Kitchens with open drawers: photo selection

Our advice site has already told you about such interesting options for creating a kitchen set, such as abandoning the top row of cabinets and with the highest column cabinets. Now we will give you examples of kitchens in which they did not hide the drawers behind the facades..

Why leave drawers open at all? It is wiser to hide all storage places behind the same facades, many will say. In fact, there are three reasons for such a decision when ordering a kitchen set:

  1. It is easier to get things out of open boxes. One less movement – no need to open the closet, everything is at hand. If the owners cook often, not a bad option..
  2. Open boxes, wicker or natural wood, dilute the uniformity of the facades. A unique design move that gives the kitchen individuality.
  3. If the kitchen is in a rustic style, such drawers will emphasize the choice of the owners and become a logical touch of interior decoration..

Most of all, kitchens with open drawers and shelves cause confusion among the champions of cleanliness. Indeed, it is easier to wipe a solid facade than to deal with dust on the exposed surfaces. But, you see, sometimes such a design move is quite justified. And the kitchen turns out to be much more original, without losing its functionality at all.

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