Kitchen with an island: 12 recommendations for arrangement

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In this article, we will offer twelve ideas for arranging a working island in the kitchen, we will tell you what additional functions this option for arranging furniture and household appliances can perform, as well as how to make the most of all the possibilities of a kitchen island.

Kitchen with an island. 12 recommendations for arrangement

A kitchen island is a piece of furniture, “torn off” from walls and other objects, and surrounded by free space. This option for the location of the dining and work area in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular, as it has several undeniable advantages:

  1. The kitchen island always looks very impressive, it becomes the main piece of furniture and a stylistic accent of the interior.
  2. Allows two hostesses to cook at the same time, and guests can watch this process, sitting at the dining part.
  3. Allows you to conveniently position your sink, stove and other kitchen equipment.
  4. Can serve as additional storage space, bar counter, wine cabinet, buffet, etc..

Perhaps the only drawback of the kitchen island is the need for a large enough space. The designers emphasize that on each side, the island should be at least 90 centimeters from the wall, refrigerator or furniture set. However, in reality this may not be enough – if one person stands in such a passage, the second will not pass. And the refrigerator door will be problematic to open.

We can confidently assert that it makes sense to locate the island only in kitchens with an area of ​​10 square meters or more, and some designers do not even consider this option and consider the island to be the prerogative of separate rooms with an area of ​​at least 20 “squares” or kitchen-living rooms.

In any case, a kitchen island, as an option for arranging a kitchen, deserves a separate article, and our ideas will allow you to better represent all its functional and stylistic possibilities..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island A kitchen with an island always looks unusual and impressive. In this room, the island has become a real center of all furnishings, a work surface and a spacious storage space.

1. Kitchen island – buffet

A typical sideboard is a cabinet with glass doors, crockery shelves, bottom drawers and a wide open shelf that divides the structure in two. Now imagine that the upper part of the sideboard was simply removed and placed not against the wall, but in the center of the room. You will get a real, very functional kitchen island where you can store a lot of things, for example, all the necessary utensils.

In this case, the horizontal surface of the island is used as a dining table or a place for cooking, and in the lower part, as in a real buffet, there are cabinets and shelves for all kinds of items, possibly with glass doors or facades, identical to the main set..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island This massive square kitchen island serves as a sideboard and storage space for numerous cups, plates and other essentials. There are also special shelves for bottles – a real wine collection

2. Kitchen island with a bar counter

The bar counter is becoming an increasingly common option for arranging the kitchen. Why not – it is beautiful, unusual, convenient, you can receive guests in a room very similar to a cozy cafe. And if you place the bar in the middle of the kitchen, you get the same island.

Sometimes the kitchen island is only a bar counter and does not perform any additional functions. But from the point of view of rational use of space, this is impractical, so that the bar counter may well become an extension of the working area, and shelves and cabinets will conveniently be located in its lower part..

In general, if you raise an ordinary kitchen island from 85 standard centimeters to at least 1.1 meters, it will turn into a bar counter. In this case, you will definitely need high chairs – from 75 centimeters.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island This kitchen has an island bar counter in the brutal loft style. In addition to the function of a bar counter, the island serves as a working area with a hob. Hi-tech high chairs with chrome legs and glass seats go well with the unadorned brickwork of the island itself

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island This kitchen island would be a normal worktop with a hob if it hadn’t risen to the height of the bar. The owners complemented the composition with correctly selected high chairs, and the kitchen acquired its original look.

3. Kitchen island with sink

To take full advantage of the kitchen island, some homeowners decide to move the sink to it. The option, of course, is not bad and quite feasible. It will turn out conveniently and functional, the owners will be able to wash the dishes next to the working or dining area, everything will be literally at hand.

However, when arranging a kitchen island with a sink, there are certain difficulties. So, you will need to raise the floor level, because sewer and water pipes will be located under it. You are ready to “take away” a couple of centimeters of height from your kitchen and go for additional cash costs?

In addition, if the slope of the drain pipe is small, you will have to install a pump, otherwise the water will not go well and stagnate in the sink. Additional costs again! However, the ability to equip a kitchen island with a maximum of functions usually justifies all investments..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island A very unusual kitchen island with a sink. Firstly, it sharply differs in color from the rest of the headset, and secondly, instead of dishes and bottles of wine, books are stored here. A prime example of how different this part of the kitchen can be

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island The sink has become very convenient, and thanks to the right faucet and an attractive addition to this unusual shaped kitchen island. However, this option definitely required a serious rework of communications and additional costs.

4. Kitchen island with stove

Of course, you can transfer to the kitchen island not only the sink, but also the stove, or rather, the hob. Or both together – why not! Let the island become a real center of the kitchen, it will be on it that food will be cooked, the hostess will “conjure” around, and the guests will be fascinated by this process, waiting for the dish really “in the heat of the heat”.

The main thing to remember is that it is not so difficult to transfer an electric or induction hob, but problems will arise with a gas one – you will need a special permit for additional laying of a gas pipe. In addition, part of the floor will have to be made removable, since gas pipes cannot be bricked up. So in this case, it is better not to skimp and purchase a modern induction hob and special cookware..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island This kitchen island actually only functions as a cooker with small work areas on the sides. In this case, you will have to find another place for the dining table.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island A kitchen island with a four-plate hob, a huge sink and a fairly spacious work and dining area. Such an island will definitely take over all the functions of a traditional cuisine. All that remains is to take care of storage locations

5. Kitchen island with two-level surface

If your kitchen island will perform several functions at once, it is advisable to emphasize this separation with surfaces raised to different levels. Moreover, the difference in height can be very small, just a couple of centimeters, just to emphasize a different purpose.

Usually, using multilevel surfaces, the island is divided into two zones – a work zone, possibly with a sink and a stove, and a dining room, on the side of which chairs will be located. At the same time, surfaces can be both with the same countertops, and with different ones – it all depends on the imagination of the designer or owners..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island This huge kitchen island has the same countertops on both levels, but very different heights. On the high, the hosts will cook, and on the lower, they will dine with the family or receive guests.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen islandThe height of the two surfaces of this island does not differ so much, but it performs its function of dividing into two functional zones perfectly – you can immediately see which of them is being cooked for and which one is being used for breakfast.

6. Round or oval kitchen island

Who said that a kitchen island must be square or rectangular? It can be of any shape, so let your imagination run wild.!

The island can be completely round, from the floor to the table top. Or it can be in a standard square or rectangular shape, but covered with a rounded table top. This is due to the fact that it is easier to arrange drawers and shelves in a square base, to build household appliances into the island.

An oval or round island is safer in terms of the absence of sharp corners, because you will have to “jog” around it many times a day. In addition, a rounded island visually takes up less space, since it does not look as massive as a square or rectangular one..

Today it is also fashionable to install crescent-shaped islands – original and very convenient at the same time. On the inside of such an island, of course, there will be a working area, and the hostess will definitely have everything at hand, and on the outside – a dining area.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island See how unusual this kitchen island looks, semicircular on one side and rounded on the other! The use of different types of wood on the tabletop added a special charm to it

Kitchen with an island. 12 recommendations for arrangement The round island visually takes up less space in the kitchen. In addition, there is no danger of getting caught in an acute angle.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island The Crescent Island is one of the hottest trends in kitchen design. See how beautiful, functional and unusual!

7. Kitchen island with folding table

Such a kitchen island usually serves as just a place for cooking, has a small work area, possibly with a stove or sink. But in the event of the arrival of guests or a family dinner, it turns into a full-fledged dining table thanks to the folding details.

The main thing is to choose reliable fittings that would withstand the weight of plates with food and other utensils..

When arranging such an island, remember that there should be enough space around it for a folding table. Decide in advance on the size and position of the table in the kitchen space.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island A narrow, compact kitchen island has two folding tables on both sides at once, around which you can conveniently arrange chairs. By the way, the chairs are also foldable, so that at normal times most of the kitchen remains completely free.

8. Kitchen island with built-in refrigerator, freezer or oven

If you have enough space for dishes, but there is nowhere to build home appliances, the kitchen island will also come to the rescue. Instead of a buffet island, you can arrange an island literally “stuffed” with helpers in cooking.

In this case, the place of cabinets and shelves will be taken by household appliances, which will reliably hide behind the facades and under the countertop. This method allows you to save space in the kitchen and install additional household appliances..

By the way, if you have already moved the drain and water pipes for the sake of installing a sink on the island, you can also place a dishwasher here..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island Ultra-modern kitchen island with oven, small hob and sliding shelf for dishes. A bar counter is attached to it. Laconic, comfortable, but too cold and “high-tech”

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island Behind the wooden facades of this massive kitchen island, anything can be hidden – a dishwasher, a freezer, a roomy cupboard …

9. Kitchen island, different in style and color from the main set

Choosing the style in which your kitchen island will be decorated is no less important task than combining several functions and installing household appliances. The island should not only be convenient, but also attractive, and you shouldn’t forget about it..

The island is already the brightest semantic accent, the real center of the cuisine. At the same time, it is possible to further highlight its significance with the help of original facades, a countertop that differs in pattern, material of manufacture and color from the working areas of the kitchen, just a brighter shade of the lower part.

When choosing a style and color, the main thing to remember is that the kitchen island still remains part of the rest of the interior and must be harmoniously combined with it. For example, both the island and the rest of the kitchen set are designed in a nautical style, but the island is blue, and the rest of the kitchen is snow-white. Or, in the center of a classic kitchen, there is suddenly a cute country-style island, but not too rough and colorful, rather restrained.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island It was the wooden countertop of this island that made the otherwise laconic kitchen warmer and more inviting.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island The dark red base and noble slate-gray island countertop in this kitchen are in stark contrast to the milky cabinet fronts. At the same time, the island fit perfectly into the overall interior thanks to a kitchen apron and a large round clock of the same shades.

10. The island, as the border between kitchen and living room

If you decide to combine the living room with a small kitchen, it is best to place an island on the border between them. From the side of the living room, there will be chairs near it, and from the side of the kitchen there will be a sink, stove and work surface.

This arrangement will allow you to conveniently use the island simultaneously from two different functional areas. It should be remembered that from the side of the living room, the island is usually closed, does not have any drawers or built-in household appliances. All this is hidden from the side of the kitchen and is usually hidden from the eyes of guests..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island In this huge room there are as many as three functional zones and part of the kitchen is separated from the living room and dining room by an island, and it is also of very solid dimensions.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island From the side of the living room, it is not customary to place any drawers, wardrobes or household appliances at the bottom of the island. And it will be inconvenient to go around the island every time to get the right thing.

11. Using the space above the kitchen island

Leaving the space above the kitchen island free is an unforgivable luxury! It may look empty, empty, in addition, because you can use it quite rationally..

Above the island, you can place fasteners for dishes, for example, glasses or even pots, one or more lamps, and if a stove is built into the island, you will definitely need to move the hood to the center of the room..

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island A very bright kitchen with a red checkered worktop and an island with a sink. The highlight of the interior is the pots and pans suspended on a metal mount right above the island

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island The island, as a separate area of ​​the kitchen, will definitely need its own lighting. It can be one single large lamp or several lamps, preferably on long cords to bring the light source closer to the work or dining surface

12. Small portable island

What to do if you really want to make the kitchen island part of your room, but there is no room for a large enough piece of furniture? You can use a portable, more compact version, which will also take its place in the center of the kitchen.

A small counter or table, perhaps on wheels, located in the middle of the kitchen can serve as such a portable island. They can also serve as a work surface or dining area. In addition, such a portable, fairly lightweight island can, if necessary, be moved to different parts of the room, freeing up space.

But in this case, it will not work to build in household appliances or a sink. And there will be little storage space in the light portable island.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island Kitchen island stand, very compact and convenient at the same time. The countertop of the rack has become a work surface, and in its lower part there is a well-located garbage bin and a small box for small things.

12 ideas for arranging a kitchen island Two more options for light portable islands. In general, these are just tables with shelves below, where you can put everything that the hostess should have at hand. Moreover, in both cases, the islands differ significantly in style and color from the rest of the kitchen furniture.

One cannot but agree that the kitchen island has a number of advantages over other options for arranging furniture in the kitchen. It can become a sink, a stove, and a work area, and a cozy dining table for a large family, and a bar counter, and a wine collection. The island will immediately transform your kitchen into a luxurious space, similar to those shown in Hollywood films.

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