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As a rule, the living room is given a central place in the house and for a reason: it is in this room that we receive guests (hence its name), we gather with the whole family in the evening. This is the front room of the house and a reflection of the personality, taste and, of course, the financial capabilities of the owners. But there are still a few general key questions to consider when choosing what your future living room will be like..

Specialists – designers will offer you different planning methods, determine the type of living room, depending on your stylistic preferences, help with the selection of furniture, but first you must decide for yourself how you would like to see your living room: whether it will be a media space with a home theater or a cozy place to socialize with family and friends.

If for you the living room is, first of all, a cozy space for communication, then the optimal mutual arrangement of furniture, first of all, of course, sofas and armchairs, their constructive convenience comes to the fore.

In the event that the central place in your living room is supposed to be given to a home theater, then it is its place that sets the layout of the living room. For example, the screen is positioned so that glare from the window does not interfere, this determines the arrangement of all other furniture..

These two living room options in life, as a rule, are combined, because not every family has the opportunity to allocate a separate room for a home theater. And also because in the evenings the family gathers together in front of the TV (even if it is not watched, it is present in the living room as a noise “background” all evening). Therefore, the transformation principle has become increasingly relevant for the living room lately. So, if you choose mobile and modifiable furniture and organize the lighting correctly, then one and the same room can be turned from a cinema into a dance hall.

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At the same time, the main thing to remember is that the living room space in any case should serve for rest and relaxation. Based on this, furniture is selected that is comfortable and constructively comfortable, one that suits your needs and lifestyle. So, if you like not to sit, but to recline, then the chair should have a reclining back, and the sofa should have armrests. If you are a food lover while watching a movie, there should be a table next to the sofa, or the sofa itself should be equipped with a pull-out panel table. With the modern wealth of choice of furniture transformers, it is not difficult to find something suitable for you.

The fashion for combining living rooms with kitchens is becoming a thing of the past – now the majority of designers and architects admit that this principle is convenient only in a bachelor loft, where rarely and little is cooked in the kitchen. Now it has become clear that a layout with isolated living quarters is more suitable for a family: no smells of food in the living room, no type of dirty dishes.

If, nevertheless, you want to demolish the walls, then it is better to do this between the living room and the dining room, leaving the partition, zoning spaces.

Another feature of the living room is that we all want to make it original, not like others. For this, design things are often used, which, and this is a recognized fact, are not always functional and often not very convenient. But it is they who give the atmosphere exclusivity and charm. They should be given a certain place in the living room, and then the author’s thing will become a kind of center of attraction, place the necessary accents in the interior, give it uniqueness.

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And for family holidays it is better to choose calm and functional furniture. A very relevant solution for the living room now is a soft podium with pillows, called chill-out..
It is worth noting that if your living room has a fireplace, then almost always it becomes the central part of the space: sofas, armchairs, carpets and cushions for sitting on the floor are grouped around it..

But if your living room has some distinctive architectural feature: a large niche with an arch or a full-wall window with a wonderful view from it, then it is worth “playing with” this unique individual feature. For example, place upholstered furniture near the window, and build the entire interior so that the window and the view from it become an important decorative part of the furnishings..

Another important point is to be able to correctly place the light sources. After all, it is the light that can highlight certain areas of the living room, draw attention to them: whether it is a picture above the fireplace, a cozy corner of armchairs or a wall niche with a decorative installation located in it.

In the formation of the “light environment” it is important to think over all the little things: point light sources will help to emphasize the details that you would like to pay attention to, and floor lamps and floor lamps will create coziness in the upholstered furniture area, while a central chandelier or unusual ceiling lighting will give the room pomp and solemnity.

Interior textiles play an important role in creating the image of your living room: upholstery of upholstered furniture, cushions, covers, curtains and fabric blinds. They make the interior “warm” and living. They must be chosen correctly so that they are combined with the general color of the interior, harmoniously complementing it.

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Last but not least, most living rooms have carpets. What it will be is up to you, in accordance with your taste and capabilities. Nowadays, carpets made of natural fur are popular, but you can replace the fur with its imitation: carpet factories, taking into account the fashion for fur, produce wool carpets in the form of animal skins of different colors.

Whatever the living room in your house, the main thing is that your family members and your friends feel comfortable in it.

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