Landscaping by unconventional methods


The increase in the number of new buildings in modern cities is steadily leading to a decrease in the number of parks, squares and gardens and the emergence of entire districts, which are clusters of dull gray high-rise buildings. All this leads to disastrous consequences: a change in the microclimate and an increase in the level of pollution..
According to the researchers, large cities are on average 5-7 degrees warmer and much drier compared to rural areas. This is due to the concrete high-rise buildings, asphalt pavement and air conditioners that greatly heat the surrounding air. Rising upward, this air forms a kind of dome, trapping dust and exhaust gases.

All these problems can be solved using various methods of urban greening..

Types of landscaping

Traditional gardening is called the cultivation of parks, gardens, the creation of squares and lawns and green lawns. It is an effective method for increasing oxygen supply and reducing air pollution. In addition, parks and squares are natural recreational areas for residents of megalopolises. Unfortunately, traditional landscaping has one major drawback: it cannot be used in the city center. That is why today non-traditional gardening methods are so widespread: roof gardening, vertical gardening and the construction of eco-parks. These techniques allow the creation of oases of vegetation where it is vital..

Roof gardening allows you to solve a large number of problems: it creates and maintains a comfortable microclimate for work, smooths out sudden temperature changes, increases air humidity and cleans it of dust. In addition, this method allows you to create additional recreation areas for city residents. Among the economic advantages of rooftop landscaping is the provision of reliable protection of the roof covering, as well as reducing the cost of heating and air conditioning of premises..

For vertical gardening of buildings, climbing plants are used, which not only prevent buildings from overheating, but also humidify the air, protecting it from dust, and also provide additional noise insulation and an additional flow of oxygen.

Currently, the method of creating eco-parking is widely used. Eco-parks are special lawns for parking cars, protected from external influences by means of lawn grates. This method not only makes the appearance of the city more environmentally friendly, but also allows you to increase the number of parking spaces in the city..

The use of lawn grids for landscaping

The lawn grating is a modern material that allows you to speed up and simplify the process of urban improvement. It is quickly assembled and disassembled, effectively protects the soil and does not require special care during operation.

Lawn grates are used to mark cycle and walking paths in parks, squares and gardens, golf course paths and vehicle access roads. In addition, they are used in the creation of parking lots, areas for camping, gazebos, and benches, children’s playgrounds, recreation areas, as well as landing areas for helicopters and aircraft..

Lawn grids are also widely used in non-traditional landscaping. For example, they can serve as a covering of flat roofs and terraces and to protect the waterproofing layer, as well as used in roof landscaping to mark paths and areas for gazebos and benches..

Lawn grates effectively protect the root system of plants and at the same time do not impede water and air exchange. They reliably strengthen the soil, protecting it from trampling by pedestrians and animals, as well as from damage by the wheels of cars: after watering, the crushed grass quickly takes on its former appearance. The grating itself is highly durable and, under certain conditions, can withstand loads of up to several tens of tons. These properties make it possible to widely use lawn grids for the device of eco-parking.

The advantages of lawn grates include resistance to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, sudden temperature changes and undemanding operation..

Versatility, simplicity and ease of use make the lawn lattice an ideal material for creating recreation areas and green corners in the very center of the metropolis.

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