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Unfortunately, this smallest room in the house is often overlooked. Even the designers mercilessly “cut off” square meters from the hallway to expand the living room or kitchen, and then the owners themselves believe that it is simply impossible to create a beautiful interior and spacious storage areas here.

Meanwhile, it is the entrance hall that meets your guests, creates the first impression of the house. And if this room is dark and cluttered, then even the comfort and spaciousness of the rest of the house will not be able to help correct the situation..

Furniture in the hallway, even the most cramped and tiny, is also a must. This is where we put on our shoes, put on our outerwear, leave our umbrella, hat and house keys. Do not go across the apartment to the closet in the bedroom to hang up your jacket.!

Let’s try to figure out what types of furniture for the hallway will allow you to organize a convenient storage system here and give some tips on creating a cozy and functional interior in this room..

Choosing furniture for the hallway The entrance hall is usually the smallest room in the house, but this does not diminish its importance in the least.

Good old shoe

In Russian, the name of this furniture sounds especially cute and homely – “galoshnitsa”. As a matter of fact, this is an ordinary shoe dryer – open perforated or lattice shelves on a stand, in two or three rows. On such shelves, you can put both already dry clean shoes and freshly washed ones – they will dry perfectly.

The main advantage of the galoshes can be called cheapness – plastic models are completely inexpensive, wooden or forged – a little more expensive, but still incomparably cheaper than other pieces of furniture.

In addition, due to its simplest design, the shoe is reliable and durable – there is practically nothing to break in it. Compact dimensions will allow such a shoe rack to take its place under a hanger for outerwear, for a galoshes there is always a corner in the smallest hallway.

It is very convenient to use an open shoe rack – you took off your shoes or sneakers and put them on the shelf, you don’t even need to open the doors. And on the top shelf even high over-the-knee boots will fit exactly.

However, the shoe cabinet also has a number of disadvantages that stem from its design features and low cost. Firstly, shoes on open shelves will become dusty if not used every day. Secondly, there is not so much space on the shelves, so most of the family’s shoes will still have to be hidden in the closet, so the shoe rack cannot serve as the main storage – it is, rather, an auxiliary piece of furniture, a dryer for the shoes that the family uses daily.

Choosing furniture for the hallway A simple but reliable and easy-to-use shoe dryer, it is also a shoe rack. True, we must not forget that drops from freshly washed shoes placed on the upper shelf will fall on the bottom row or on the floor, so such furniture has significant drawbacks

Choosing furniture for the hallway Shoe stands can be wooden, forged or plastic, most often they do not differ in exquisite design – everything is very simple, but functional

Choosing furniture for the hallway A vivid example of a perfectly matched set of furniture for the hallway with a wrought iron shoe

Shoe rack-slim

Slim from English translates as “thin” or “slender”. Such furniture for storing shoes is really compact in size due to reduced depth. Usually the depth of such a “slender” shoe rack does not exceed 25-30 centimeters, and if desired, such furniture can “lose weight” up to 19.5 centimeters!

The slim shoe rack fits perfectly against the wall in a tiny hallway, while allowing you to store a variety of shoes thanks to its unique shelves. Shoes in such a cabinet are placed vertically directly on the inner side of the door, in a special compartment-pocket. When the door is opened, the shoe is tilted.

In addition to compactness and spaciousness, one can note the excellent external parameters of the slim shoe, as well as a large selection of models, which are most often made from MDF or chipboard, covered with veneer or laminate..

However, tall boots and boots will not fit into a “slim” shoe cabinet, so you will have to look for another storage place for them..

Choosing furniture for the hallway Thanks to the variety of existing models, you can choose a slim shoe in a variety of shades, complete with other furniture and as a separate piece of furniture


Not only the theater begins with the hanger, but also the usual hallway. Immediately, we note that hangers can be wall-mounted, that is, they are attached directly to the wall, as well as free-standing.

Both options have a right to exist, however, wall hangers for outerwear have a great advantage – they take up less space, and if the hooks on them are located in two rows, then more things will fit on them. And freestanding poles are also not very stable, and if you hang a heavy fur coat on one side, they can simply fall.

Otherwise, hangers can have any design, be made of metal, plastic or wood.

Their main drawback is that they cannot serve as a permanent place for storing clothes, those things that are not used by the family this season will have to be sent to a closet. In addition, hooks are not recommended for certain outerwear, such as fur coats or a crumpled raincoat..

Choosing furniture for the hallway Author’s, non-customary hanger-chair can become the main decoration of the hallway

Choosing furniture for the hallway Simple metal wall hanger. By the way, those clothes that must certainly keep their shape should be hung on a hanger.

Multifunctional kit

All the hallway furniture discussed above are separate items. However, even in the smallest room, a convenient multifunctional set may well be placed, which most often include: a shoe cabinet, usually with a bench on top, the same open clothes hanger that will not be mounted on the wall, but on one of the sections, the upper a series of closed shelves, that is, mezzanines, as well as several side shelves (open or with doors) and drawers for all sorts of little things.

Today, such two-, three- and four-section sets for the hallway can be purchased to order, in exact accordance with the size of your hallway, or you can choose ready-made options in the store – the assortment is quite large.

Choosing furniture for the hallway Stylish, modern, very comfortable set for a hallway with a free-standing chest of drawers and a mirror

Choosing furniture for the hallway Models of cabinet furniture for the hallway can look very unusual and differ in original shapes


Today, such cabinets are considered the most rational and popular choice among all the presented hallway furniture. Such a fairly spacious wardrobe in one fell swoop solves the problems of storing shoes and outerwear, and the presence of a mirror in the hallway – mirrored doors will allow you to make sure that everything is in order, you can go to work.

Most often, sliding wardrobes are made to order, that is, they will exactly fit even into the tightest space – in a narrow hallway it is worth ordering a high, up to the ceiling, but shallow structure, in a larger hallway install a spacious wardrobe for all outerwear, and if there is a niche in the room , then a fully built-in wardrobe may well fit here.

When ordering this piece of furniture for the hallway, you should immediately calculate how many shelves and drawers for shoes you need, provide space for storing high boots, a shelf for top hats, and so on. If you order a wardrobe in a serious furniture company, then the consultant designer will only need to tell how many people are in your family so that he suggests the best option for the location of the shelves and the number of drawers.

In general, the main disadvantage of the wardrobe is its rather high cost, otherwise it is a very functional, reliable and attractive design.

Choosing furniture for the hallway Yes, such a closet will not fit into a small “hallway”. It’s a pity, because he is so roomy and beautiful!

Choosing furniture for the hallway Model for a more spacious hall – three mirrored doors with an elegant matte pattern hide many shelves and drawers where you can place almost the entire wardrobe

A few tips for decorating your hallway

And finally, we recall that it is not enough to simply furnish the entrance hall with furniture, even this cramped room needs a decent decoration. When choosing a style and selecting pieces of furniture, one should not forget about the following recommendations of designers:

  1. It is trite, but for a room without windows, and this is exactly what a typical hallway is, you should choose light colors. Light gray or beige walls will make the room a little lighter, and bright colors will add cheerfulness. Gloomy, dark shades will definitely be inappropriate and will turn the hallway into a cramped warehouse that you want to leave as soon as possible.
  2. Every thing needs its own place. Making a mess in an already cramped room is an unaffordable luxury. When decorating the hallway, do not forget that there should be a place here, for example, for an intercom, provide a shelf for bags that traditionally do not “go” beyond the threshold, a convenient shelf for shoes and hats, and so on. Then each item will be stored in a certain place, you do not have to spend a lot of time looking for, for example, gloves or an umbrella, and the hallway will look neat and attractive..
  3. In a cramped room, every square centimeter should be used, even in hard-to-reach places. There is an empty space left above the hanger – you must certainly take it with another shelf or mezzanine, a lot of items that are not being used right now, for example, summer sandals, which you will definitely not need all winter, will fit here. Even the empty space above the front door can be filled with a custom-made narrow shelf.
  4. Multifunctional pieces of furniture can also help save hallway space. For example, a shop that also serves as a shelf for shoes and a niche for baskets with useful little things.
  5. The decor has not been canceled. Usually, only the most necessary pieces of furniture are located in a cramped hallway. But it’s boring and dull! Try to decorate this room with at least a small life-affirming picture, buy a bright, original lamp – you still have to worry about the availability of lighting, put a figurine on an open shelf, hang an unusual clock and the room will immediately become cozier and warmer.

Choosing furniture for the hallway This is a dream hallway for most Russians, especially residents of Khrushchevka – there is a surprising amount of space and it was possible to organize several spacious places for storing many things

The entrance hall is an amazing room, uninhabited, but extremely important, serving as a kind of “buffer” between the comfort of an apartment or house and the surrounding world. And it is the right choice of furniture and the successful placement of things that will make the hallway cozy, and most importantly, functional..

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