If there is a dog in the house – we equip a corner for a pet

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In this article we will talk about how to equip a place for a dog in an apartment and on a personal plot, what options are offered by manufacturers today, how much a bed and dishes from a well-known brand can cost. We will give some tips on what is better to choose for a large dog and tiny four-legged pets, how to take care of the purchased mattress or basket, and what else the owners will need besides bedding and dishes.

You can get a dog for various reasons – you need to guard someone’s house, go hunting with the owner, entertain the child, cheer up the whole family, bring a newspaper or slippers, keep company on a morning jog or while walking in the park and just look faithfully in eyes. And a dog of a rare breed is sometimes brought up to maintain status or “because it is so fashionable.”.

In any case, if you decide to bring a puppy into your home, you need to make sure that the new family member is comfortable and comfortable. Furniture, special dishes and other useful devices will help provide the dog with favorable conditions. It is about the choice of these “dog” accessories that will be discussed in this article.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a pet

This soft rug from Luxdog costs about 17.95 euros. A mattress measuring 100×70 centimeters will cost more – from 54.95 euros

Sleeping place for a dog

Pinscher, terrier, dachshund, retriever, spaniel, pomeranian, toy terrier, labrador, schnauzer – whatever dog lives in your house, it needs its own corner in any case, where it can rightfully go after hearing the owner’s order “Place ! “.

Not all animals like to sleep on the floor, such spartan conditions, for example, are absolutely not suitable for short-haired pets. In addition, you just need to somehow highlight the sleeping and rest area of ​​your pet, installing a couch in the chosen corner of the apartment, laying a bedding or mattress.

Some problems may arise with the choice of a sleeping place: on the one hand, it is worth taking care of the presence of a “bed” for the animal as soon as the puppy appears in your house; on the other hand, when choosing a sleeping place, one should take into account the characteristics of the dog’s character and its favorite sleeping position. For example, if a pet likes to sleep curled up in a ball, a cozy “nest” is more suitable for him – a basket with soft bedding, a round or oval bed. And for a dog who loves to relax with his legs outstretched, you should choose a rectangular mattress or a spacious house..

The sleeping place should correspond to the size of the dog – for this, you should first measure its height at the withers and the length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The length of the berth should be about 15 centimeters longer than the length of the pet, and the width should be twice its height. Only in this case the dog will be comfortable and comfortable. Remember that your puppy is growing up and for the first time you can buy or equip a smaller bed in order to later change it to an “adult” bed.

Cynologists note that a sleeping place for a dog should be located at a height of 8 centimeters from the floor and have at least low sides that will help protect the animal from drafts. It is better to place the pet’s personal area away from radiators, household appliances, windows, entrance doors and exit to the balcony.

As for the cost of a sleeping place for a dog, the price range is great. The most expensive options are full beds, sofas or armchairs that look like miniature copies of regular pieces of furniture. The Ukrainian company TeoDesign creates beds, sofas and couches for individual orders, in a variety of styles and colors. One such bed with a blanket made of hypoallergenic fabric measuring 57 by 50 centimeters for a small dog costs from 4 thousand rubles. The GladPet design studio offers sofas and armchairs decorated with Swarovski crystals and gilded fringe at a price of about 22,000 rubles.

The cost of a soft stove bench with a special upholstery fabric that is easy to clean from wool and dirt from the Italian companies Camon and Ferplast varies from 400 to 1600 rubles, depending on the size and model.

Sleeping houses in the form of a traditional booth or a soft envelope for tiny dogs are also popular. A large selection of booths with funny pictures is offered, for example, by the German companies Nobby and Trixie. The cost of one house measuring 40x40x45 centimeters is about 1200 rubles. A booth in the form of an eastern pagoda from GladPet will cost more than 20,000 rubles.

Wicker beds with soft ottomans are also popular. Such “beds” for dogs are offered, for example, by R @ R. The cost of a braid measuring 68x49x30 centimeters is 1350 rubles.

It is convenient if there is a removable cover on the mattress or bed for the dog, which can be simply washed in a typewriter. Fleas do not start in synthetic fabric, and such material is easily cleaned of wool. A wide selection of fabrics and textures will allow you to choose a sleeping place for your pet in accordance with the overall design of the interior design.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petCute house for a dog with a feeder and a drinker, offered in four color options, made in Taiwan, dimensions – 58×49.5×62 centimeters, price – from $ 200

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petCozy sleeping place for pets, you can choose large or small size. Manufacturing company K&H Bolster Couch, priced at $ 62.29 and $ 78.6, depending on size

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petSoft “nest” for small pets. Manufactured by the German company Hunter, price – 99.95 euros

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petOf course, such beauty, almost a full-fledged room for a dog, can only be made to order or with your own hands, by remaking an old sideboard or wardrobe

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petBedside table-booth, compact, convenient and does not stand out from the general style of the interior of the room – you can’t even say that a four-legged pet can live in an ordinary bedside table. The cost depends on the material and size and varies from 1200 to 7000 rubles


Of course, your dog must have its own utensils for food and water. It is better to organize the dining area away from the sleeping place, usually a corner in the kitchen is allocated for this. Dog bowls are most commonly made from plastic, stainless steel and ceramic..

For large dogs – Shepherds, Great Danes or Rottweilers – it is better to choose the dishes on a tripod, which will allow you to adjust the height. However, for other dogs, except for the smallest, such a stand is also relevant – a low head position during feeding can lead to poor posture.

The size of the bowl should be appropriate for your pet’s appetite. For medium-sized dogs, PetPro offers 1.8 liter bowls at a price of 1000 rubles. For large animals, you can choose the 2.8 liter Trixie cookware. Such a bowl costs about 1200 rubles.

The Italian company Camon produces a wide variety of dishes for dogs in bright colors. A 4.7 liter bowl will cost about 1,600 rubles.

If the dog is left alone during the day while the owners are at work, it is worth buying an automatic feeder and drinker. The built-in electronic device allows you to control the frequency of feedings and the size of the portion. Similar automatic drinkers and feeders are available from Ferplast, ZooStar, Trixie, Rolf C. Hagen and LuckyFox. The cost of such products depends on the equipment, functionality and size and ranges from 600 to 2500 rubles.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petBowls from Rolf C. Hagen, Canada. Price – about 130-150 rubles

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petThe automatic drinking fountain is also made in Canada, the price starts from 1600 rubles. The drinking bowl saturates the water with oxygen, and a charcoal filter is built into the fountain to remove harmful impurities

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petA cheaper option is an automatic drinker and feeder made in Italy by Ferplast. The kit costs only about 600 rubles

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petTo prevent the puppy from rolling the bowl across the floor, many manufacturers offer rubber-lined dishes. If the dog is tall, it is better to use bowls for water and food on stands and tripods.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petBright table with built-in bowls with a volume of 700 milliliters. Manufacturer – German company Hunter, price – from 1600 rubles, there are options in different colors

Carriers, straps, combs and other essentials

So, the sleeping place for the pet is equipped, the dishes have taken their place in the corner of the kitchen, it remains to pick up the rest of the useful accessories. A leash and a collar will definitely come in handy for the owners of the dog – it will not be possible to postpone the purchase of these items, since you will still have to walk with a small puppy, teaching you to “do your own thing” on the street, and not on your favorite rug in the living room.

Collars are made of fabric, leatherette or natural leather. The main condition for choosing this right accessory is a suitable size and the ability to adjust the tightness of the fit to the dog’s neck. The cost of the collar depends on the material of manufacture. So, brightly colored nylon collars made by the German company Trixie cost from 160 rubles. A product made of delicate Italian leather Mister GaFF Premium in white with black decorations looks great. Such a collar costs from 300 rubles.

The cost of Italian-made genuine leather products decorated with rhinestones and embroidery can reach 10,000 rubles. And it’s still very cheap in comparison with a collar from the American company I Love Dogs Diamonds, which offers ostrich leather products with diamonds at a price of 899 thousand dollars..

For puppies and small dogs, harnesses that are worn on the body of the animal are suitable. Such nylon products cost from 250 rubles. German manufacturers today offer reflective harnesses at a price of 280 rubles.

Proponents of harsh measures and owners of fighting dogs can purchase strict collars (price from 160 rubles) or choke collars (from 200 rubles), as well as electronic collars that have an impulse and sound effect on a naughty pet or spray special sprays. Such electronic collars, which will help to correct the behavior of the animal for a walk and at home, are offered by many foreign manufacturers, in particular the American company Dogtra. The cost of an electronic collar depends on its functionality and the country of manufacture and ranges from $ 30 to $ 500.

For fluffy pets, you will need combs. The price of such products varies from quite budgetary 100 rubles to 2000 rubles – this is how much special brushes cost for removing undercoat and massage.

If you plan to take your dog with you when traveling, a carrier is also useful. Small dogs will feel comfortable in a special bag or backpack, and a large animal will need a special plastic collapsible container. A plastic container measuring 37x34x55 centimeters costs on average 800 rubles. Carriers for large dogs, for example, the Gulliver-4 model from the German company Trixie, measure from 71x51x50 centimeters and cost about 2,400 rubles.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petCarrying bag for small dogs from the Karlie company, Germany. Dimensions – 45x31x27 centimeters. Costs about 42 euros

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petCollars of all sizes and colors from Hunter. Material – nylon, metal fastener, chrome-plated fittings. Cost – from 500 to 650 rubles

Dog toys are not a luxury at all, but a necessity. It is very important for dogs to chew something – this way they massage the gums and clean the teeth of plaque, making them stronger and healthier. A variety of toys in the form of discs, balls, dumbbells, ropes and animals are offered by Camon, Ferplast, Comfy, Papillon, Trixie and many others. Most often, dog toys are made from rubber, vinyl and latex. The price depends on the material, size and complexity of the design and can vary from 80 to 600 rubles.

Another additional expense item is clothing for four-legged pets. For short-haired dogs, who think that minus five is an eerie cold, a warm jumpsuit will become a must. In addition, overalls-raincoats will allow you not to bathe the animal after each walk, if, for example, a short-legged dachshund has managed to run in a puddle. Clothes for dogs can cost from 500 rubles (raincoat from Trixie) and up to 3000 rubles (waterproof overalls from Hurtta). Of course, there are also glamorous “doggy” outfits, the price of which is quite comparable to a new dress for the hostess.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petSuch a winter jumpsuit with buttons of British production costs from 500 rubles, is machine washable, easy to put on, made of faux suede

A dog on the site – booths and aviaries

Not all dogs live in the house. Many owners quite rightly believe that the place of a shepherd, St. Bernard or Rottweiler is on the street. But you can’t just leave the dog to walk around the site without providing him with a place to sleep and feed. You will need an aviary or booth, which will become a street house for an animal.

More recently, the owners of dogs living on the street did not even think about buying or building an aviary or a kennel. Of course build! Moreover, there was no choice of ready-made “houses” before. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of ready-made booths and aviaries in a variety of sizes and styles. Such booths will fit into any landscape design and will become not just a house for an animal, but also a decoration of a personal plot.

Experts advise placing a street house at a height of 5 centimeters from the ground on an area where the four-legged guard will be provided with maximum view. The size of the booth should be such that the dog can warm it with its body in cold weather. For a medium-sized animal, a house of 110x75x75 centimeters is suitable. The roof of the booth should be removable – this will facilitate the process of cleaning and sanitizing the “room”.

In the aviary, which on one side necessarily has a metal grate, you should also provide for the presence of a booth where the animal can warm up and sleep.

An ordinary medium-sized booth from a domestic manufacturer costs about 2,500 rubles. By the way, it is precisely among the proposals of ready-made booths and enclosures that Russian manufacturers remain leaders, since there is no point in bringing an ordinary street dog house from Italy, and the price will be much more expensive. For example, the DOMUS MAX booth from the Italian company Ferplast measuring 111.5×103.5×132 centimeters costs 12,500 rubles.

Of course, custom-made booths and aviaries, decorated, for example, with carvings or forging, differing in the original design, will not be cheap – usually the manufacturer indicates that individual author’s products are “negotiable”.

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petDog kennels can be walkable (small) and not walkable (there is enough space for the dog to play). The cost of such a building depends on the material used, size, availability of a capital foundation, a booth, and so on. On average, a ready-made aviary from a bar without a foundation measuring 2 by 4 meters costs about 65 thousand rubles

If there is a dog in the house - we equip a corner for a petA booth made of varnished pine boards, with legs that will protect the doghouse from dampness. Dimensions – 77x82x88 centimeters. Costs from 4800 rubles

Communication with a cheerful four-legged pet adoring the owner brings a lot of pleasure. To make the dog feel good in your house or on the site, provide it with comfortable conditions for rest, sleep and play, please with a new toy and pay enough attention – you will see that your pet will answer you with a great mood and unwavering devotion..

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