriver and a screwdriver. The cabinet hinges do not need to be removed, but in this case they must be securely closed with masking tape. Do not forget to mark the joints of the parts with a marker, so that later it will be easier to put everything back together;
  2. We remove the old coating. It is possible not completely, but to ensure the highest quality adhesion of the new paint. It is necessary to walk along the facades with rough emery P220-280 or P320. Polyester coatings, the film is removed with a building hair dryer. Under hot air, they simply peel off and are removed completely, without residue;
  3. The façade can be degreased with, for example, Anti-Silicone. All stains, dust and other contaminants are removed. If there are cracks and chips, they are putty, and then the surface is sanded with P180 soft sandpaper;
  4. The preparatory stage ends with the application of a primer. It is necessary so that the paint lies flat and the consumption is minimal;

Important! The primer is applied in two layers, you need to wait until the first one dries. And after the second layer has dried on the facades, you will again need to sandpaper, but slightly.

How to paint MDF kitchen facades

  1. Before painting, be sure to protect areas you do not need to paint with masking tape. In addition, it helps to divide facades into sections if you use two shades of paint;
  2. The paint is applied by brush or roller in one direction. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the can. Paint is applied in at least two layers, after the first has dried. To ensure greater strength, a third layer can be applied;
  3. A varnish, for example, epoxy or polyurethane, helps to fix the result of painting. It will add shine and make the coating more durable..

How to paint MDF kitchen facades

That’s it, now you can remove the masking tape and, when the paint is completely dry, start assembling the facades.

Most often, the owners completely repaint the facades from MDF, choosing a color scheme for their interior and to taste. But you can achieve an additional decorative effect. Here are some tips:

  • Glizal helps to get embossed patterns, that is, glazing – applying a translucent paint on top of the main color;
  • You can use stencils to create patterns. Or ordinary tulle – you get an elegant and cute lace pattern;
  • You can use regular cling film to create a marbled surface with veins;
  • An ordinary flat comb will allow you to draw a relief structure on the facades;
  • A little rough, rustic facades in the kitchen will turn out if you attach a mesh or canvas to the painted surface;
  • And to get facades under the skin of an alligator, they use pimpled film..

How to paint MDF kitchen facades

It is not so difficult to repaint kitchen facades made of MDF, we are sure that you will cope without the involvement of hired specialists. And the kitchen will once again shine with fresh, neat facades, it will look like new.

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