How to remove stains from wood

Wooden surfaces – furniture fronts, countertops, floor coverings – very often suffer from the appearance of various stains. They are often more difficult to remove than from fabric. Let’s figure out what tools will help get rid of stains that have appeared on a wooden table or floor..

Stains from inode or hot

This is the most common option. Water stains are usually whitish in color and are especially noticeable on dark wood. You can display them in several ways:

  • warm up with an iron. Of course, through a rag, a towel, a folded cloth napkin – just not directly. At the same time, it is better to set the iron to the minimum indicator and turn off the steam mode;
  • warm up and dry with a hair dryer for 10-30 minutes;
  • cover the stain with salt, and then rub with vegetable oil, preferably olive oil;
  • You can use some toothpaste by rubbing it over the stain with just your finger. It is advisable to add a little soda to the toothpaste;
  • as an option – a water stain on a tree is covered with flour, and then it is also polished with olive oil;
  • a whitish spot can be greased with an oil-based product, for example, petroleum jelly, in extreme cases, butter or mayonnaise. Leave this way overnight, and in the morning gently wipe with a damp cloth and polish.

How to remove stains from wood

Pyatna from wax

Here, heating is also indispensable. The wax should be melted with a hair dryer or iron (through a cloth) and then gently removed. After the wooden surface is carefully polished.

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Paint stains

Such traces are well removed by a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. You can also use baking soda mixed with lemon juice. The mixture is applied with a finger or a sponge to the stain, rubbed well, then this place is polished. Good results are obtained by using a regular school eraser, which will deal with paint stains on lacquered furniture. If the stain is large, the paint layer is thick, you can first carefully remove it with a spatula, taking care not to damage the wood or leave scratches.

How to remove stains from wood

Fatth spots

To remove such contaminants from a wooden surface, you can use ammonia diluted in water. Or drying oil, or ordinary talc.

Coffee stain

A mixture of ammonia and glycine will help to cope with this problem. The solution is rubbed on a wooden floor or table, after half an hour the mixture can be removed with a rag.

How to remove stains from wood

Dark heelstna

Stubborn dirt or deeply absorbed water stains are the most difficult to remove from wood. Can be used:

  • household bleach;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • a mixture of water and oxalic acid;
  • a mixture of salt with burdock oil. The oil will soften the wood and the salt will absorb all the excess.

How to remove stains from wood

In addition, ink stains on wood are removed with a water-soda solution, from a marker – with toothpaste or isopropyl alcohol. If a stain on the wooden floor is caused by a pet, then you will have to use antibacterial agents, such as alcohol, to remove the unpleasant odor, and then fight the stain itself..

How to remove stains from wood

In especially difficult cases, when home remedies do not help, you will have to remove the top layer of wood, for example, with fine sandpaper or using a grinder, and then reopen with varnish, oil or soak with stain.

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