Interior and temperament – how to decorate a house for a melancholic

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Even those who are far from psychology have heard that there are four main types of human temperament. Choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic – these are the “four whales” that allow you to divide the population of the Earth into separate categories in accordance with the characteristics of temperament and character.

It would seem, and what does interior design have to do with it? How can temperament affect home decor? And, conversely, is it worth considering the peculiarities of personality psychology when starting to create a unique and comfortable interior??

Psychologists say that it is not just worth it, but really necessary. After all, our home is what surrounds us every day, allows us to feel comfortable, “at ease”, to hide behind reliable walls from the not always friendly world. And it is the peculiarities of temperament that often become the reason that we like certain colors, design style and furniture..

The interior in which we live and equip “for ourselves”, of course, becomes a reflection of our tastes, desires and characteristics of temperament. Let’s try to identify the most striking features that will allow us to create an optimal home for an impressionable melancholic or an explosive and restless choleric..

A brown-green living room is perfect for a conservative phlegmaticCan you at first glance determine the temperament of the owner of such a respectable living room? Most probably not. Meanwhile, for a sanguine and choleric person, it will seem too boring, for a melancholic – gloomy, and only a conservative phlegmatic person will breathe calmly and comfortably settle on a traditional brown sofa

Interior for choleric

Let’s start with the brightest and most unpredictable type of temperament – choleric. He is fickle, loves new items and changes, he is ready to change the interior of his house literally every month, if finances allow, and he cannot decide on his favorite design style, because his tastes are so fickle.

Because of such frivolity and changeability, the choleric person is often not able to dwell on one particular style of decorating his home. The best option for a choleric person is a successful mixture of styles, for example, eclecticism and fusion.

A colorful, bright stylistic mixture is what an active choleric person needs. However, he should not get carried away with red shades. In the case of this type of temperament, it is worth giving preference to blue and green colors. You should act with a choleric as with a child – it’s no secret that in the blue room even especially violent kids calm down and fall asleep faster. So choleric should not be aroused once again, but calm down, therefore, it is better to choose a cold or neutral color scheme.

Interior for choleric

Another important detail is that the choleric who loves change simply loves to move furniture “at leisure”, to carry out a “small rearrangement”, which may eventually result in the movement of the entire wall or slide in the living room and radical changes in the location of upholstered furniture. That is why modular cabinet furniture is just a godsend for this type of temperament, as it allows you to realize your passion for change without major repairs and redevelopment. Just rearranging the bedside tables and shelves “according to the mood” – here is a new interior, and most importantly – a choleric satisfied with his successes.

If the choleric still stops at a specific interior style, then most likely it will not be a good old classic, but an ultramodern and high-tech hi-tech with its abundance of electronic novelties, or minimalism, spacious, not overloaded with details and decorative elements.

It is the choleric who often chooses unusual lamps, not at all like lighting devices, abstract paintings by newfangled artists and carefully follows all fashion trends, trying to keep up with the latest design trends.

Interior for cholericMinimalism, hi-tech and a mixture of styles can be called the ideal choice for the interior decoration of a typical choleric person. All new-fangled novelties will be collected in his house, and ultra-modern technology will become a source of pride and will certainly be demonstrated to all guests

Interior for a sanguine person

The most cheerful, optimistic and attractive type of temperament for others is the sanguine person. People of this type adore bright colors and would like to create an interior to match their character and traditionally good mood.

Usually every trip to visit a sanguine person brings a lot of emotions and pleasure. It is always light, clean, comfortable here, and long-awaited and even uninvited guests are welcomed with open arms..

Interior for a sanguine person

A sanguine person who is much more balanced than a choleric person is not afraid of bright colors and chooses a rich color scheme – red, yellow, green shades. Orange, terracotta, cream colors are also perfect for him – warm, sunny, cheerful, to match the sanguine person himself. Monochromatic or neutral shades induce boredom on people of this psychological type, therefore, even in a seemingly calm beige living room, a sanguine person will definitely decorate one of the walls with bright photo wallpapers, paint in a more saturated color or choose wallpaper with a large noticeable pattern.

Like choleric people, people with a sanguine temperament do not like confined spaces and tight corners. Separate, isolated sitting areas and cramped kitchens are not for them. A sanguine person would rather prefer a studio apartment, demolish the wall between the kitchen and the dining room in order to create a spacious, bright and not overloaded room with furniture. Massive tables, huge walls and an abundance of textiles are not for sanguine people – a minimum of functional, modern furniture, a light curtain on the window, without ruffles and lush folds – everything is simple, but tasteful.

Interior for a sanguine person

The entire apartment of a sanguine person is usually decorated in the same style, while he is not afraid of contrasting combinations and boldly chooses a colorful oriental carpet for a classic bedroom, can decorate a Mediterranean-style living room with African masks or figurines brought from a trip to Egypt.

It cannot be said that this or that interior style is ideal for a sanguine person. All people with such a pronounced temperament are individual in their preferences and can choose any design direction that they like right now. The main thing for a sanguine person is that the room has a lot of bright colors, fresh air, sun and light. To make the room even brighter and more spacious, sanguine people often use a lot of glass, shiny metal and mirrors..

Interior for a sanguine personEven for decorating a bathroom, a sanguine person will most likely choose bright tiles, a combination of white and red, terracotta and beige – this is how a room in which he will be comfortable may look like. Less furniture and textiles and more space, light and air – this is the motto of people with such a temperament.

Interior for phlegmatic

This is the one who is distinguished by a conservative character and does not like change. If a choleric person is ready to change the interior as often as possible – if only finances allow and there is enough time, then the phlegmatic person usually feels uncomfortable in an ultra-fashionable room and clings to the usual atmosphere to the last, despite all the persuasions of the household.

For a phlegmatic person, fashion is far from the most important thing, decorating the interior, he is guided only by his own opinion, preferring reliable, time-tested things and established trends. People of this type adore antique furniture, will carefully store grandma’s sideboard and are ready to spend a substantial amount on the reconstruction of an old sideboard.

Classic style apartment

In addition, in the interior of a phlegmatic person there are always carpets, and furniture is usually with smooth shapes, wooden, without new-fashioned tempered glass or shiny metal..

The practical phlegmatic usually chooses a calm color scheme – brown, beige, gray, sandy yellow or azure shades. To feel confident and comfortable at home, people with such a temperament choose soft blue, cornflower blue, lilac colors, dim and literally enveloping.

Another important feature of the phlegmatic interior is a large number of storage spaces. He loves order in everything, he will definitely arrange a spacious dressing room, order a wardrobe in the hallway, think over a storage system for all sorts of little things and his favorite collection.

Photo of the English style in the interior

In the house of a phlegmatic person it is always very cozy, he chooses lamps and other decor items in classic, even old-fashioned forms, decorates the walls with old photographs or pacifying landscapes. When choosing furniture, such homeowners will definitely pay attention to the material of manufacture – for them, reliability and environmental friendliness are important, and not only the external parameters of the sofa or chair. If the budget allows, the phlegmatic person will definitely buy oak furniture and parquet.

Choosing from several interior styles, people with a phlegmatic temperament, of course, will prefer the classics or the English style – newfangled high-tech or too cold minimalism is not for them.

Phlegmatic people are sensitive to textiles, they love to painstakingly embroider and handicraft, so there are always many DIY decor items in the house..

Living room in English styleThe respectability and solidity of the English style are the best fit for a calm and conservative phlegmatic person. He also loves classics that do not go out of fashion, with their neutral shades and rather strict forms.

Interior for the melancholic

Melancholic is a type of temperament that is distinguished by increased sensitivity, so arranging a comfortable interior for him is not a whim, but an urgent need. It is for the melancholic that his house really becomes a fortress, where he can hide from the not always friendly reality..

People with such a pronounced temperament are intimidated by large spaces, so a studio apartment will not work. Even in a small one-room apartment, the melancholic will be able to equip several quiet nooks for relaxation, which will provide him with privacy and tranquility. The main task for him is to avoid stress by providing coziness, comfort and a warm, homely atmosphere..

Room zoning

The impressionable melancholic prefer a color scheme calm and not annoying, they avoid red shades, preferring brown, beige, sand, straw, terracotta, light yellow, pale pink, blue or blue.

Interior for the melancholic

Melancholic people are also distinguished by sentimentality – they are very reluctant to throw out old things; in their apartment you can see a carefully dried bouquet of flowers, many old photographs and souvenirs reminiscent of a pleasant stay. In such a house there will be a lot of beautiful dishes, paintings, and the windows will certainly be decorated with multilayer curtains and drapes – melancholic people prefer diffused light and hide from the bright sun behind blinds or curtains.

People with a melancholic temperament are very romantic, but at the same time they are absent-minded, dreamy and not collected, therefore they often choose assorted furniture – a large soft sofa with rounded shapes can coexist in their house with plastic light chairs of a favorite shade.

Striped interior

If order always reigns in the phlegmatic’s home, then the melancholic is quite satisfied with a slight creative mess and even the fact that he will have to spend some time looking for the right thing does not bother him.

Choosing a specific style of interior decoration, the melancholic will most likely stop at the Scandinavian style – simple and preferring environmentally friendly materials, “rustic” country with its abundance of textiles and wooden beams, as well as modern style – he is attracted by furniture with smooth lines, as well as the absence of sharp angles and straight lines of strict forms.

Beige kitchen for the melancholicThe melancholic loves vintage things, pastel shades, there is a lot of furniture, textiles, memorabilia in his house, and a single design style for all rooms is quite rare

Of course, pronounced types of temperament are not so common, and in every person there is a little bit of choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, and melancholic. And yet, one of the temperaments is always dominant, has the strongest influence on the actions and character of a person. Even if you do not know about what type of temperament you have, while equipping the interior, most likely you will intuitively prefer the style that psychologists believe is ideal for a particular type of character.

Perhaps you should not be strictly guided by the rules for creating an interior design for a particular temperament, but if you are uncomfortable in some room, and the color scheme is annoying – think, maybe the style chosen by the owner of the house just does not suit you as a phlegmatic person – bright and hot-tempered choleric.

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