How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Few people can afford not to save at all in the process of repair and home improvement. And the purchase of a kitchen set is one of the most significant expenses. Our advice site will give you advice on how to significantly save on kitchen furniture.

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

The first is the shape of the headset

Standard kitchens are always cheaper than custom-made kitchens, especially when it comes to the presence of radius elements. The simpler the shape of the kitchen, the cheaper it is. The most budgetary options are kitchens in one straight line that fit into a typical size room. Corner headsets are already more expensive, and in the shape of the letter “P” you can’t call it budget. Therefore, it is highly advisable to try to fit into one line and not use rounded, radius ends of the cabinets. It is better to logically complete the kitchen by placing a refrigerator near the extreme cabinet, which will cover the blind end.

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

The second is the material

Of course, solid wood in the case of savings in the kitchen is excluded. You have to choose between laminated chipboard and inexpensive MDF. Experts insist that the difference in price will not be too high, but MDF will last much longer. Therefore, we advise you to stay on this option. Discard glass fronts. We understand that we want to show off beautiful dishes, but such glass inserts will increase the cost of the headset..

Important! A radical way of saving is to abandon the top row of cabinets altogether, replacing them with open shelves, or without equipping anything in this area at all. Yes, there will be less storage space, but the price of a kitchen set will decrease significantly. In addition, as the portal already wrote, kitchens without upper cabinets are one of the fashion trends..

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Third – module sizes

All kitchen sets traditionally consist of separate module sections. If you want tall top cabinets, to the ceiling, be prepared to pay extra. A cabinet with a height of 72 centimeters will be cheaper than a more spacious one meter. One 80 cm wide section will be cheaper than two 40 cm wide sections. Therefore, it is better to have one more roomy pan cabinet in the bottom row than two smaller ones. A pentagonal pedestal in the corner will be significantly more expensive than conventional sections that connect at an angle of 90 degrees.

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Fourth – fittings

The more drawers you have, the more expensive the kitchen will be. The most budget option is a wardrobe with one hinged door, with two more expensive. Innovations such as upward-opening cabinets, pull-out storage units, and corner cabinet carousels add value to the kitchen. We’ll have to abandon the pull-out sections for trash cans, although this is very convenient. Get by with a minimum of drawers, replacing them with standard cabinets.

Important! Avoiding expensive fittings can make the kitchen less functional and less comfortable, so it’s up to you. Experts believe that it is not worth saving on cabinets and drawers that you use most often. Here the fittings should be of the highest quality and most comfortable..

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Fifth – countertop

Those who decide to save money on a kitchen set have only one choice – laminated chipboard countertops. And remember, the thicker the work surface, the more expensive it is..

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Sixth – facades

Smooth, laconic facades without any milling will be the most budgetary ones. Remember that minimalism is still in vogue and try to stick to its principles. It is worth abandoning decorative legs, cornices, linings. Just blank facades.

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Seventh – pens

The main condition for their choice is ease of use. Push-open doors are excluded in budget kitchens. Handles only. Today there are Russian-made models that are cheaper than imported ones, but are not inferior to them in quality. Electroplated handles last longest. They are no worse than expensive Italian.

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Eighth – facade coating

A budget option is to paint them with matte paint. Enamel “high gloss” is more expensive. If you want a glossy kitchen, then MDF with PVC film will be the budget choice..

Important! MDF with natural wood veneer is difficult to distinguish from solid wood, it is beautiful and practical. But this is one of the most expensive facade finishing options..

How to save money on buying a kitchen set

Ninth – where to buy and order

Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made kitchen cabinets, and order the facades separately. It is profitable to book furniture at thematic exhibitions, because these are just exhibition options. You can search for deals with discounts, as well as use the services of small, handicraft furniture workshops.

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