Interior designer services – the price of originality and comfort

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To create in your house or apartment a unique interior that reflects the tastes and needs of the owners – it would seem that it could be easier. As the proverb rightly states – “there are no comrades for taste and color,” and if you just equip the apartment according to your preferences, in your favorite color scheme, purchase the furniture you like, the interior will already turn out to be original and fully reflecting the individuality of its owner.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of home and apartment owners prefer to shift all the hassle of interior design onto the shoulders of professionals, resorting to the services of design bureaus or private designers who have already made a name for themselves and work independently.

This trend is primarily due to the fact that it was much easier to equip a small “kopeck piece” in a typical old-built house than to create a thoughtful and functional interior in a large country house. Yes, and the huge selection of building, finishing materials, decor elements existing today, a variety of styles, both fashionable and classic, as well as the ability to create any pieces of furniture to order, makes the choice of furnishings and decoration of housing very difficult.

Indeed, I want Japanese minimalism, classic columns in the living room, and a lush baroque frame that frames the bathroom mirror. It is very difficult to independently combine all these details and at the same time not create another bad taste, which will get bored in a year and will only cause bewilderment of guests..

The services of small and large design bureaus, as well as private designers, are very diverse, and prices can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors. Let’s try to figure out how much the original and thoughtful interior from real pros costs.

Design project

The first stage in the realization of all the wishes of the home owner and the ideas of the interior designer is the preparation of a design project. This is a fairly large document and usually consists of the following sections:

  • Dimensional drawing of all premises with reference to engineering communication networks;
  • Several options for planning solutions, usually two or three options, of which the owner will choose the one he likes most;
  • Color and stylistic solutions – also two or three options for the customer’s choice;
  • Redevelopment plan for an apartment or house;
  • Construction plan for dismantling of walls and installation of additional partitions;
  • Several options for arranging furniture – two or three preliminary plans, which will be agreed with the owners of the house or apartment;
  • Ceiling plan, indicating the selected materials;
  • Floor plan with layout of materials;
  • Detailed lighting scheme, with distribution along the lines of switches, the location of sockets and lighting devices;
  • Plan of binding and placement of all types of plumbing equipment;
  • Air conditioning and ventilation scheme, location of the necessary equipment and openings;
  • Floor heating layout;
  • List of materials to be used in construction and decoration;
  • Specification, that is, a list of all items with an indication of the model, article, brand of furniture, plumbing, lighting fixtures, that is, all items necessary for the implementation of the design project;
  • Interior decoration, artistic selection of design elements such as vases, textiles, paintings, and so on;
  • Visualization of the interior in the form of a sketch or printout of an image created using a computer program – usually two or three views for each room.
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As you can see, the design project includes absolutely all stages of the overhaul of housing, is a detailed guide that describes literally every step of the owner on the way to the interior of his dreams.

Interior designer services - the price of originality and comfort

The cost of a finished design project is usually indicated by design bureaus per one square meter of premises. The price of such a service may depend on the area of ​​a house or apartment – for large residential areas, usually over 100 square meters, the cost can be 200-300 rubles lower, the geographical location of the housing – many Moscow design bureaus charge a separate fee for traveling to the Moscow region, and also the owner’s requirements and agreements reached.

So, a designer can indicate stores in the compiled specification of furniture and other decor items, where all this is available, of course, for an additional fee..

Additionally, you will have to pay for the decoration of each room, sketches and images of decor elements. In addition, in some interior design bureaus, the price already includes the preparation of several options for finishing, planning, furniture arrangement and colors, while others require an additional fee for each option. You should clarify all these details in advance, so as not to pay each time for making changes to a design project you don’t like.

So, the average price for drawing up a design project is 1.2 thousand rubles per square meter of premises. The minimum price for a virtual project of the future interior can be 200-300 rubles per square meter, most often such prices are offered by small design bureaus or beginners who have not yet “made a name” designers. In this case, of course, doubts arise about the professionalism, experience and reliability of a design company or an independent specialist. But sometimes, having listened to your intuition, you can take a risk – what if a talented young specialist can offer exactly what you need?

Interior designer services - the price of originality and comfort

The maximum price for drawing up a design project is a very extensible value, many design bureaus directly indicate in their price lists that for exclusive, especially large or complex orders, the price is negotiable. Others modestly write – from 1.8 thousand rubles per “square”, or 3 thousand rubles per square meter in the case of drawing up the most detailed author’s design project.

Thus, the average price of a design project for a relatively small three-room apartment with an area of ​​75 square meters will be 90 thousand rubles, and in the case of an order in a design bureau with prices above average, it can reach 230 thousand, so this service cannot be called cheap..

On average, it takes about a month to draw up one design project from the moment of contacting specialists and the departure of the designer to the place of the upcoming work, sometimes 8 weeks.

Purchase of materials, furniture and so on

Let’s imagine that the design project is already completely ready and it is necessary to start its implementation. However, before you start, you need to purchase all the materials specified in the project, furniture, plumbing and much more. Even if in the specification the designer indicated the exact dimensions of all items, and the model, and the brand, and even a store where all this can be bought, it is easy to make a mistake in such a situation and buy something wrong, and it takes a lot of time.

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Almost all design bureaus and private specialists offer an additional service – a visit to the selection and purchase of finishing materials and interior items.

Interior designer services - the price of originality and comfort

The average price of such a service is 3.5 thousand rubles per trip. Will the designer be able to pick up everything you need in one trip to numerous construction and household hypermarkets? Most probably not. So the cost of the service can be safely multiplied by 3, or better by 5 trips.

In addition, for a fee, a design bureau can provide the customer with a comparative analysis of prices for the purchase of materials from different suppliers, draw up a detailed procurement plan in terms of time and volume, and fully take control of the supply of materials and interior items to the place of work. The cost of such a service is usually negotiable, and the customer will have to completely trust the designer, who takes control of his financial costs..

Author’s supervision

A design project is an interior that so far exists only on paper and in the form of computer graphics, in order to implement an approved and agreed plan for the repair, it is necessary to perform a number of actions, usually very costly and laborious.

Let’s make a reservation right away that many design bureaus are not engaged in the implementation of their projects at all. In this case, in order to carry out all the alterations in the apartment, you will have to hire a separate repair team, which will directly carry out all the work. Of course, in this case, it is impossible to give a guarantee that an expensive design project will be implemented exactly to the smallest detail, and in fact it is the details and shades that play a decisive role in creating the interior..

Interior designer services - the price of originality and comfort

In this case, the so-called “designer’s supervision” becomes a demanded service, that is, the author of the project himself personally visits the apartment or house where repair and finishing work is being carried out and monitors how accurately the contractor fulfills the plan for the housing arrangement drawn up by him.

The cost of such a designer’s service can be quite high, because he spends his time, which, as you know, also costs money. The average price of architectural supervision is 2.5 thousand rubles per visit, thus, how many times the designer has to visit the place of work, the customer will pay as much.

In other cases, the design bureau may indicate the price immediately for the entire period of the project, for example, architectural supervision within a month will cost the customer from 1 to 2 thousand rubles per square meter of living space, which is the object of work. That is, the principle of payment is the same as when drawing up the design project itself. However, in this case, it is still better to clarify how many times during the agreed period the designer will visit the house or apartment where the finishing work is underway, otherwise it turns out that paying for each departure is much cheaper.

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Renovation and arrangement

Architectural and design bureaus can calculate the cost of renovation work in different ways. Some post huge lists on their websites, in which they scrupulously list:

  • dismantling of parquet boards – 200 rubles per square meter;
  • dismantling of ceramic tiles – 250 rubles per “square”;
  • wall putty – 150 rubles per square meter;
  • drywall putty – 180 rubles per “square”;
  • wall cladding with ceramic tiles – from 700 rubles per square meter;
  • ceiling painting – 180 rubles per square meter and so on.

It can take a very long time to list all types of repair work that will have to be performed in order to implement the drawn up design project. It is even more difficult to calculate how much it will cost to arrange furniture strictly according to plan, hang curtains and paintings and decorate rooms with figurines and similar elements.

Therefore, more often than not, architectural bureaus indicate the price of repair work as a whole, immediately per square meter of living space. The cost of repair work in this case will depend on the complexity and selected building materials. Also, the price can be influenced by the location of the housing, its area – for large sizes, a discount may be provided, as well as the type of the building itself. For example, repairs in a monolithic new building will cost on average 1 thousand rubles per square meter cheaper than in a brick building, an even lower price is set for repair work in a panel house.

Interior designer services - the price of originality and comfort

For greater accuracy, repair work is divided into types – “standard”, “business class” and “elite”, respectively, the cost of the service will also change.

So, the average price for ordinary repair work, not too complicated and with the use of budget building and finishing materials – from 4 thousand rubles per square meter, and approximately 40% of this amount will be spent on the purchase of the necessary rough materials, that is, putties, plaster mixes, primers and so on. For the repair of a “business class” the average cost rises to 5 thousand rubles per “square”, and for repair work of a “premium class” it starts from 8 thousand rubles, and can reach 10 and 12 thousand, if exclusive materials are used, columns, stucco and so on.

If we take the average prices and “our” three-room apartment with an area of ​​75 square meters, then the “turnkey” business-class repair will cost the customer 375 thousand rubles. Recall that the cost of furniture, plumbing and decorative elements is not included here..

A beautiful, cozy and functional interior is worth a lot, but it’s usually worth it. Moving into a superbly furnished and incredibly attractive home without any hassle and loss of time is a real dream that can be easily made a reality, the only question is the financial capabilities of the home owner.

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