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Another striking representative of the English textile classics is the GP manufactory & J Baker, which began its history in 1884. It was founded by an English diplomat and his brother and also has a royal supplier’s mark. The company has a unique archive of 19th century fabric samples collected by its founder James Baker during his diplomatic service in Turkey. The fabrics are recreated with the preservation of the original weaving and pattern, taking into account current trends. Here you can find amazing muted floral patterns that adorned the royal yacht “Victoria and Albert” in 1850, Chinese ornaments that convey the beauty of the watercolors of the Middle Kingdom. The Indian collection replicates the patterns of old Regency fabrics, while the Hanbyry collection uses rare chain stitching. The factory specializes in silk, damascus, twill, flocked linen and textured chenille. The company’s collection is made in the best English traditions, which imply restrained and exceptional elegance, with a slight touch of oriental romance and a sense of the scent of sultry Arabian gardens. The cost of fabrics at the factory starts at an average of $ 130 per running meter.

GP & J Baker Lifestyle Fabric Collection
GP fabric collection & J Baker Lifestyle

The English company James Hare has been producing English fabrics since 1865, always specializing in exceptional. First of all, these are curtains and tulle, and then furniture solutions. The James Hare collection also has understated oriental accents in English. James Hare designers love to play with textures, shades, make the simple and ordinary luxurious. Each James Hare collection is a play on nuance and sensation. The price of fabrics is very affordable – from $ 20 per running meter.

James Hare's exquisite interior fabric collections
James Hare Exquisite Interior Fabric Collections, Persian Flowers and Stripes Collection

New world fabrics

Europe is not the only place where beautiful textiles are produced. At one time, the New World became a new homeland for many industrialists who founded new manufactories here. This is how Thibaut was born in 1886. The American textile company Thibaut has several well-recognized collections. Moreover, each type of fabric is supplemented with appropriate wallpaper. Each collection, and there are more than fifty of them, is presented in several colors. This is the choice for those people who prefer ready-made solutions, and Thibaut has many of them, so you can satisfy any taste. Above all, Thibaut is an ideal choice if you decide to decorate a room in the style of French Provence or British colonial style. Thibaut’s Oriental and Chinese rooms will also be mysterious, elegant and charming. The cost of Thibaut fabrics on EBay starts at $ 30 per running meter, the price of fabric at the factory starts from $ 120 per running meter..

Collection “Barbados” Laguna Damask and Terrace by Thibaut

On the verge of past and present

The French textile company Pierre Frey, which was founded in 1935, acquired the former Alsatian manufactory Nicolas Rissler, which has been producing expensive fabrics since 1763, as part of Boussac Fadini. Note that in 1783 this manufactory acquired the status of a supplier to the royal court under Louis XVI, in the middle of the 20th century it was sold to Boussac Fadini, and then became the property of Pierre Frey. After the final change of ownership, the incompatible – the past and the future – came together in Pierre Frey. It is worth mentioning that Pierre Frey began his activity with two looms, on which he made the first fabrics according to the sketches of famous artists with surprisingly fresh and joyful colors. His experiment caught the attention of decorators and was a success..

The Pierre Frey factory has preserved the production of expensive fabrics and releases the classic expensive collection Fadini Borghi as the embodiment of impeccable taste, where a sense of proportion is essential in luxury. These are expensive fabrics of the highest quality, the cost of fabrics (silk jacquard Alicudi) exceeds $ 300 per running meter, trevirs – $ 150 per running meter, embroidered Alessandria velvets cost from $ 1000 per running meter. Pierre Frey offers a modern Atmosphere collection with rich textures, literally infused with air. The Voyages collection is filled to the brim with cheerful color combinations, the fabrics have a complex textured surface and are pleasant to the touch. Andree Putman’s sophisticated black and white collection is understated and elegant, while Oscar – Boussac is designed to decorate a home in a traditional style for Pierre Frey, using this collection, you will literally fill the room with sunlight. The cost of Chaumont stripe fabric in this collection is about $ 600 per running meter, and Beluga polyester – from $ 100 per running meter..

Pierre Frey fabrics in the interior
Pierre Frey fabrics in the interior (collection of Fadini Borghi and Oscar – Boussac)

The history of the Lee Jofa brand is confusing enough. Jonson Textile Factory was founded in 1823 & Faulkner, and in 1888 Arthur H. Lee Textile. In 1965, the companies merged to form one of the largest factories, Lee Jofa. At the moment the company belongs to the textile concern Kravet. Lee Jofa’s core collections reflect the interior design traditions of Old and New England. The factory produces the best fabrics, including vintage ones, which are chosen by discerning buyers. Queen Elizabeth II is crowned in Lee Jofa handcrafted velvet robes. These fabrics are used for the decoration of the US Senate, the White House and the UN. Fabrics are sold at the factory at a price of $ 150 per running meter.

Lee Jofa Textile
Lee Jofa Textile

New collections and new faces

It cannot be argued that only factories with a long history are capable of making good textiles, especially when it comes to ultramodern collections. Designers offer their vision of the textile design of residential premises, manufacturers bring their thoughts to life, so new names appear. Modern interior textiles are produced by both large concerns and small family companies. The list of companies is very wide, so let’s dwell on some of them..

The collection of the British designer Andrew Martin is very interesting for its modern approach. Among the clients of this company are the Beckham spouses, Nicolas Sarkozy and Tony Blair. In the collections, Andrew Martin conquers the virtuoso mastery of the fusion style, which does not violate the overall harmony. Indian and African artifacts, elements of antiquity, a little retro can be found in the same interior. The same eccentric and textiles from Andrew Martin. It’s a modern bold vision of colonial style, modern baroque and of course pop art. The manufacturer of fabrics according to Andrew Martin’s sketches is the American factory Lee Jofa, fabrics can be purchased in stock at a price of $ 70 per running meter.

Fusion Fabrics by Andrew Martin
Fusion Fabrics by Andrew Martin

In 2001, Duralee Fabrics opened a special division for the production of expensive fabrics, we are talking about the well-known Higland Court brand. The collection contains woven textiles, silk, damask, velvet, chenille and tulle; the cost of fabrics exceeds $ 100 per running meter. This collection is appreciated as a series of modern high-quality fabrics that are a truly professional designer tool..

Duralee Fabrics
Duralee Fabrics

1. Nursery from Caselio. 2. Living room in Casamance style. 3. Registration of Casamance. 4. Interior of Casadeco

Texdekor was founded only in 1974. Since this period, several brands have been created that have won worldwide recognition. Caselio brand is very popular in Russia. This is an affordable and excellent collection for interior decoration in the style of Art Nouveau, French Provence, Art Deco, Classicism, minimalism, as well as for children and youth interiors. The exclusive Casamance fabric collection is full of romance and designed by talented and young French designers. Casadeco is a collection in the spirit of minimalism that meets modern consumer preferences as much as possible, the cost of fabrics in the collection exceeds $ 90 per running meter. Casadeco designers create exactly the fabrics that consumers want to see.

In conclusion, we would like to point out one of the most glamorous collections of the Dutch company Chivasso, founded in 1991. This is a real discovery of modernity, just four years after its foundation, Chivasso conquered Europe and presented its collection at the largest textile exhibition in Frankfurt, and then entered the Jab concern. Chivasso does not follow fashion, but creates it. Her credo is extraordinary fabrics that emphasize the exclusiveness of its owner.

Glamor collection Chivasso
Glamor collection Chivasso

Of course, the listed textile collections are one of the brightest representatives on the textile market, but there are many manufacturers of decorative fabrics, and they produce different fabrics in terms of cost and quality. The price of designer fabrics on average exceeds $ 50 per running meter, exclusive fabrics cost from $ 500 per running meter, you should not be surprised at prices over $ 10 thousand per running meter. You can find both affordable fabrics and extremely expensive ones. To save a lot, it makes sense to go to a stock online store with relatively inexpensive fabrics, there are also stocks specializing in exclusive fabrics, and discounts reach 75%. Good luck with your exceptional interior design!

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